Elden Ring best weapons – the strongest weapons in the game

The best weapons in Elden Ring Introduction


Elden Ring can be described as an important masterpiece that is filled with activities which means you could spend hours searching for dungeons, bosses objects, and much more. 

Elden Ring is also absolutely loaded with weapons that range from fist augmentations to traditional swords and halberds, which can inflict massive damage.

When we scoured the vast array of items available in The Lands Between, we found a myriad of different pieces of equipment that can be used as consumables.

items, as well as a variety of satisfying weapons. Alongside being blasted to a pulp, we’ve discovered some very robust.

in some cases, overpowered weapons are worth looking for, no matter if you’re new to the games of FromSoftware or a veteran who dates to the beginning of Demon’s Souls.

What are the top weapons from Elden Ring that we have discovered? Explore a selection of options on the best weapons available across The Lands Between.

Elden Ring best weapons

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best weapons in Elden Ring

The weapons in the Elden Ring are pretty complex things. Not only do different weapons do various types of damage and have distinct characteristics, However, the weapons also vary in attack speed and attack type and range, as well as status effects skills, and much more.

Below, we’ve listed 24 of the top weapons available in the game. They are classified into different categories like the best early game weapons most powerful weapons, the best bleeding weapons and so on. 

However, some weapon types are just so effective that they surpass the categories. Therefore, before we get started with the serious stuff, here’s my personal selection of the most powerful weapons available in Elden Ring.

The most powerful weapons available found in Elden Ring are

  1. Rivers Of Blood
  2. Sacred Relic Sword
  3. Sword Of Night And Flame
  4. Moonveil
  5. Bloodhound’s Fang

Let’s find out a bit more about these, and other top Elden Ring weapons, and how you can obtain these weapons.

Best Early Weapons in Elden Ring

The most well-known that you can find is the traditional Longsword. You’ll need the strength of 10 and dexterity of 10 in order to utilize it. 

Longsword is a weapon that can be used in a variety of ways. It is a weapon that can be utilized in virtually every scenario you encounter when you are in Elden Ring.


Square Off: You can cut the opponent using an ordinary or thrust attack. This skill can be useful when fighting close combat against opponents.


Attack StatsDefensive Stats
Physical Attack: 110Physical Guard:40
Magical Attack:0Magical Guard:30
Fire Attack:0Fire Guard: 30
Lightning Attack:0Lightning Guard: 30
Holy Attack:0Holy Guard: 30
Critical Damage:100Guard Boost: 30
Credit: FromSoftware Inc.

How to Obtain

It is available as a starter item when you select Confessor or purchase it at the Merchant located in the Southeast of Coastal Cave.

Best Mid to Late Game Weapons in Elden Ring

It is possible to have to upgrade your character by a little to be able to obtain and use this staff, but considering the difficulty to locate a good staff upgrade early in the game, I’d suggest it’s worth making the effort to get this one.

There are ruinariums inhabited by huge creature as well as their minions. It is necessary to be able to take down the monster in order to obtain the staff, however, there’s a chance you’ll also have to take out the minions prior to you can defeat their boss.

This weapon is an excellent first step for casters to upgrade their equipment which is likely to last for a long time given how difficult it is to locate some of the most effective staff available. 

It’s not a game-changing option in any way, but it’s something worth going out of your way to purchase the occasion that you require something different.

Which are Elden Ring’s Legendary Armaments’ locations?

Legendary armaments are among Elden Ring’s largest and most impressive weapons. You’ll require all of them if you’re looking to achieve an achievement called the Legendary Armaments achievement.

Sword of Night and Flame

Requirements: 24 Faith, 24 Intelligence, 12 Strength, 12 Dexterity

Caria Manor (outlined above) Caria Manor (outlined above)

Grafted Blade Greatsword

Requirements: 40 Strength, 14 Dexterity

Location The drop is in Leonine Misbegotten located in Castle Morne

Ruins Greatsword

Requirements: 50 Strength, 16 Intelligence

The location: Redmane Castle, rewarded for beating Crucible Knight, and Misbegotten Warrior

Bolt of Gransax

Requirements: 20 Strength, 40 Dexterity

Location: Lyndell. At Lyndell, which is located at the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace Take the elevator, then walk up the massive spear.

Marais Executioner’s Sword

Requirements: 24 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 23 Arcane

Location: Defeat Elemer of the Briar in Shaded Castle

Dark Moon Greatsword

Requirements: 16 Strength, 11 Dexterity, 35 Intelligence

Location: Earned by finishing Ranni’s quest

Golden Order Greatsword

Requirements: 16 Strength, 21 Dexterity, 28 Faith

Location: Defeat Misbegotten Crusader in Cave of the Forlorn

Devourer’s Scepter

Requirements: 24 Strength, 20 Dexterity, 25 Faith

Location Source: Obtained from Bernahl or by killing him in The Warmaster’s Shack or defeating him in his assault during the battle of Crumbling Farum Azula.

Eclipse Shotel

Requirements: 10 Strength, 25 Dexterity, 30 Faith

Location Altar of the Church in the southeastern area of Castle Sol

To learn more about the treasures to be found inside The Lands Between, check out Our Elden Ring guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most deadly weapon found in Elden Ring?

The best weapon in Elden Ring for Strength/Intelligence builds is the Starscourge Greatsword. This weapon can not only deliver incredible physical damage it also allows you to draw enemies into the fight using gravity magicand then execute an incredible magical attack.

What’s the best katana in Elden Ring?

Top 8 Best Katanas In Elden Ring

  • Dragonscale Blade.
  • Nagakiba.
  • Hand of Malenia.
  • Uchigatana.
  • Serpentbone Blade.
  • Moonveil.
  • Meteoric Ore Blade.
  • Rivers of Blood.

What are the best weapons to upgrade Elden Ring?

10 Weapons In Elden Ring You Should Upgrade Right Away

  1. 1 The Uchigatana Is Lethal With Enough Upgrading.
  2. 2 Bloodhound’s Fang Is One Of Elden Ring’s Best Swords When Upgraded. 
  3. 3 The Original Twinblade Is Exceptional Early On. 
  4. 4 The Reduvia Dagger’s Blood Blade Skill Is Exceedingly Powerful. 

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