Sad day for Apex Legends: adult film actor Johnny Sins has had his name censored in-game

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It’s tough today for members of the Apex Legends community. A popular adult film actor plumber, doctor, construction worker, and master of many other professions Johnny Sins has been banned from appearing within Apex Legends. 

The shocking news was discovered by Kap3 a streamer and shared on Reddit It appears that typing in the actor’s name using proper spacing and punctuation causes both words to be censored.

Today, chat censors are essential in the hugely popular multiplayer games due to obvious reasons. It is not possible to have chat censors that are extremely offensive.

such as profanities – that are acceptable in a game such as Apex Legends or Apex Legends unless you wish for it to be a source of intoxication. 

this particular situation can be puzzling because even though Mr. Sins is a person ensconced in content that is obviously NSFW He’s not a Voldemort-like character or someone whose name or work is especially offensive. It appears that Sins has been cheated.

It’s not an unusual situation. Johnny Sins and Apex Legends have met. In Season Seven, players paid the actor using Cameo (a platform that lets users purchase personalized video messages from a diverse selection of stars).

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to send an email to Respawn Entertainment urging them to modify and improve specific features of Apex Legends.

The message was very funny to the members of the community who heard some of their most vehement critiques being voiced by an adult film actor. The Cameo was later deleted from forums.

Looking back to the present Many of the requests on the Cameo, including new content or Wattson upgrades, have been added to the show as Apex Legends is at the height of its most successful season it’s seen in a long time. 

We’ll never know the reason Johnny Sins’s name has been banned (let’s admit that it’s probably due to his professional career) however, we’ll have to pray that the player doesn’t take it personally.

It is said that the Apex Legends group has been known for their sense of humor and humor, in addition to other things. 

Recently, they came together to give the Prowler the name that was on the Season 11 lobby screen. The most requested name was Cooper which is the name of Titanfall 2’s protagonist.

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You must get the latest version of the Uptodown Android app in order to install it. Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment (developers of the Titanfall series) that challenges players of up to 60 to make it to an island with a wealth of weapons.

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Instead of flooding players with a ton of information, Apex Legends takes a qualitative approach over quantity. Fluid controls, original and captivating characters, as well as incentive-based design that make players change are the main reasons Apex Legends has enjoyed such a huge amount of popularity.

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