Cyberpunk 2077 Romance guide: How to date Panam, Judy, Lizzy Wizzy & more

Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Information


It’s difficult to find In Night City, and Cyberpunk 2077 Romance is even more difficult. There are however some key characters that you are able to build more intimate relationships with through the course of the game.

It’s possible to find four primary “Romance” questlines — including Judy, Panam, River and Kerry However, there are many other one-night-stands and flings you can get involved in if in that direction.

In essence, you must finish optional quest lines for each character before unlocking an exclusive “Romance” scene with them and is – as you could be able to guess from the rest of Cyberpunk 2077, consists mostly of smashing punk-armed fleets as if there was no tomorrow.

Here’s where to discover the four most popular romance alternatives, along with all the different flings we’ve discovered thus far.

Cyberpunk 2077 Romance

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How to Romance in Cyberpunk 2077?

We’ve already said about the four main romantic choices to choose from for V during Cyberpunk 2077, in reality, you’ll not have a chance to take a chance to impress all of them. 

The exact person you’re able to be able to choose to marry depends on the choices you make when you created your character at the start in the course of the play.

This is due to (unless you’re using specific modifications to Cyerberpunk that allow you to unlock all of the possible romance options for V) Judy, Panam, River, and Kerry all having a preference for gender that determines which versions of V they’re interested in.

For Cyberpunk 2077, the main decisive factor in the way that the game determines the gender of V is (somewhat bizarrely) the tone of voice you select at the beginning of the game. Male-voiced V is treated like a male character by game rules.

whereas female-voiced V is treated as female. This will determine which pronouns V employs in the gameplay, and also the perception of other characters about V’s gender.

But V’s body form can be an influential element in romantic relationships. If you’ve decided to go with a masculine physique with a feminine tone of voice or the reverse is true certain potential partners won’t like the idea. 

In reality, if you’ve chosen an unconformist gendered V and mix-and-match body type, your choices are limited to just one possible romantic partner within the entire game.

Cyberpunk 2077: River Ward romance

Willing to remove crime from the streets of Night City, detective River Ward is the only romantic choice that is able to die in the game, so make careful to take your steps.

A river is a straight-laced man So when you’re trying to grab some justice, you’ll require these qualities:

Character Traits Missions Completed
  • Feminine body
  • I Fought the Law
  • The Hunt
  • Following the River

Are you able to romance Lizzy Wizzy?

The quick response to that is not, thanks to good old Elon you are not able to love Grimes the cyborg Cyberpunk 2077.

It’s been discovered that she has a boyfriend named Leon Northam, so who is to say that when he’s gone missing, you could have a chance to take a look in the direction of Night City’s local celeb.

So that’s it for our Cyberpunk 2077 romance guide! If you’re looking for more than love in CD Projekt Red’s neo-dystopian tale, however, then here are some more Cyberpunk 2077 guides

The real Cyberpunk option for 2077 romance

If you’re seeking something greater than a casual stroll down Jig-Jig Street, there are four major Cyberpunk romantic options. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to be romantically involved with all four in one game, but according to the gender of your character, you could be able to romance at least two. 

You may choose to only be with them for a while however, there is also the option of entering into relationships with any one of them. Additionally, you can establish relationships with several characters simultaneously.

Judy Alvarez

Only romantically able with the female body shape as well as the tone of voice-first one of these romantic characters you’re likely to encounter in your game will be Judy. 

She’s the expert in braindance that you’ll meet at the end of Act One as the companion of Evelyn who assists you in the idea of stealing Arasaka’s biochip. Arasaka.

After you’ve gotten over the reality you’ve accepted that Johnny Silverhand is now part of you, you’ll begin seeking the means to take the name out of your head once more. 

One of the main goals is to locate Evelyn. In this quest, you’ll come across Judy once more. Take advantage of any objectives that you’re able to contact her.

make sure to keep her engaged in the story, because this way, you’ll be spending increasing time with Judy.

In the near future, Evelyn will be moved in Side Job territory There’s an entire storyline to discover with her. 

This begins by completing a Side Job called Ex-Factor, which you’ll get upon Judy contacts her to ask you to help her to take over Clouds the doll’s club which you visited for more information about Evelyn. 

The missions will go on (including an extensive quest called, Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution as well as a new section named Pisces) however, in the end, you’ll be offered an additional Side Job known as Pyramid Song. 

It’s a unique mission we’ll not divulge, but when you’re done, if playing as female V , you’ll have the chance to flirt with Judy.

