Elden Ring Best Early Rune Farming Areas To Level Up Fast

Elden Ring Best Early Rune


If you’re getting stuck in your journey to becoming an Elden Lord One easy way to get there is to spend some time grinding at a few of the Elden Ring Rune farm locations. 

If you are able to find the right spot you are able to easily level up until you are able to take on the numerous enemies and monsters on your path in an hour or so.

There are several excellent rune farm areas that you can locate inside Elden Ring, but two are the most notable. 

The first is a good choice for players who are just beginning their game as the second one is more complex and is best when you’re at 50+ levels. 

There’s also a place close to the spot for an early game where you can pick up the basic 80k Runes if you’re feeling like getting your hands sweaty.

Elden Ring Best Early Rune

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Bestial Sanctum Farming – 1,000 to 1,300 runes per enemy

The best place to farm to start farming is actually a more advanced location where you can locate via the warp gate. To get there you must locate The Third Church of Marika, situated within East Limgrave. 

The easiest route to get there is to begin by going to the Gate Front Site of Grace and follow the path east. After crossing bridges, continue to the north and follow it until you are straight through the church. 

The location is not in the first map fragment you discover however you can obtain this map for East Limgrave by continuing to continue following the route just after crossing over the bridge. Third Church of Marika.

When you arrive at your destination, the Third Church of Marika, you’ll want to go inside, turn on The Lost Grace and grab the Flask of Wondrous Physical Physik since you’re already here. Go to the river on the northern side of the church .

Then continue to the east until you reach an entrance to the warp gate that is hidden in the middle of a few trees. This gate will take you to the Bestial Sanctum.

When you reach The Bestial Sanctum, there will be a huge enemy right in front of you. This is a monster that you should not fight until later on in the game, but should you not fight it or even get close enough to it the boss will go away on your own. 

The first thing to do is look around and go to the Sanctum where you’ll discover the Site of Grace along with the Gurranq Beast Clergyman which you do not have to be concerned about at the moment. 

Then, go outside and look for small, black-hooded, slender enemies in the vicinity. These creatures are pretty difficult for someone of the lowest level.

however, they’re not very strong in health. They’re usually in a solitary position, making it possible to be able to sneak in for a crucial strike.


Camelid, in general, is an excellent area to farm Runes However, a lot of players are extremely high levels. It’s incredibly difficult to beat early on.

However, the southern part area of Caelid has less threatening mobs during the mid-game, and grunts in groups compete against one another that allowing players to collect a lot of souls with a minimum of effort.


Grell’s Dragonbarrow is a particularly difficult place, intended for a later game, but as shown by PowerPyx it is capable of collecting hundreds of Runes within a couple of minutes.

It doesn’t also require you to engage in lots of fighting, but instead just soaring across enemies, and picking up the Runes while doing it. It is, therefore, the most productive farming location in this list.


A reliable Rune farming location in mid-to-late-game is located within the Ruins of Zamor located at The Mountaintops of the Giants.

The trick is, to begin with, The best place to start is at Zamor Ruins Site of Grace which is located on the highest point of the Rold Lift. Then, you can run upon the initial enemy to take it down,

collect the 5,000 Runes and return to The Site of Grace and repeat. You will be rewarded with an enormous amount of Runes in a decent amount of time if you are able to optimize the process.

However, if it takes more than one minute to kill your adversary, stick to Greyroll’s place or go into the Elden Ring’s most effective Rune farming areas within Mohgwyn’s Palace.

Whatever method you decide to use, gaining extra levels and stats points at the beginning of Elden Ring is beneficial in the quest to beat the primary boss in this game Margit the Fell Omen.

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Elden Ring Best Early Rune

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Rune farming Elden Ring?

The top higher-level rune farm located in Elden Ring is in an unidentified location known as Mohgwyn’s palace. This rune farm later in the game requires completing an easy, yet advanced quest.

What should I do with my runes for? Elden Ring?

The best method to spend the runes within Elden Ring is by increasing your level of play. Apart from that, runes are not very useful for gameplay. It may appear unimportant, but the runes are crucial. Rapid travel to any place of grace.

Where to get a lot of runes fast Elden Ring?

If you’re more into Elden Ring and need more Runes to play with and you’re looking for a way to do it, an easy walk is a great option. There’s a bird that might want to chase with a bow that is located just beneath a cliff, from to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road which will provide you with more than 11,000 Runes each time you hit it according to your build.

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