Genshin Impact best Chongyun build weapons, and Chongyun F2P options

About Chongyun build weapons


Chongyun build weapons can be considered one of the lesser-known Cryo characters from Genshin Impact due to a range of reasons.

Some of them include their status as a four-star character and their lackluster damage capability in comparison to other characters using similar weapons and elements type. 

While a good team-based competition could go a long way to increase the damage output of Chongyun however, it’s the correct build that has the most impact.

We’ve put together this guide to help you build the top Chongyun construction for Genshin Impact. Chongyun is based almost entirely on his Skill and his Burst to cause damage.

there are some weapons that are easy to acquire and artifacts that allow you to maximize the power of him with no grind.

best Chongyun build

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Is Chongyun a DPS character?

But not the primary DPS. His potential lies in the shadows of the skills of his Skill and Burst, which both cause massive Cryo damage, and you’ll need to combine with stronger fighters in order to take out your enemies.

What is the top Genshin Influence Chongyun build?

Chongyun’s power lies through his Cryo damage and you’ll need to concentrate on that, as well as the Elemental Skill and Burst. 

The Skill generates an ice field that encases weapons with Cryo and his burst creates 3 blades of ice over an area of only. 

Chongyun strikes slowly, in contrast to Eula and you’ll not need to be concerned about the physical damage he causes.

What is the most effective Chongyun weapon for Genshin Impact?

If you’re looking to go for an Cryo construct, then Chongyun’s most powerful weapon can be described as a four-star weapon that is The Sacrificial Greatsword. 

It boosts the energy recharge and offers an 80-80% chance of ending the cooldown on your Skill following the use of that skill. 

This Sacrificial Greatsword is not uncommon which means you have a good chance of getting the passive skill improved at a minimum of a few ranks.

If that’s not flashy enough, we suggest Skyward Pride. It also boosts Energy Recharge as well as the passive skill enhances damage to all types.

either physical or otherwise up to 8-12 percent. When you use an attack, also known as Burst can also result in a vacuum blade which is able to deal at minimum the same amount of damage for 20 minutes.

What are the top Chongyun Artifacts?

There are several options to choose from Chongyun Artifacts, dependent on the weapon you choose to use. Blizzard Strayer is an absolute must, no matter what weapon you decide to use.

Noblesse Oblige (2-piece effect boosts Elemental burst damage by 20 percent) is a well-liked choice for higher levels, however for higher level, we suggest the two-piece Gambler to increase Elemental Damage to Skill. 

Chongyun’s passive ability Rimechaser Blade creates another Cryo blade when the Skill’s fields are depleted and deals 100 percent of the base damage.

What is the most effective Chongyun F2P Build?

Chongyun’s F2P build is identical as his pay-per-build, and is focused on executing his Burst.

Best Chongyun F2P weapon

We picked Katsuragikiri Nagamasa for Chongyun’s F2P weapon. It’s got a lot of what Chongyun wants, and comes with an additional stat that increases the energy recharge and an active skill that increases the damage of Elemental Skill.

Best Chongyun F2P Artifacts

Chongyun’s F2P Artifacts are exactly the same as his Artifacts paid for, with some flexibility in how to use the Gambler set. 

Because Katsuragikiri Nagamasa enhances the Elemental Skill Damage already, then you could make use of the two-piece Scholar set to boost the Energy Recharge to another 20 percent.

What is these Chongyun materials?

Chongyun materials are somewhat of a mix. You’ll require Hoarfrost Core from the Cryo Regisvinve in Mondstadt, Cor Lapis from Liyue, and the mask-series of items. 

The materials for talent comprise Diligence books, masks, and more and, for more advanced levels, the Dvalin’s Sigh which you get after defeating Stormterror.

When you’ve got your celebration ready you can take a walk along the ocean and take a look at one of our most loved locations within Genshin the Impact Enkanomiya. 

The underwater world requires some effort to unlock however, there are plenty of secrets to be discovered that include new islands following the first, secret books as well as crucial symbols.

If you’re still in the middle about Chongyun but you’re not sure, save your Primogems to see what’s coming up in the coming Genshin Impact banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective Chongyun build?

The most effective set of artifacts that can be used for the build would be the four-piece Noblesse Oblige set. It boosts damages from flats and Cryos as well as Elemental Burst damages to Chongyun. It also increases the whole team’s ability to attack the use of Elemental Burst, which makes it a fantastic set for supporting roles.

What is the most effective weapon for Chongyun?

What’s the best Chongyun weapon from Genshin Impact? If you’re looking to build the Cryo construct, then Chongyun’s top weapon actually is a four-star weapon that is it’s the sacrificed Greatsword. It can boost Energy Recharge and provides an 80-80% chance to end your cooldown on your Skill following the use of the Skill.

Is Chongyun worth using?

Is Chongyun Good? In the final analysis, Chongyun is a excellent character to surround yourself with. Apart from the unique application of his talent and experience, there’s no reason to not utilize Chongyun. In the end, Chongyun is an excellent Cryo applier for any purpose, be it an alternative to a sub-DPS or as an support.

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