In the morning, following the previous night, Judy will ask you what the night meant to you. You have the option of:

  • The beginning of something incredible.
  • A relaxing alternative to a stressful

The first will begin an intimate relationship with Judy but the latter will dismiss it as a single-night-fling. If you decide to begin dating her, and this could have implications regarding the ending of the game.

Panam Palmer

Only romantically compatible with the masculine body shape

The complex Clan member of the Nomad clan Panam is a charming romance option when you play as a male character.

Panam is the first person you meet in the Main Jobs as you try to locate Anders Hellman, and there’s the chance to test your romance with her. 

However, the journey you take with Panam continues through the side jobs and your choices here might result in a romantic encounter.

A few days after the Hellman scandal, she’ll call you to ask for help in a Side Job called Riders on the Storm. 

You’ll be stuck in a tiny home in the middle of the raging Badlands Sandstorm There’s a chance for you to get a grip on her. 

she’s hesitant and hesitant to enter into any type of romance until the end of the game. There’s another chance for you to be close to Her through The Side Job called With a Little Assistance from my Friends as well as with Queen of the Highway. 

In this final mission, it’s that a romantic relationship can be a possibility, in the Basilisk and connected. You can’t enter into a formal relationship with her.

Panam is among the relationships you’ll want to keep to discover every possible ending in the game, and is certainly one to keep close, even when you’re playing as a female V.

River Ward

Only romantically compatible with an X with a woman’s body type

It’s easy to miss the hot cop romance which is River Ward as you’ll only encounter him when you get involved in The Side Job entitled I Fought the Law. 

In this task, you’ll be asked by the Peralez husband-wife duo to look into the mayor’s death. In this mission, you’ll encounter River and her team.

who are conducting an investigation in a non-official manner due to the enigmatic circumstances surrounding the mayor’s death?

After you’ve solved this issue, River will later present you with another issue he requires to solve missing nephew. 

He’ll phone you with a distressing message which will trigger a mission dubbed The Hunt, which is one of the most interesting.

terrifying quests you’ll be able to complete during Cyberpunk 2077. Following this, he’ll contact you back, requesting you to attend dinner. It’s a Side Job known as Following the River (get it? ).

It’s near the beginning of this small section of suburbanite after lots of jokes River will ask you to explain the reason he’s brought you to a quiet location with a view of the city. 

You may tease the guy a bit at first, but you’ll eventually be asked if you would in the same way as him or as a friend. If you claim that you like him then you’ll have the chance to woo him.

When you wake up, he’ll inquire whether you’d like to establish the relationship formal or not in the morning, and you’ll be able to affirm your decision should you wish to continue on with him. Like with Judy adding his love story to your story may be a factor in the end.

Kerry Eurodyne

Only romantically attainable by using a V, with male body type, voice as well as physique type

Kerry isn’t the type of character to meet you unless you’ve explored all the Side Jobs involving Rogue and Johnny. 

In the end, you’ll be charged to break into his home to check if you’re alright and then try to bring the Samurai band together again to play one final gig. 

However, following these missions, Kerry will call asking for help, which will trigger another series of missions that will complete his mission arc the accomplishment, and provide a romantic possibility with Kerry.

The whole thing is about the issues and issues involving Kerry’s solo work, and initially, it’s about a Japanese pop group called Us Cracks doing a cover of one of his songs. Then, it becomes about finding the root of the issue that’s stopping Kerry back.

If you complete your goal Off the Leash, you’ll have a chance in the middle to conversation with Kerry in a bar on the rooftop. 

You’ll have the chance to have an intimate kiss, however, it’s not till the following mission that you complete – Boat Drinks – where you take a cruise with Kerry.

a third kissing opportunity pops up while you’re cleaning his boat of the manager when the romance truly is getting steaming. Then, you’ll have the option of going to a beach to enter into an intimate relationship with him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have an ex-girlfriend Cyberpunk 2077?

Four committed romances to choose from that are for male V – two with two of them for women and one fling that can be for either . All romances, except the fling, are developed in Act 2. Being in a relationship may have the character appearing in the epilogue to the end.

Does there exist a romance there? Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 offers long-term relationship possibilities?

that have their own plots, in the Witcher 3 style There’s more than just heterosexual options available. Like all romantic interactions within the games, you’ll recognize that you’re close to sealing the deal when you see a dialogue option that has lips in a pout comes up.

Who’s the best romantic partner? Cyberpunk 2077?

The bottom line is that any player can pick a partner that they like however, for those who want to enjoy some of the most exciting cyberpunk 2077 content to provide, as well as one of its most adorable and intriguing protagonists, Judy Alvarez is the perfect option.

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