How to beat Mohg Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mohg Lord


You may be thrown a curveball by Elden Ring Mohg Lord. Although you might have been busy dealing with the tough bosses in the main story, the game is hiding some of the most exciting fights in its blood-soaked, secret areas.

Our Mohg is the Lord of Blood. You’ve probably heard of him but never met him. The Mohgwyn Palace is deep in the Siofra river.

This is where you will need to go to take on this Mohg. Before you even consider this fight, however, you will need to grab a particular Crystal Tear from Altus Plateau.

When is it appropriate to fight Mohg Lord of Blood in Elden Ring?

Mohg, Lord Blood is a completely optional boss within Elden Ring. To progress any game’s endings, you don’t have to beat Mohg. Mohg is also a demigod Shardbearer.

This means that your reward for defeating him will be Great Rune. This Great Rune is only and is geared toward PvP players, so it won’t benefit most PvE players.

If you are looking for a challenge, there is an uncommon gimmick that can be used in this fight. We recommend that you leave Mohg until the final game, after beating Godfrey or just a bit before.

Mohg’s fight is greatly enhanced by having huge HP. It’s best to try it at levels 135-145.

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How to make Mohg Lord of Blood fight more easily in Elden Ring?

Mohg’s boss fight can be difficult, especially if you have to work out the gimmick and what to do about it. To make the fight easier, we recommend summoning Spirit Ash.

Mohg, like his brother Morgott is also vulnerable to poison damage. Therefore, the Spirit Jellyfish works well. You can also choose any other heavy/tanky Spirit Ash. You can use the post-nerf mimic tear.

Mohg can take frost damages which will slow him down temporarily. This is not the best status effect for this fight as his attacks aren’t super-fast. However, it might be something you want to think about.

Mix your Flask of Wondrous Physik and the Purifying Crystal Tear that you obtained after defeating Violet Finger Eleanora in Altus Plateau’s Second Church of Marika. This is crucial for the survival of Mohg’s blood curse in battle.

Your Ace in the Hole is Mohg’s Shackle, which binds Mohg temporarily and can make the first fight an easy one. Mohg’s Shackle functions similarly to Margit’s Shackle that you may have used in fighting his brother.

Mohg, Lord Blood, can be defeated without Mohg’s Shackle. You can only bring it once in the first fight. It can be used from any distance and will trap Mohg for a few seconds. After that, you can deal damage without interruption.

Mohg’s Shackle: Where can you find it?

Mohg’s Shackle can be found in The Subterranean Shonning-Grounds deep below The Royal Capital of Lyndell.

Begin at the Avenue Balcony Place of Grace and then head northwards down the stairs. This area is guarded by several Leyndell Knights. Take a left once you have passed the door.

jump down to any roof. You’ll find a well on your right, just after landing. Go down the ladder by opening the door to your right. Continue south-east through the tunnel.

Take the staircase down and watch out for the rats lurking in the darkness. Take the ladder to your left and open the wooden door. 

You’ll see a second door to your left. This is the Underground Roadside Location of Grace. Be aware of the Omen enemies that lurk in the vicinity.

You will find yourself in an area darkened by giant pipes and many imp enemies just waiting to be entrapped.

Our goal is to go all the way down to the bottom, where the giant crabs are. We will need to soften this drop. This is best done by jumping onto the pipe with the wooden plank.

then dropping down to the pipe below. Now it should be safe to descend to the lowest level. Head to the south corner of the room as soon as you land.

A giant crab will be protecting the item on a corpse next to the wall – This is Mohg’s Shackle. Grab it and go through the hole in the wall. 

You’ll find the Lyndell Catacombs site of Grace by taking another right. It is a good idea to go into the room first before you try to grab the Shackle.

This will ensure that you don’t have the Shackle spawn at the top of the mountain if you do die.

All that is left now is to bind Mohg’s Shackle to your Pouch, or toolbelt to make it easier to reach.

How to defeat Mohg, Lord Of Blood in Elden Ring?

Mohg, Lord Blood delays his attacks much like other major bosses of Elden Ring. However, not to the same extent. You can block or dodge his trident attacks, which do significant damage to any connected.

His Blood Claw Attacks will pose the greatest threat. They cause two types of damage. One is delayed and one can be combined into a major trident attack. 

should try to keep close to the boss during both phases. He will spray blood around the arena, which can be dangerous due to the additional flames.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to be a MOHG Elden Ring?

Mohg, Lord Of Blood is the most difficult optional boss in Elden Ring. His powerful attacks are far-reaching and can cause physical damage and mixed magic, as well as bleed-inflicting spells. This is before you reach his more powerful second phase.

How can you defeat MOHG Lord of Blood?

The Lord Of Blood swings his spear in 3-4 hits combinations that can be avoided by rolling through each swing. If he hits his weapon with his spear, he will be able to strike him. Mohg’s Shackle can be used to stagger the Lords of Blood in his first phase.

How can you stop MOHG blood loss?

Players can add the Purifying Crystal Tear to their Flask of Wonderous Physicsik to gain immunity to Mohg’s curse for a while. This means that Blood Loss or Bloodflame will not have any effect.

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