Destiny: The Taken King – Calcified Fragments locations guide

Explore the Dreadnaught to find Calcified Fragments. You too can rock Touch of Malice.

Guide to Calcified Fragments


Do you want Touch of Malice, an exotic scout rifle Calcified Fragments are required. You can find one of these on Dreadnaught. Eris Morn will recommend that you get a few more. 

You’ll be able to score the gun you want if you manage to collect 50 of these – five on her first quest, and 45 each subsequent.

You’ll need to have access to Patrol on Dreadnaught and a few missions to collect Calcified Fragments. Eventually, you will need to venture into Raid. 

Below, we have listed the fragments sorted by the mission, location, and activity. Ghost can be called up at any time for the current zone name.

If you are in the right spot, fragments glow an eerie green which makes them easy to identify. Browse your Grimoire to see which fragments you have. We’ve also included Bungie’s Roman numeral numbers.

Calcified Fragments

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Hull Breach The Patrol starting point.

  • Fragment VI: Head towards Mausoleum via the arch to your right from the crashed Skyburner vessel. Look for a flashing light to the left and then look for a groove to one side.
  • Fragment VI – From the Patrol Spill, go towards the Mausoleum. Follow the path to your right, and you will see a row of green crates against the wall. To the right of the boxes is a doorway. Enter and then immediately turn left to locate a small tunnel. Crouch to enter. Continue on through the tunnel and then turn left. It’s difficult to see but you can just swing around the crystal. The room will have some worms and the chest of Eir. Continue to the left until you reach another room. On the far side, you will see the fragment at the base of a pillar.
  • Fragment VII: Move forward from the Patrol spawn and to your left. Drop down to the lower area with broken beams. You’ll find a door under the spawn point. On the left side, you will see a bright beam. To find the Fragment, push towards it and turn slightly to the left.
  • Fragment VIII. A series of broken platforms is located right next to the Patrol spawn. Jump from shelf to shelf to reach the top; the fragment can be found on the penultimate level, opposite the spawn point.
  • Fragment IX – Visit the downed Skyburners vessel and search for the two docking support legs. There is a heap of debris right in front of each one. The Fragment is located in the pile to your right with the spawn point to your back.

To reach Mausoleum, take the tunnel to the right from the wrecked ship in Hull Breach.

  • Fragment I: From Hull Breach, continue to follow the right-hand path until you reach the end of the area. The bright beam of light is where you want to go. To the right, look for a circular platform. Use Ghost to find an invisible platform. Jump across to the other platform and search the wall to the right. By the way, the chest of the Spawn can be found here.
  • Fragment II: From Hull Breach, enter the zone sticking to its left wall. Continue on until you reach a series of doorways. Take the third one. Continue on through the narrow room with glowing orange structures, and onto the larger passage. Look to your left for a glowing orange structure. The Fragment can be found just ahead. Jump to get past the tank.
  • Calcified Fragment 3: From Hull Breach, enter the zone sticking to its left wall. Take the second doorway after you have passed a number of doors. Turn right immediately and crouch down to enter the passage beyond. Look up and to the left to find a shelf that you can climb up to grab the next Fragment, which is hidden behind the crystals to the right.
  • Calcified Fragment IV – Enter from Hull Breach and hug the left wall. Look for a piece of red metal or something. If you look from the opposite side, the Fragment can be seen if it is hidden under the beam.

The Founts
All these Fragments technically exist in the Trenchways but they can be accessed most easily from Mausoleum. To reach Mausoleum, take the tunnel to your right from the Hull Breach-crash ship.

Fragment XXI – Enter Mausoleum from Hull Breach by following the left path. Take the door closest to the beam light. 

Enter the building and follow the hallway to the right. You will find the Fragment at the end, behind the metal grates. Go on to Fragment 22.

Fragment XXII – Follow the path to Fragment 21 then turn right and take the first left. To find the Fragment.

climb onto the only horizontal structure visible from this passage. Next, scan the side of your room to see the Fragment. 

