Call of Duty Warzone | Adler intel locations: contracts at the farms, factory, and more

Call of Duty Warzone Introduction


Hunt For Adler was the first event of Call of Duty Warzone. You will receive exclusive rewards for completing the challenges, such as a Legendary skin for Russell Adler, a fan favourite Operator.

Adler Intel contract locations within Warzone

The Hunt for Adler event in Warzone requires you to complete three Intel contracts at different locations on the Verdansk 84 map. It is recommended to try to find them in Plunder mode rather than Battle Royale.

Adler contracts should appear on the map. However, we have read reports that this feature may not be showing up for everyone. We have marked the locations on the map below.

You will need to find the Intel location first and then accept the contract. It will be located near the map marker. However, the exact placement may vary.

This has been marked with a yellow circle on our map. The contract can only be accepted by one player per match, so that it can be intense!

Next, locate the chest and open it to win the challenge.

Call of Duty Warzone

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There are reports that progress tracking is not working well for this challenge, and we have not heard of any workarounds.

This event is limited to a week, and we hope this can be fixed as soon as possible and extended. We will keep you updated.

Adler Intel is located at the farms.

The contract can be found in the exact location indicated by the marker.

You will find the Intel chest in the building near the silos, located just north of where you received the contract. Keep your distance from the silos, and then head east.

You can find the chest in the smaller rectangular building.

Adler Intel in the factory

The contract is picked up at the new factory.

Head south from the factories and cross the road to find the Intel chest. Just before reaching two large, square-shaped buildings that look like commas, there are a few more.

they are the most prominent architectural flourish in Verdansk. You will find the chest on the roof of the small yellow building at the group’s centre.

Adler Intel at the summit

You can find the contract on the roadside as you cross the bridge towards Mount Everest.

Follow the road south from where you picked up your contract to find the Intel chest.

Three buildings are located in a triangular shape at the summit complex’s edge.

The chest is located in the miniature buildings closest to the road.

Hunt for Adler in Cold War?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players have a unique Hunt for Adler tasks available to them.

Field Reconnaissance Kill 25 enemies who have been revealed to you by your Spy Plane or H.A.R.P.

Person Of Interest: Use the Assassin Perk to kill 25 enemies in a killstreak.

Yamantau Complete seven games on Yamantau’s map.

Hunt for Adler Rewards in Warzone or Cold War?

No matter what version you are playing, you can claim the new Legendary “Tortured and Rescued” Adler skin once you have completed all your challenges.

To clarify, you do not need to meet both the Warzone and Cold War Hunt for Adler Challenges to earn this skin.

Each challenge has its reward, and each version is exclusive.

Item NameType of itemRarityMission

Close call Charm Legendary Intel Contract – Factory (Warzone)

Head Comrade Sticker Epic Yamantau (Cold War).

You are missing the Calling card Epic Intel Contract – Farms (Warzone)

Pager Charm Rare Field Reconnaissance (Cold War).

Rebel Rivas Sticker Epic Intel Contract – Summit (Warzone)

Tortured & Rescued Adler Skin Legendary All Warzone missions/All Cold War missions

Vengeful Commando Calling card Epic Person of interest (Cold War).

You can learn more about Warzone’s new season by visiting our guide to becoming a zombie in Season 3.

For more information on the Verdansk’84 map, see our guide to making the most of the Rebirth From the Ashes Easter Egg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cod warzone’s GB count?

You can now reclaim a few gigabytes on your SSD by shrinking the size of Warzone’s install. The new Warzone update 52.4GB will be available on PC. If you still have Modern Warfare, it will take 133.6GB.

Is there a cod Warzone that isn’t available for PC?

Free to Play for Everyone. Call of Duty(r), first-person combat is now possible in a new, large arena that can accommodate 150 players. You can drop in, get armored, collect rewards, and fight your way to victory. Welcome to Warzone(tm).

Can my PC run it Warzone?

Your computer must have at least a GeForce GTX670 or Radeon HD7950 in order to use the video card slot . Your CPU must be at least an Intel Core i3-4340, or an AMD FX-6300. To enable Warzone to run with a passable FPS, your computer will need 8GB of system RAM.

Can I play Call of Duty from my laptop?

Download Call of Duty Warzone for your laptop free of charge by installing the App. Click on the App – Blizzard Entertainment website and choose “Download for Windows”. It will then download automatically.

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