Elden Ring Alexander quest – How do you complete Iron Fist Alexander’s questline?

Elden Ring Alexander quest


It’s the Elden Ring Alexander quest that sees you follow the lovable big pot that has legs and arms all the way to the end and we’re not just saying that literally. 

When you first meet him, he’ll likely be on the ground and in need of assistance. He’s first encountered in Stormhill however.

as you progress through the story and take on bosses in the same game, Iron Fist Alexander will travel around The Lands Between and even into Redmane Castle.

How to Start Iron Fist Alexander’s Quest in Stormhill?

The first stop on your journey Iron Fist Alexander is found in the north of the Agheel Lake Site North of Grace located situated in Stormhill (shown earlier). 

Then, he’ll be seen in Gael Tunnel, preparing for the battle, returning toward Redmane Castle where he can be summoned to assist to defeat the Starscourge Gadahn.

I was unable to catch him in Stormhill when I was fighting Radahn first. However, from the look of this, the evidence suggests that someone else may have been able to help Iron Fist Alexander out of this fight.

Elden Ring Alexander quest

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How do I Start Alexander’s Quest in Liurnia following Gadahn?

You are free to invoke Alexander in the Radahn battle however many times you like. However many times Radahn beats him or Blaidd they will not die forever.

After the fight, talk to Iron Fist Alexander in the desert prior to leaving Radahn’s arena.

Following this, he could now be seen within Liurnia of the Lakes, on the same road that is the site of Grace is located (shown below).

He’s still stuck and he’s begging for assistance. He’ll inform you that he’s stuck in the ground and will ask you to make it slippery for him so you can help him get up. 

To do this, you’ll have to design your own slippery and throw the Oil Pot at him to help him get out of the ground.

It is possible to make an Oil Pot with the recipe in The Nomadic Warriors Cookbook 17 (which is available at the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River) as well as 1x Melted Mushroom.

He’ll be thankful for your support and will be rewarded with Three pieces of High-Roasted Flesh along with the triumphant Delight gesture.

Where will Iron Fist Alexander take him after Liurnia?

The pot with a smile will take off for Seethewater Terminus by Volcano Manor in which you can talk with him in the lava field, where the Magma Wyrm is located. 

Then, he will be summoned once more to battle Alexander the Fire Giant, and offer you the opportunity to fight him within Crumbling Farum Azula. 

Achieving in the battle is all you need to do to end Alexander’s mission, but it also means that he will die. The Innards that you gained from the fight to advance Jar Bairn’s mission forward.

For additional assistance with getting into the role of Lands Between and becoming an Elden Lord, read our extensive Elden Ring tutorial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to complete your part in the Elden Ring in Alexander’s quest?

Elden Ring Alexander quest summary
Contact Alexander within the courtyard at Redmane Castle after unlocking the Radahn Festival. Knock Alexander free above Jarburg and in Liurnia (requires oil Pot in The Nomad’s Cookbook 17.) Speak to Alexander inside the lavas area near Seathewater Terminus.

Where is Alexander going? Elden Ring?

Iron Fist Alexander in Limgrave and Gael Tunnel – Elden Ring
You’ll find him east in the vicinity of Warmaster’s Shack, off the main road to the right near you cross the bridge. Follow to the left of Alexander and strike Alexander with your weapon to make him go away.

Where are you able to find Alexander?

There is Alexander at Gael Tunnel, east of Summonwater Village and on the boundary between Limgrave along with Caelid. It’s not an essential part of his quest, and he won’t offer anything in exchange.

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