Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain core and what you should pick in the Don’t Lose Your Mind mission

About the Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain core


It’s sad to find your Night City best friend is a taxi driver. After all the hardships you’ve endured together, Delamain core again, asking for assistance.

Now it’s time for you to get to his headquarters to offer your help. This is the beginning of the Don’t Lose your Mind quest in Cyberpunk2077.

After the events of Epistrophe, Delamain seems to be having more issues with his divergent personality. When you approach the front desk.

Delamain is not in the right place to answer. It’s easy to conclude that he isn’t okay based on his blank expression and inability to open and close doors.

Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t lose your mind – How you can get inside the building?

You can enter the HQ by going back to the street and following the right-hand side of the building. You will find a Technical Authority 8 door here.

You can also go around the back to the alley, jump on the roof and open the hatch. Go to the marked office, and hack the terminal inside.

You will need intelligence to hack it, but you don’t need to solve a Breach Protocol, and you don’t need the stats to hack, so you can use the terminal to enter code 1234.

Use the terminal in front to get to the next set of doors. Once you have done that, open the doors using the network tab.

Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain core

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Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t lose your mind – How to get into the control room?

The set of stairs in front of you is your first destination. Wait for the bot’s laser to stop and then sprint over there.

Next, cross under the two blocks blocking the gangway. Then, go through the door to your right and down the hatch.

To give yourself something to jump at, push the Delamain Cab to your left. Then hop to the repair bay to see an exit hatch under the car.

Go to the sublevel and turn left. Then, take the first left to reach the next bay.

Now you can get back to the repair bay and see a clear way forward.

Look to the right, and you’ll see a way to get up using the car in the repair bay.

Cross the room by walking across the catwalk.

You could be killed instantly if you get hit by a car.

You can also climb over the back wall to reach the other side. Then, cross the gap and crawl through it. You’ll find the control center by dropping through the gap.

Cyberpunk 2077 Don’t lose your mind – Should you reset, merge, or destroy?

Johnny is standing in the way of your button press.

Johnny is concerned that you are about to kill a bunch of sentient AIs without good reason.

He wants you to destroy the core or merge the AIs with Delamain.

Although you can shoot the core to destroy it, you will need to have high intelligence to merge.

You can also disagree with Johnny and reset Delamain.

Johnny may be right if you go through all three endings. However, merging the personalities might be the best resolution. You would like a more in-depth summary of what actually happens?

If you merge Delamain

Johnny is happy with you. This affects your relationship. 

Your friendship with Johnny has an impact on the end of Cyberpunk 2077.

Delamain attains a new level in sentience and leaves the city to pursue other endeavors

Delamain, a friendlier version of Delamain, is now in charge of the taxi business – Junior

You can drive your own car around the neighborhood in his version.

You can destroy the core

Johnny is thrilled

Although the old Delamain has been deleted, divergent AIs can still roam free in their cars.

Excelsior, a new personality, is left behind by Delamain in the last car.

You can still add your own cab for your vehicle garage

Don’t combine them

  • Johnny isn’t happy. This can again affect the ending
  • Delamain has done a complete reset, meaning that he doesn’t know who you are or what your scrapes were.
  • However, you still get the same vehicle as a reward

You can choose whatever you want, and your quest is complete when you drive your new shiny taxi out of the garage.

Check out our list of the best weapons in Cyberpunk2077 for more tips and tricks. If you are looking for story help, here’s how you can get the best Cyberpunk ending.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the Delamain core is destroyed?

To liberate the divergent Delamains, destroy the core. – Shooting at the core rather than interacting with it will – As you would expect disable the main Delamain personality . You will have one vehicle to drive around Night City with all the Delamain personalities, but you will not be able to free them all from the garage.

Do I need to reset or destroy Delamain’s core?

V will upset Johnny if V chooses to reset the core. This is important to remember in regard to Cyberpunk’s secret ending. This will permanently close all Delamain AIs. V won’t be remembered by Delamain, but he will remember them and give them one of his taxis.

Where can I find the Delamain Core?

You’ll be sent back to Delamain Headquarters if you complete the mission. There, you will find that all the machinery and bots have gone mad. To get to the core, you must run around the back and climb up the roof. Next, navigate around deadly electricity and laser-wielding robots.

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