Skyrim | How to join The Dark Brotherhood assassin’s guild?

The Dark Brotherhood assassin’s


They are aware. It’s only a matter of time before they find you. Here’s how you can join the Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim.

Skyrim was first released on Switch and VR and is now available on PS5/X/S with the 10th-anniversary Edition.

It’s still relevant today, so make sure you know to who you should pledge your loyalty.

The Dark Brotherhood quest line is one of The Elder Scrolls’ most beloved. Who doesn’t like a little bit of assassination?

However, a secretive society is hard to find or detect. It makes it more difficult to join them. But, luckily, we can help you. 

Here are some ways to attract the Dark Brotherhood’s interest and convince them that they would rather have you as a recruit than kill you.

The Dark Brotherhood assassin's

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How to join The Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim?

  • Ask the innkeeper for gossip. The innkeeper will eventually give you information that will lead you to a boy from Windhelm (Aventus Aretino), who is trying to perform the Black Sacrament, which is a Dark Brotherhood ritual.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the Honorhall Orphanage near Riften. The children there will also talk about the boy’s attempts at summoning the Dark Brotherhood. These things will help you set a goal to find the boy.
  • Go find him. Aventus will be at his parents’ Wilhelm home. The Innocence Lost quest will be initiated by Aventus talking to him about his dark tendencies.
  • You will now be able to complete the Innocence Lost quest. This is the Dark Brotherhood. This particular killing will not bring you a bounty.
  • A courier will arrive in your city 24 hours or more after you have completed the Innocence Lost quest. The courier will leave a note that is ominous: “We know.”
  • After you have received the note, you can go to sleep in any bed for a time. This is the only time you are vulnerable as the Dragonborn. You’ll be taken, hostage.
  • You will wake up in an abandoned shack. You will need to decide whether you want to join the dark brotherhood or not. It’s easy from here: attack Astrid, Dark Brotherhood Assassin to start the quest to end the brotherhood. Follow her instructions to join the brotherhood, and gain access to their quest line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Dark Brotherhood assassins

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild for professional assassins that has historically enjoyed considerable influence and power, but has fallen on much harder times.

Why did the Dark Brotherhood send me an assassin?

They are usually sent if you are seen performing a crime, and (I believe), you evade the guards in some other.

Who is the Dark Brotherhood leader?

Astrid, the leader of Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, is also the wife of Arnbjorn, another Dark Brotherhood member.

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