Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Faravid or Halfdan: Is Faravid a traitor in Of Blood and Bonds explained

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Of Blood and Bonds is one of the last quests within the Assassin’s creed Valhalla Eurvicscire the arc.

Through this journey you’ll discover a crucial detail. When the light is on it will be necessary to decide which side to go with: Faravid’s or Halfdan’s.

It’s not clear what you should choose, but the risks are very high. Contrary to some of the options that you can make in AC Valhalla.

there is an appropriate answer to this one. Check out the following article for more details on the right choice you should choose.

Before reading on, be aware of story spoilers regarding of the Of Blood and Bonds quest and the Eurvicscire storyline as well as how to determine the fates of Faravid and Halfdan.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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The significance of the decision and the stakes

Prior to the present moment, Eivor has witnessed the increasing distrust between Viking chief Halfdan as well as his deputy in command Faravid.

On one the other hand, Faravid appears to be snooping behind Halfdan’s back and disobeying his orders when he is not with his decisions. 

However Halfdan’s behavior has become increasingly unstable and Faravid appears to be the more sane than the other two.

In addition In addition, Faravid as well as Eivor have formed an intimate friendship, but Eivor’s main ambition is to make Halfdan accept an alliance together with The Raven Clan.

Tensions rise to the surface in Jorvik during the ceremony in which Halfdan is set to be named the King of Northumbria. 

Halfdan starts to choke when he drinks from the cup that was given to him by his father Faravid. 

The healer who is his companion determines that the goblet is composed of lead. It is soon apparent that Halfdan’s lapse into madness is the result of lead poisoning.

Halfdan and Faravid start to debate. In the event of a dispute, Eivor needs to step into the fray, and is given the choice of two options for dialogue.

Option 1 “You’re crazy, Halfdan.”

Eivor may choose to follow Faravid’s view, and argue that, while the poisonous cups were gifts from him and he wasn’t aware that they were a risk. 

In addition, Eivor argues, Halfdan isn’t in a good position to make decisions when suffering from the consequences caused by lead poisoning.

It’s a given that Halfdan does not take this well — maybe not assisted by Eivor’s bluntness, who knows. Faravid is ejected to Jorvik and Eivor leads him to gates. 

While escorting him, Eivor asks Faravid whether he was aware that he poisoned Halfdan in the first place, and Faravid evades the question.

This choice results in Halfdan to reject further discussions about forming an alliance in The Raven Clan.

Option 2 “Stand on the ground or fight me Faravid.”

In this moment, Eivor knows that Faravid isn’t quite on par with. Even if he occasionally has reasons to go against Halfdan there’s absolutely no excuse for sinning against a friend through poisoning him.

When faced with Eivor’s ultimatum Faravid is likely to choose to fight the Eivors. Halfdan will eventually step in and ask Faravid to engage in a fight with his opponent instead. Faravid rebuffs the request, but maintains his innocence and gets taken prisoner by Halfdan.

Halfdan appears to regret his rash decision However, he sincerely thanks Eivor for his support.

This path leads Halfdan to present Eivor the arm band, and join forces together with Raven Clan. Raven Clan.

Which is the correct choice?

If you’re hoping to come from this situation with a clean conscience I’ve got terrible news. It’s a bit unclear if Faravid intended to poison Halfdan to weaken his trust and try to stage an armed coup.

if He was unaware of the poisoned cups, but did what his leader told him to do due to genuine concern about his actions. There’s ample evidence to back either of these theories.

Additionally, no matter which side you pick you will not find Halfdan or Faravid will show on you to help when the game is over:

Faravid (if is still alive) is believed to have fled the country in exile.

The real-world counterpart of Halfdan was dead in 878 at the time that the final episode is set, something that The AC Valhalla devs have apparently chose not to acknowledge to further the plot. The absence of Halfdan is not discussed; he’s simply absent.

Thanks for the help of Reddit users U/galacticality as well as the u/Logical_Neck2396 for their understanding of history and for revealing the absence of Halfdan!

There’s a case for arguing that the result of this decision won’t be any big deal in the long term. 

Contrary to what you might think the choice isn’t a factor in the likelihood that you have the most satisfying game ending. 

If you choose to go with Faravid The consequences of making the outcome “wrong” are quite mild. But the primary goal in this game is to build the alliance of Halfdan. 

In this regard it’s clear that the game believes Option 2 — ” Stand down or fight me, Faravid” — as one of the “correct” path.

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Are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla worth it?

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How long will it take to defeat the Assassins Creed Valhalla?

If you’re looking to finish the main story in an easy pace the game is possible to complete in around 90 hours. Speedrunners, however, can complete the story in just 44 and one-half hours. In the average, players will need to play for 59 hours and 39 mins of playing time to finish the story.

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