To reach the Fragment, jump up by using the platforms. You can continue reading Fragment 23 while you are here.

Fragment XXIII – After grabbing Fragment 22 take the main path through Founts to reach a hole in the floor. Run forward and drop down.

Turn right to follow the contour of the room. Then, continue straight until you see a crawl tunnel (crack). Do not go through the crack.

Instead, take the narrow path just left of it. You will find the Fragment in the crate closest to the wall. To expose it, you must shoot it. Bungie is a dirty trick.

Hall of Souls
To reach Hall of Souls, turn right at the Patrol spawn. This area is very difficult to navigate so we chose to use a landmark: The Court of Oryx. It is an arena with poisoned ground that is only open when there is a boss battle. 

It is accessible quickly by jumping from platforms located in the area without a floor. You will need to cross the poisoned ground using a series of jumps before you can look out at the arena. Our directions begin from this point.

  • Fragment X – Looking over Court of Oryx from the top, jump to the platform on your right and then onto the second, higher platform. Turn left and follow a corridor to reach a tunnel. Continue through the tunnel and then turn left. Just past the turn is the Fragment, hidden behind crystals to your right.
  • Calcified Fragment (XI): Looking over Court of Oryx from your position, turn around and go back into the ritual room. Continue on the leftmost exit, following Ghost to locate a platform to your right. Follow the invisible bridge to climb across and then search for the Fragment near the panel on your left wall.
  • Calcified Fragment VIII: With Court of Oryx in the background, turn around and go back into the ritual room. Continue straight ahead, taking the rightmost exit. Follow the path until you reach a room of square columns. Jump from one column to the next, climbing the columns. As you search the walls, you may spot the Fragment glowing at you. When you feel close enough, jump in.
  • Calcified Fragment VIII: Start at the Court of Oryx and run across the poisoned ground. Hang a right and look for a column in the gap. You should be able to see the Fragment from the Court of Oryx platform. It is attached to one edge of this. It can be picked up from the column by standing on it.

To find your way back to the French way, you can replay the story mission Dreadnaught. This drops you at the one end.

  • Fragment XIV – Pass through the small entrance on the Trenchway’s right side, just as you were guided on your first Dreadnaught encounter. To cross the abyss use the invisible platforms. Take the tunnel to the right and crouch to get through two small openings. Look for a few square columns just before the last tunnel to the left of the area; the Fragment can be found below one.
  • Fragment XV – Pass through the small entrance on the left side of the French way. This is the same door that you used to be led to when you first visited the Dreadnaught. To cross the abyss use the invisible platforms. Don’t go through the small opening. Instead, continue straight to the end. You can see the Fragment between the columns from higher up.
  • Fragment XVI – From the Trenchway’s starting point, look to the left and down for a large growth thing on the sloped wall. On one side of the growth is the Fragment.
  • You can ignore the first pathway to the right from your Trenchway starting point and continue looking for the second opening to the right. You will find the Fragment on the left wall at this dead end.
  • Fragment XIX – Pass through the small entrance on the Trenchway’s right side. This is the same door that you used to be led to when you first visited the Dreadnaught. You can use the invisible platforms to cross into the abyss. However, you should not go through the tunnel. Ghost will help you locate an invisible platform on the opposite side of the drop. Jump to the platform and go into the dark passage beyond. A few Thrall will rush to greet you. Look in the alcove to the right once they are down.
  • Fragment XX – Pass through the small entrance on the Trenchway’s one side. This is the same door that you used to be led to when you visited the Dreadnaughts for the first time. You can use the invisible platforms to cross into the abyss. However, you must not pass through the passage. Turn left, face it, and then go to the end. Then use Ghost to find another invisible platform. This path will take you to a dark passage that leads to a chamber. Search the wall on the left to find the fragment with a glowing tank.

These Fragments were found in the story mission Regicide and can’t be picked up by Patrol. They are listed in the order they appear, not Bungie’s mysterious Grimoire numbers. To maximize efficiency, follow the presented sequence.

