Elden Ring Corbyn quest guide: How to solve the regression alone reveals secrets riddle

Elden Ring Corbyn’s quest Introduction


While the Eldenring Corbyn quest seems straightforward in theory, it takes a more interesting turn once you follow Corbyn, Goldmask, and the capital of Lyndell. Corbyn’s questline also links with one of Eldenring’s Age of Fracture endings.

Corbyn’s quest begins only after you have obtained two Great Runes. If you don’t make a habit to talk to all NPCs after major events, it can be easy to overlook. This quest is also the easiest in terms of what you need to do.

However, you will have to respect for it to be completed. It doesn’t matter what your preferred ending is, it’s well worth it for the lore and secrets of Marika or Radon.

How can you begin Corbyn’s questline in Elden Ring?

Corbyn’s quest begins after you have received two Great Runes, in any order. Most people will see that as defeating Rennala, in Liguria.

However, it seems to work regardless of which boss you beat. Once you have your Runes, go back to Roundtable Hold – there Is no need to activate them at the Divine Towers. He tells us he Is leaving to search for the legendary Gold mask.

Elden Ring Corbyn quest

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What should you do if Corbyn leaves Elden Ring?

Corbyn will be next encountered on Altus Plateau north of the Altus Junction Site of Grace. Corbyn is finishing his search for a Gold mask.

He remains stationary near the map stele. Talk to him and then proceed towards the bridge, passing the Finger Reader. 

You will find a teleporter that will take you to the opposite side of the sunken forests. At the bridge’s end is where you will find a Gold mask.

who points into space. Talk to him (he won’t speak back), then go back to Corbyn.

Corbyn thanked you for your kindness and said he would be back. Corbyn can be reached back at Goldmask and asked for his assistance. 

You’ll find a few new Incantations on sale, including the Discus of Light. It’s decent, but not one of the best Incantations. However, you will need to travel a little more before moving on to the next leg of your quest.

How can you solve the “regression only reveals secrets” puzzle in Elden Ring?

Next, you will reach the Erdtree Sanctuary Site for Grace in Lyndell. This is the capital. To reach the second floor, head northeast from the Site and use the tree roots. 

Turn left, jump onto the golden roof and enter the window at the pinnacle. Follow the balcony around and then use the tree root for crossing the gap. 

A chair suspended in midair has a corpse inside. To obtain the Golden Order Principia book, interact with the corpse.

Continue on to the West Capital Ramparts Sites of Grace. Then, continue south along the stone path. 

When the road splits you will find Goldmask, Corbyn, and Corbyn staring at the tree. 

After you have handed over the prayer book, continue with Corbyn’s usual dialogue. Purchase the Law of Regression Incantation, 10,000 Runes.

This spell requires 37 Faith. Renna can help you with this by respecting and wearing Faith-boosting equipment. You can also activate Godrick’s Rune using a Rune Arc or any other combination that works.

Continue on to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site for Grace. Then, head west and go into the gazebo with an elevator. Follow the path to a statue that has a message. If there are too many messages from players, you might consider playing offline.

Regression reveals secrets. This message is your cue for using the Law of Regression spell. Return to Goldmask and read the message again. Talk to him and reveal the secret. Talk with Corhyn about this stage of the quest.

Corbyn, where are you going?

Once you have defeated the Fire Giant Corhyn will move to the Mountaintops of the Giants on the bridge over Stargazer’s Ruins. Corbyn will be happy to answer any questions you may have about his master’s intentions. As usual, end-all dialog.

After you have completed Crumbling Farum Azul, the quest will not be possible to continue. You’ll then find Goldmask’s body on the slope east facing the Erdtree Sanctuary. To receive the Mending Rune for Perfect Order, interact with it.

This Rune can be used to repair the Elden Ring following the final boss fight. It unlocks the Age of Perfect Order ending. The vague ending suggests that it both corrects and supports the Golden Order.

You can find more information in The Lands Between by visiting our Elden Ring guide collection. It includes the best weapon, how to defeat Godfrey, and Rykard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you obtain the Elden Ring in Corhyn’s quest?

Chapter 1: Introductions

  1. Step 1: Meet Brother Corbyn. All you have to do to meet Brother Corhyn is go to the Roundtable Hold. 
  2. Step 2: Reach Altus Plateau. 
  3. Step 3: Locate Brother Corhyn at Altus Plateau 
  4. Step 4: Meet Gold mask

How can I complete the Corhyn quest?

After their adventure in Lyndell, Brother Corbyn will be joined by Gold mask to travel to the Mountaintop of the Giants. To locate them and continue the quest, go to the bridge southeast of the Stargazer Ruins. Talk to them until you have exhausted all options

How can I begin the quest for brother Corbyn?

How to begin Brother Corbyn’s quest. Brother Corbyn is the first person you meet in Roundtable Hold. You can speak to him immediately after you arrive. You will find him in the main room, right next to the fire. You can buy incantations from him, but you will not be able to start his quest until Altus Plateau is reached.

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