Answer Swan’s Quiz: Genshin Impact Question And Answer Quest Guide

Answer Swan’s Quiz Introduction


Answer Swan’s Quiz: You will find various quests as you progress through Genshin Impact. One of these quests is “Question & Answer”, and here you can take on Swan’s Quiz at Mondstadt.

Swan is a Knight of Favonius, fully trained and charged with protecting the city’s entrance. He’d love to test your knowledge with a few probing questions.

You’ll get some EXP and other items if you answer them correctly. You can only answer a few correctly and still receive a prize.

Who doesn’t want as much loot and EXP as possible? This quest is not as tricky as Kaeya’s Secret Pirate Treasure Line, but it’s still worthwhile.

Increasing your Adventure Rank unlocks more of the main quest, other stories, dungeons and character levels and additional items.

There are currently two versions available of this quiz. We’ll update the table below if we have more.

Answer Swan’s Quiz

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Genshin Impact – Swan’s Quiz Answers

Some of the questions may not seem difficult if your attention has been paid to the cutscenes during your time with Genshin Impression, but there are some tricky questions. Before you decide, read all the options Swan offers carefully.

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Answers

Swan’s Question: Answer:

What is the name of the ruins located in northwest Mondstadt? Stormterror’s Lai

What is Mondstadt’s proper term for an address? Strange but respectable traveller

What is Jean’s official title Acting Grand Master

What is Lisa’s official title, Librarian (NOT Librarian Administrator)

What is Amber’s official title Outrider

What is Katya’s official name? Captain Cavalry

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What are the rewards for completing the Quest?

The following rewards will be available for Swan’s quiz completion and the Question and Answer World quest:

  • 5 x Mondstadt Hash Brown (used for restoring a third max HP).
  • Knights of Favonius Handbook, 5th Edition
  • 100 Adventure Experience (used for increasing adventure rank).
  • 20,000 Mora (used for in-game purchases)

This is all we can tell you about the Genshin Impact question and answer world quest. You now have all the answers to Swan’s quiz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which book did Swan give Genshin?

Swan: Hmmm. I believe it is best to read the Knights of Favonius Handbook once more. Swan: After all, you are an Honorary Knight of Knights of Favonius.

What are the facts about Swan in Genshin’s impact?

Genshin Impact – Swan’s Quiz Answers

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Answers
What is Mondstadt’s proper term for an address? Strange, but respectable traveler
What is Jean’s official title Acting Grand Master
What is Lisa’s official title Librarian (NOT Library Manager)
What is Amber’s official title Outrider


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