Fragment XXIV – Play the mission up to the point where you have passed through the portal into the Asylum Zone.

You will land in a large room with a door and platforms flanking it. Look to the left from your starting point for steps. 

You should be able to jump to the metal beam to your left if you climb down a few steps but keep at the top. To find the Fragment at the wall, run to the end. 

Grab the Fragment 25 While You’re Here. Fragment XXV – Follow the instructions to Fragment 24. Return from the beam and climb the stairs. 

Ghost can be used to highlight the invisible platform at the bottom of the page. Then drop down and scan again to jump to the next platform. 

The Fragment can be seen if you look back at the main area from this platform. To grab it, jump to its platform.

Fragment XXVII – After you have entered the second portal, immediately turn around to search the tombs. There’s a Fragment underneath the one you just entered.

Fragment VIII: After facing two Taken bosses head-on, you will pass through the portal to enter the Trenchway. You will find the elegant door at the end of the chasm. Cross the divide and look to the left.

You can only obtain three Fragments through Strikes.

  • Fragment XXVI – Start the Sunless Cell Strike. Continue until you reach a room that has round pillars suspended from the ceiling and a narrow central pathway. Jump up to a platform on your left; the Fragment is hidden at the back.
  • Fragment XXVIII – Start the Shield Brothers Strike. Cross into the Bridge zone after defeating the Goliath tank and pause. The door should be on the other side of the room. Continue in the direction you came from, taking a right, then a left. You will eventually reach a room full of enemies. Turn right from the entrance and look for the pile of debris by the wall. The Fragment can be found in a wrinkle just near the white beam.
  • Fragment XLVI – This Fragment will be given to you for your first Nightfall Strike. Good luck!

Chest Sequences
Unadvertised quests exist on Dreadnaught. We call them chest sequences because they often require completing a variety of tasks to unlock a chest. Calcified Fragments are often given to players.

Fragment XXXIV is a reward for completing the quest “A Scent Is Key.” Visit the Mausoleum to get all of your agility and speed-boosting weapons, armour, and skills. 

To enter Hull Breach from Hull Breach, go along the left-hand path to the second door and then crouch to the right into the crack (this room contains the Key of Maggots chest). 

You should wait for a message about Scent of the Worm to appear within 30 seconds. Then, you have one minute to run towards the chest. 

To reveal an invisible platform, run forward and to your left. Cross several invisible platforms and aim for the platform to the left. The chest is against the wall.

Fragment XXXV is located in the Hall of Souls’ notorious “chest which kills you”. To survive the damage, you can use a super or a sword to open the chest.

Or wait for the notification that “the ritual is over”. You can search Hall of Souls to find Hive members doing strange things, and then kill them. Grab the Tomb Husk (Relic). 

This will ensure that you and all Guardians are safe while you loot the chest. Before you interrupt the ritual, locate the chest.

To access Hall of Souls, drop down to the platform on your right and then look for the crack in the next room. You will find the chest at the end of these tunnels. This is Arekkz’s video guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you have all 50 Calcified Fragments in your possession?

The Beltane Armor Shader is awarded to players who collect all 50 Calcified Fragments. Each Calcified Fragment has a Grimoire Card that indicates the number of each one. We have provided the location and number of each Calcified Fragment for your convenience so that you can find them easily.

How many Calcified Fragments are you required to Touch of Malice?

To obtain the Touch of Malice you first need to speak to Eris. This will allow you to begin the Shattered Past quest. You will be given the task of obtaining five Calcified Fringments. Instead of stopping at five Calcified Fragments you can collect 15 to get the Hunger Pangs quest by Eris.

Where can I find Calcified Fragments?

Guide to Calcified Fragments

  • Hull Breach. This is the Patrol’s starting point.
  • Mausoleum. To reach Mausoleum, follow the tunnel to the right from the Hull Breach shipwreck.
  • The Founts. 
  • Hall of Souls. 
  • Trenchway. 
  • Regicide. 
  • Strikes. 
  • Chest Sequences

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