Ghost of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine solution | How to get Kensei Armor?

About Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine 


Ghost Of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine – This is one of Iki Island’s new mini challenges that offers a unique reward.

Jin the Bloodborne Armor is earned by successfully solving the riddle and deciphering the clue. Although the solution is not as complicated as it appears, there will be some legwork.

Blood Stained Shrine location

The Blood Stained Shrine can be found southwest of Kidafure’s Battlefield, just north from the Conoura Cape map label’s “Co” section. This is the clue that will help you complete your challenge.

A Forgotten Shrine: The first green of spring turns to black and becomes plagued by beasts and blood. Hunter, reject death’s allure. Be prepared to fight for the dignity of man

This is the most important part, but it’s not over yet. If you have not completed it yet, you will need to complete a Mythic Story.

Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine

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How to get Kensei Armor?

To solve the shrine’s puzzle you must wear Kensei Armor. You can only do that by completing the Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale. 

Yamato can be reached at Umugi Cove. You are to defeat five mini-bosses on the island marked with swordsman icons.

After that, you can speak to Yamato again. You will now have to defeat Kojiro in the Omi Monastery. Talk to Yamato again, and you will receive the Kensei Armor.

Blood Stained Shrine solution

Take the armor and go back to the shrine. Jump from the rocks around the shrine to inflict damage on Jin. The shrine will then heal. You’ll see the resulting cutscene and receive the Yharnam Helmets and Yharnam Vestments.

Shrine challenges are only one aspect of the expansion to Iki Island. You can find the rest of the expansion here. Bokken Tournament This is another tough test of your skills. Here’s how to find it. Every collectible hat, sworkkit, and easter egg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find a solution to Ash’s shrine?

Take on Sakai Clan armor, then sit before the altar. Draw your sword… and that’s it. A brief scene is played, and then Jin receives an item called the Helm of War, Spartan mask and Ghost of Sparta vestment for the Sakai Clan armor. Challenges to shrines are one of the many features of the brand new Iki Island expansion.

How can you get rid of the shrine in the dark?

Place your feet in front of the Statue. Throw an exploding smoke Bomb (hold R2 and Down to select and then press R1 in order to launch). If done correctly, it will cause an animation.

What should you do with your shrine that is stained by blood?

How to Solve the Blood-Stained Shrine

  1. Equip the Kensei Armor. The armor can be unlocked by finishing all the ronin duel -is the answer for “prepare to duel”. 
  2. You can heal yourself by standing in front of the statue of the shrine (you might need to hurt yourself initially). This is how you can “reject death’s allure”.

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