The best houses in Skyrim and how to get a house

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It takes some effort to find the perfect house in Skyrim, especially since there are so many options.

It all depends on your needs and what you can afford. We’ve compiled a list of the top Skyrim houses that will suit almost any Dragonborn’s life.

How to Buy a House in Skyrim?

Each house is linked to a particular region or city so you will need permission to build there. This often means that you will need to complete a Jarl’s questlines, and spend a lot of gold.

Owning a home comes with a host of other benefits. You get a 10% experience bonus for eight hours when you sleep in your home, and a 15% bonus if you bring your spouse.

You can also store items in your house and set up alchemy and crafting stations.

You can also join factions to gain “free” access your own quarters. If you climb up the ranks, you will be able to get beautiful boujie pads.

You can also build your house from the Hearthfire expansion. We’ll be discussing this house, Lakeview Manor.

The best houses in Skyrim

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Skyrim’s best houses – Lakeview Manor

Lakeview Manor is a great house in Skyrim and one of the most affordable. Lakeview Manor can be built by buying land from the Jarl in Falkreath.

It comes with the Hearthfire expansion (which is available with the anniversary and special editions) and costs 5,000 gold.

Once you have the cash, you can speak to the Jarl at Falkreath to request some work. You can purchase Black Briar Mead from any pub, merchant or anywhere in the world.

He’ll ask for your help to defeat a band of cutthroats. Take them to your camp and then return to Falkwreath to purchase a house.

To make the purchase, speak to Nenya, the Jarl’s steward (the elven woman who roams the longhouse), The map will show Lakeview Manor to the north.

This is one of the few areas where you can set up a bee farm. There are also plenty of hunting opportunities in the area. This makes it an excellent deal for Dragonborn hunters looking for dez-res.

Skyrim’s best houses – Arch-Mage’s Quarters

The Arch-Mage’s Quarters are perfect for a single Dragonborn. However, we don’t mean that literally as your entire family cannot live there. 

This is the price you pay to acquire an amazing collection of rare books and rare items. It also has plenty of storage space — useful if your plans include moving.

To access this questchain, you will need to complete the Eye of Magnus questchain

Skyrim’s best houses – Proudspire Manor

Proudspire Manor is a magnificent place, but it comes with the biggest price tag. This one is not for everyone. It costs 25,000 gold, and you can only do it once you have made friends with the queen. However, the benefits are well worth it.

Proudspire is the largest house in the game. It has plenty of space to accommodate a family, without having to sacrifice other rooms. It is located near the capital city and has a quest, No Stone Unturned.

Skyrim’s best houses – Dawnstar Sanctuary

Dawnstar Sanctuary is at the opposite end of this spectrum. After completing the Dark Brotherhood quests, you will be able to unlock this sinister abode. 

This is more of an abode than a functional one. It has a torture chamber and other related devices. 

You will need to spend 20,000 gold to upgrade it, but it is worth it if you are looking for something unusual.

Skyrim’s best houses – The Severin Manor

Severin is included in the Solstheim DLC and it’s completely free. It’s also tiny so you’ll only be a single Dragonborn in Severin.

Skyrim’s lovers’ bonus requires that you get married. You can’t be a vampire, but you still get a cuddle boost. 

You should have the best build for your character, lycan or otherwise, so that you can return home safe and sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which horse is Skyrim’s best?

What is the best horse in Skyrim? Skyrim’s Anniversary Upgrade has a new Dwarven Horse that is unkillable, with unlimited stamina and can be killed. This makes it the best mount currently in the game. Shadowmere, which can be obtained through the Dark Brotherhood questline, is the best horse in vanilla Skyrim.

Which Skyrim house is the largest?

Skyrim’s best houses – Proudspire Manor
Proudspire is the largest house in the game. It has plenty of space for families without having to sacrifice other rooms.

Which Skyrim house is best?

The Best Skyrim Player Houses

  • 8 Honeyside.
  • 7 Castle Volkihar.
  • 6 Windstad Manor.
  • 5 Dawnstar Sanctuary.
  • 4 Heljarchen Hall.
  • 3 Proudspire Manor.
  • 2 Lakeview Manor
  • 1 Arch-Mage’s Quarters College of Winterhold

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