All working Arsenal codes for announcers, skins and more [May 2022]

Arsenal codes Introduction


Normally, you must pay in-game cash to purchase skins and announcer voices for Arsenal -, unless you’ve got an Arsenal code.

Arsenal code is the most effective method to unlock free skins and other content to play Arsenal, one of the most played sub-games on Roblox.

The Arsenal developers release brand new code on Twitter often throughout the year. They’re usually used for skins and voice announcements but some may also give you cash. 

If the occasion is a holiday or event, you could even receive an order that prohibits you from using the service or offers only a tiny amount of reward.

Some codes are restricted in their number, while a few codes are only valid for about a week. We’ll keep our list of codes up-to-date so you don’t need to worry about using an expired code.

working Arsenal codes

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All active Arsenal codes

These are the current Arsenal codes for skins, announcers, and more.

  • E – Calling Card
  • THE BANA MAN – – Free reward
  • ROLVE – Fanboy skin
  • goodnight Teleport to Snowy Bridge
  • POG – 1,200 dollars
  • Bandits announcer voice Bandits announcer voice
  • BLOXY – money
  • ERIKA – Eprika announcer voice
  • FLAMINGO voice of the Flamingo announcer
  • JOHN – John announcer voice
  • KITTEN – Koneko announcer voice
  • PET – PetrifyTV announcer voice
  • ANNA – Anna’s skin
  • F00LISH – Jackeryz skin
  • CBROX – Phoenix skin
  • POKE – Poke the skin
  • NEVER BROKEN – Call card that is beatable
  • MARCELLO – Garcello Skin, Kill Effect, & Emote
  • dhmubruh – GrindSet calling card

Expired Arsenal coupons

If you try to redeem the code but it fails, you’re probably using an expired coupon.

  • the code that will haunt you in 2021 – Download Herobrine Delinquent skin
  • troll face 10 bucks in-game
  • NEW MILL (WOMAN) – Rabblerouser skin that has the Milo unique
  • SCALLYWAG A skin for pirates that incorporates the Milo’s unique
  • MIGHTYBANDITES21 The Boi skin that has the Milo unique
  • Gullible 1 in-game bucks
  • BALLISTICBSIDE – Skin of Reference Delinquent
  • GULL1BLE – Infinite Dark Hub ban
  • The BR0K3 – – Segg using Drip skin
  • CharityACT5K – AClinquent skin
  • UnusualBias – Suspicious Stranger skin
  • AprilFoolsPog 10.000 bucks in-game
  • OhsL8 The Festive Ghastelle as well as Phantina skins
  • NEW MILL Skin with a delinquent look. the Milo unique

How to redeem Arsenal codes

Start the game, and then look to your Twitter icon. It’s located under the main menu, where you can select to apply. Select it, type in the code, and the rewards will be made available to you right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the arsenal announcer?

It is necessary to select the “Locker” button, and then press the third button. There are 4 standard annoucers that are available to you to choose from. Perhaps you could submit a report to an administrator or Mod on The Arsenal Community Discord Server. Go to settings and toggle announcers on perhaps?

Is the butterfly knife rare in Arsenal?

In reality, there is a small chance that it to happen that the Butterfly Knife to appear in the locker as soon as beginning the game. Prior to Arsenal Archived the knife was able to deal 20 points of damage per hit.

How do you get emotes for Arsenal?

The best option is to purchase an emote through the Shop within the Daily Items section. The area is updated daily and new skins, emotes as well as other items will be available. They can be bought through the accumulation of BattleBucks. Another method to get it is to buy Flare Cases in the Cases section within the Shop.


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