Discord changed its logo, font and colour – and many want the old look back


The popular chat app Discord changed its logo and is expanding beyond gaming. To keep up with this trend, the makers decided to change its name. Two major changes were made to the logo and a new font.

Discord posted the new look to Twitter Thursday to mixed reactions from its followers. Only the logo’s top portion has been modified and joined to the main face. This is now a squared-off shape. Clyde, the logo’s name, no longer exists in a rectangular-shaped shape.

Discord explained how the new icon design was created after many iterations. You can also use the new Clyde to emote and it will change its appearance every time you open the app.

Discord changed logo

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The background now has a stronger purple color. The font is the most controversial change and has caused a lot of division. According to Discord, the new font was custom-built and based on Ginto.

One of the first responses to this tweet mocked the design. It suggested that it was the work of amateur artists. This has been a common criticism for a lot of things lately, including, the logo for Disney+’s upcoming Loki show.

There are many memes and mocking posts on the Discord Reddit Page, which also include mocking all aspects of design. This is the only topic that the community has been discussing since.

One of the funniest ones I’ve seen is one that compares the old logo with Steve Rogers’ Captain America and the new one with John Walker’s. Even the most old-fashioned color has its admirers.

Any change to the identity of Discord was bound to meet resistance, especially when you consider its community aspect. Personally, I like the logo and color. But this font…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Discord alter its logo color?

To give more energy to Discord, we brightened up our colors to make them more playful and bold. We’re adding a new color to the palette, Red. This color will not only improve many existing colors but also add more variety.

Has Discord changed its logo color?

Discord has made the user interface brighter and more vibrant. A lighter shade has replaced the darker “Blurple”, which is blue plus purple. The same treatment has been applied to all other colors within the Discord interface.

Why did my Discord font become different?

Can Discord fonts be changed? As the user requests , Discord font can also be modified directly from the Discord app. The Discord app settings allows users to adjust the chat font scale, spacing between message groups, zoom level, and more. You can adjust everything using the sliders in the options.

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