Bee Swarm Simulator Codes – Free buffs, honey, & boosts (May 2022)

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes Introduction


Onett’s developer’s Bee Swarm Simulator is causing quite a buzz and it’s evident the reason. The game requires players with collecting flowers and construct strong hives in order to collect the best bees that they have – while also getting new equipment, decorations and bears!

Bee Swarm Simulator codes could add more excitement to your game, such as new buffs, bees, and beans. This page will be up-to-date with any newly released or expired Bee Swarm Simulator codes.

make sure to check back every frequently to receive your free dose of experiences and other items to enhance your character and the bees.

Take note of the fact that Field Boosts as well as Wind Buffs can only last up to 15 minutes Be sure to only redeem one coupon at a time. 

Some codes could require players to be members or a member of the Bee Swarm Simulator Club to be eligible to redeem the codes. 

But don’t fret, joining the club is simple by visiting the group’s webpage on the Roblox website, and then you’re there. 

The group allows players to make use of items such as the Treat or Honey Dispensers to earn more reward points, making it certainly worth the effort.

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Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

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Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (Available)

Here’s a quick look at the listing of all currently available codes available today:

Note: All Field Winds and Boosts buffs last for as long as 30 minutes. It’s recommended to use these codes one at a and make use of the bonus for the specific field type! Do not apply the codes all at once as you’ll end up wasting many buffs.

DarzethDoodads–Redeem for 1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Tropical Drink, 1 Jelly Beans, 1 Stinger, 3 Tickets, 1 Red Balloon, 30 min Clover Field Code Buff, and 30 min Coconut Field Code Buff (New)

ThnxCyasToyBox–Redeem for 1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Smooth Dice,1 Jelly Beans, 1 Micro-Converter, 1 Cloud Vial, 1 Whirligig, 10 Honeysuckles, 1 Pink Balloon, 3 Pumpkin Patch Boost, Pumpkin Patch Code Buff (New)

Walmart toys–Redeem in exchange for one Marshmallow Bee, 1 Field Dice 3 Micro-Converters Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Winds, Super Smoothie and Wealth Clock

FourYearFiesta–Redeem for an Atomic Treat, Marshmallow Bee, Loaded Dice, Pink Balloon, White Balloon, Hard Wax, Topical Drink, Neonberry, four Micro-converters, four Tickets, four Honsuckles, four Strawberries, four Blueberries, four Pineapples, four Sunflower Seeds.

four Bitterberries, four Moon Charms, 5x Wealth Clock, 4x Cactus Field Boost, 4x Sunflower Field Boost, 15x Cactus Field Winds, 15x Sunflower Field Winds, Super Smoothie, 10x Haste, 10x Red Boost, 10x White Boost, 10x Blue Boost, and 10x Precision. (NEW)

500mil–Redeem for Science Bear Morph, 2 Stump Field Boost, 1 Hour Conversion Boost, 5 Wealth Clock, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Field Dice, 3 Bamboo Field Boost

  • PlushFriday–Redeem to earn benefits
  • Roof–5 Tickets
  • 38217–5 Tickets
  • Mocito100T–Stingers, Gumdrops, Coconuts, Inspire, Coconut Field Boost, Coconut Field Capacity
  • market–Pepper Patch Boost, Pepper Patch Capacity, Pepper Patch Market Boost (must be a member of the group)
  • Cubly–+1 Bumble Bee Jelly, +10 Bitterberries, +1 Micro-Converter, Capacity Code
  • Marshmallow– 1h Conversion Boost, Marshmallow Bee
  • SecretProfileCode – Ant Pass, Shocked Bee Jelly, Oil, Glue Buff, Enzymes Buff
  • Sure – Dandelion Field Boost (x3), 30m Conversion Boost, 2,500 Honey
  • Teespring – Bamboo Field Boost (x3), Bamboo Field Winds (x3), Marshmallow Bee
  • Wax – 5x Tickets, 5,000 Honey
  • Wink – Dandelion Field Boost (x7), 5x Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Haste+, Black Bear Morph
  • Buzz – 5,000 Honey
  • Nectar – 5,000 Honey
  • Botmaster – 5 Tickets
  • Cog – 5 Tickets
  • Connoisseur – 5 Tickets
  • Crawlers – 5 Tickets
  • CarmensAnDiego Redeem the code to get things for free! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Luther redeem the code for gratis stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Dysentery redeem code to get things for free! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Jumpstart redeem code for gratis stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Toggles You can redeem the code to get things for free! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • 10mMembers Redeem for a variety of free products
  • MondoOutage Redeem it for a variety of rewards
  • Bannedredeem code for Stubborn Bee Jelly and Buff!
  • 1MLikesRedeem codes for free items! (must be a member of the group and join group
  • WordFactory Redeem codes to get free items! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Millie Redeem code to get things for free! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Toggles redeem code for gratis stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • BeesBuzz123 – 1x Cloud Vial, 5x Gumdrops, 3x Jelly Beans
  • ClubBean (x2) Magic Bean and The Pineapple PatchBoost (x2) (must be in Bee Swarm Simulator Club] (must be a member of the group to be a member.
  • ClubConverters 10-X Micro-Converters [must be part of a group[must be in the club] (must join the group[must join group]
  • Discord100k – Marshmallow Bee Buff, Rose Field Boost (x3), Pine Tree Forest Boost (x3): +300% Pine Tree Forest Pollen, Spider Field Boost (x3), 3x Jelly Beans, 3x Gumdrops, 3x Moon Charm, 3x Tickets
  • GumdropsForScience – 15x Gumdrops

