How to beat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring?

beat Starscourge Radahn Introduction


beat Starscourge Radahn: The Radahn boss fight on the Elden Ring is arguably one of the game’s most mechanically straightforward, yet tough bosses. 

Even in the event of a random Radahn nerf this encounter on horseback is a high-risk exercise in the art of maneuverability and patience.

Most of Radahn’s moves can crush you with one blow – without question, with there is no chance of healing. 

The ones you manage to get through are typically followed by a second attack that returns you to where you started. 

That means you’ll need to keep your eyes on the prize for the duration of the boss battle, despite the combat’s passive nature.

The challenge of defeating Radahn is a challenge for melee-based characters because there are certain strategies that require you to put aside nearly every strategy you’ve set through Elden Ring so far at the gate.

beat Starscourge Radahn

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Here’s all it takes to defeat Radahn with ease on Elden Ring.


Radahn is a formidable foe who fights on horseback and when you appear in the arena, you’ll be able to see Radahn in the distance, on the top of the hill. 

The boss can fire massive magic arrows toward you, and being hit by just one of them can take away the entirety of your health. 

As we’ve mentioned before the secret to winning the battle is summoning NPCs. As shortly as the battle starts you should run straight until you see the first yellow summoning sign you spot. 

Be aware of the piles of weapons scattered throughout the arena, since you could hide behind them to stop an of the arrows.

In the beginning of this fight, it is important to concentrate on staying clear of arrows, while chanting all the signals that you’ve seen. 

Once your teammates are close to Redahn the boss will unleash a torrent of arrows that focus at you. So stay moving when it’s getting close. 

When the team members start fighting the boss, he’ll switch to melee after which you are able to take on the boss. 

While it’s possible to engage Radahn on foot, we’d suggest riding on horseback because it allows you to move more easily.

The most important thing to beat Radahn is patience. And when the gang members attack the boss, stay away and then circle back towards his back. 

Be aware of holes in the boss’s attack and come into the closes to attack Radahn’s back in those. If you’re a builder with a range You can pound Radahn with shots from the distance.

The issue is that your colleagues will be killed fairly quickly, however, the good thing is that the summoning sign will come back after just a few minutes. 

Switch between attacking or respawning your collaborators so that you are able to get help always. If you’re all by yourself, you’ll surely have the most fun. 

Be on the lookout for the moment when Radahn hurls in his blades. it is glowing purple, which means he prepares to apply the power of gravity to take you by surprise.

When you’ve exhausted all the health of your boss, He’ll jump in the air. Then you can look up to observe Radahn falling like the shape of a comet. 

Take a ride to the other side in the direction in which the boss is heading in case the boss hits you, it could be a quick kill. When Radahn is down again, the next phase starts.

Starscourge Radahn’s tips on how you can defeat Starscourge Radahn

Prepare yourself for one heck of a battle. Once you’ve spawned in the arena of Starscourge Radahn, you’ll need to move forwards and sprint to the glowing marks that are on the ground in front of you.

They are actually summoning spots for AI companions, the majority of whom you’ve recently met during the festival held in Redmane Castle dedicated to Starscourge Gadahn.

Bring in all AI characters that you are able to while you move toward Starscourge Radahn in the distance. While you’re at it, Radahn will be firing an arrow of elemental power directly at you.

So you can either cover yourself behind the debris on the field or just roll straight over the arrow since strafing or bouncing around it is not possible.

If you or one of your companions get close to Starscourge Radahn’s territory, he’ll give to firing arrows and push his physical attacks. 

One of his favorite strategies is to ride on his incredibly small horse and then circle around you, with his sword poised to strike.

Be patient to the maximum extent you can during this phase since the longer you the attacks of his the greater chances you will be able to avoid his attacks completely.

What do you do after General Radahn’s arrest In Elden Ring?

If you’ve got another Great Rune to play with and you’re free to aid Blaidd as well as Ranni to continue their quest for Akron.

You can also go on your Grand Lift of Dectus up to the Atlus Plateau, and then visit Leyndell the capital city.

However, if you’re a melee fighter take a look at going back to The Roundtable Hold, where you can purchase Radahn’s clothing. 

They provide a lot of security and poise when you’ve got the stamina. If you need more help to make the most of your time within The Lands Between, here’s our Elden Ring guide.

beat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you defeat Starscourge Elden Ring?

If you’re looking to engage in melee you, wait until the conclusion of of his combos before riding in, hit him one time then ride out. If you’d like to utilize magic or range, maintain an adequate distance from him and then break your lock and get away when the opponent turns his attention to you. Remember, one strike is probably all it will require.

How difficult is it to Starscourge Radahn?

No matter how hard the blows he takes, Radhan can still suffer a beating if everyone comes in unison. He can be stricken when you are able to hit him with some powerful blows to him in a short time.

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