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • RebootFriday Redeem it for a variety of rewards
  • 3YearPartyredeem code for a variety of free items!
  • WintersEndRedeem codes for free things! You must join the group[must join group]
  • BigBag — It increases bag Capacity temporarily.
  • RebootXmas
  • Buoyant – +15 Blueberries, Blue Extract, Capacity Code, Blue Flower Field Boost, Blue Flower Field Capacity, Blue Flower Field Market Boost
  • BlackFriday redeem code to get free items!
  • 5mMembers – +5 Bitterberries, +5 Strawberries, +5 Blueberries, +5 Sunflower Seeds, +5 Pineapples, +5 Moon Charms, Rose Field Boost, Rose Field Capacity, Pine Tree Forest Boost, Pine Tree Forest Capacity, Science Bear Morph, Conversion Boost
  • RebootPC Redeem the code to get free things!
  • BillionVisits – 1 Atomic Treat, 10 Micro-Converters, Mountain Top Field Winds, Sunflower Field Winds, Holiday Event
  • Gumaden10T – Pepper Patch Boost (x1), Pepper Patch Winds (x3), Coconut Field Boost (x1), Coconut Field Winds (x3), Blue Flower Field Boost (x2), Blue Flower Field Winds (x3), 1x Cloud Vial, 15x Pineapple
  • SpaceReboot – 10 Moon Charms, 5 Micro-Converters, Wealth Clock, Mountain Top Field Boost & Capacity, Dandelion Field Boost & Capacity
  • FuzzyFarewell – +3 Micro-Converters, +15 Pineapples, Sunflower Field Boost, Sunflower Field Capacity, Capacity Code
  • BlackBearMythic – Cactus Field Boost & Capacity, Clove Field Boost & Capacity, Capacity Code, Wealth Clock, & Black Bear Morph
  • Strawberry – +1 Rad Bee Jelly, +10 Strawberries, Strawberry Field Boost, Strawberry Field Capacity, Mother Bear Morph
  • PineappleParty – +15 Pineapples, +1 Tropical Drink, Capacity Code, Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Capacity, Pineapple Patch Market Boost, Marshmallow Bee
  • FuzzyReboot – Spider Field Boost, Spider Field Winds, Spider Field Capacity, Capacity Code, Wealth Clock
  • Tornado – 1x Cloud Vial, 3x Jelly Beans, 1x Royal Jelly
  • Valentine – +25 Strawberries, Activates Baby Love and Red Extract Buffs, Rose Field Boost, Rose Field Capacity
  • ClubCloud – 1x Cloud Vial, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Field Dice, 1x Micro-Converter
  • FestiveFrogs – 1x Box-o-Frogs, Bamboo Field Boost (x3), Bamboo Field Winds (x3)
  • JollyJelly – 1x Royal Jelly, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Micro-Converter, Strawberry Field Boost (x3), Strawberry Field Winds (x3)
  • Leftovers – Pumpkin Patch Boost (x3), Pumpkin Patch Winds (x3), 10x Strawberries, 10x Blueberries, 10x Pineapples, 10x Gumdrops, 1 Jelly Bean
  • Market – +10 Bitterberries, Pollen Boost, Pineapple Patch Market Boost, Sunflower Field Market Boost
  • WikiHonor – Strawberry Field Boost (x3), 10x Gumdrops, 10x Pineapple, 1x Royal Jelly, 1x Stinger, 5x Inspire
  • WikiAwardClock – 5x Wealth Clock
  • 4MilMembers – Clover Field Boost (x1), Clover Field Winds (x4), 4x Field Dice, 1x Royal Jelly, 4x Micro-Converter, Mother Bear Morph

How can I redeem codes within Bee Swarm Simulator?

To redeem promo codes redeem codes Bee Swarm Simulator you need to click on the Settings (gear) icon located in the upper right of the menu. 

It will open an open-ended window titled Promo Codes. Enter or copy and paste your desired codes into the boxes and if it’s brand new as well as valid, then you’ll be able to receive your reward immediately.

Be aware that, unless stated otherwise, boosts and buffs of codes last only 15 minutes in real-time starting from the time you redeem the coupon. 

They are also not stackable therefore, make sure to redeem them at a specific date and time that you are prepared to utilize the codes.

For more fun and interesting Roblox experiences, and all the codes you require to start playing them visit the codes page for Bubble Gum Simulator.

Build A Boat To Treasure as well as Fun Friday. Check for our overall promo codes for the Roblox page to find the most recent discounts that are available in the Avatar Shop!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some codes for the bee swarm simulator?

Active Bee Swarm Simulator codes

  • Walmart toys Free boosts.
  • Thnxcyastoybox: Free toys.
  • FourYearFiesta – Free Items.
  • DarzethDoodads – Free buffs.
  • 1MLikes – Ticket, Treat, Bitterberry, Sunflower Seed, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Moon Charm, Cloud Vial, Ant Pass, Field Dice, Micro-Converter, Coconut, Stinger, Gumdrops.

Is there a 40 bee Zone in the bee swarm simulator?

The 40 Bee Zone | Fandom. The Raspberry Field is one of the 40 Bee Zone (Vicious Bee Gate) that an endgame player can enter. There are two Scorpions and 1 Ladybug that guard the field. It is a field of 20×33 with 660 flowers.

How do you make the glitter you want in BSS?

Ways to Obtain

  1. In the form of a drop that is dropped from mobs, like the diamond aphid scorpion, mantis Stump Snail Tunnel Bear, King Beetle, Wild Windy Bee, and Coconut Crab.
  2. Each sprout (excluding those that are not the Debug Sprout) can generate glitter tokens (possibilities vary based on the kind of sprout).

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