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About  Elden Ring Divine Towers


You want to learn more about Elden Ring Divine Tower. Perhaps you are looking for specific locations of the Divine Tower. 

These monoliths are the place where you can awaken the six main Elden Ring Great Runes. They are also dropped by the key Elden Ring bosses. Also known as Demigods.

First, you must awaken a Great Rune at one of five Divine Towers around the map to make it work. The Great Runes can only be woken at the designated Divine Tower.

This is indicated on the Rune’s description. There are some Great Runes which are not dropped by the Demigods.

They don’t require awakening at a Divine Tower because they are used for mysterious purposes.

You’d think there were six bosses, six Great Runes, and six open-world game levels. But, there are only five towers. One tower can be used to awaken two Great Runes. 

This is a very unusual arrangement. This is everything you need to know and where to find Elden Ring’s Divine Towers.

Elden Ring Divine Towers

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This is the location and Elden Ring Divine Tower


The Divine Tower of Limgrave allows you to awaken Godrick’s Great Rune. It can be found at the top of the hill near the Dragonbarrow border. 

It is not accessible via the open-world. Instead, you must return to Stormveil Castle where you defeated Godrick.

You can return to the legacy dungeon and defeat the Lion Guardian. Then, go through the doors it was guarding (roughly in north-east section), which will lead you to a bridge. 

You will need to defeat three Guardian Golems. One of them fires huge arrows at your head. If you survive, you will reach a section of broken bridge.

A teleporter will allow you to bypass all the other broken sections and drop you at its entrance.


You can awaken Radahn’s Great Rune at the Divine Tower of Caelid. It is located in Dragonbarrow, just north-east from the Deep Siofra Well. 

You will need to be careful when traversing the tower’s side, which is made up of roots, ladders and ledges. The basement is also protected by a Godskin Apostle.


The Divine Tower at East Altus allows you to awaken Morgott’s Great Rune as well as Mohg’s Great Rune. It is currently the only Divine Tower that you can awaken more Than one Great Rune.

You can find the route to reach this tower near where you defeated Morgott. You want to reach a wall in Capital Outskirts. This wall can be accessed from the east of Leyndell or the Royal Capital area.

You will need to have already found and awakened the two Great Runes in order to get into Leyndell. Also, you won’t be allowed to enter the tower’s route until Morgott has been defeated. Dead Zpikes’s YouTube Video contains detailed instructions.


You can awaken Rykard’s Great Rune at the Divine Tower of West Altus. The entrance to the sealed tunnel is located outside the lower west entrance of the Leyndell in the Royal Capital area south of the Altus Plateau. 

It is located north-east from the Minor Erdtree Church, and the tunnel guarded the Onyx Lord mini boss.


You can awaken Malenia’s Great Rune at the Isolated Divine Tower. It is so-called because it can be seen on the Elden Ring map right in the middle of Dragonbarrow’s ocean, but below the Mountaintops of Giants.

To gain access, you will need to go into the Leyndell area, Royal Capital, and search for the Site of Grace, known as the West Capital Rampart. You will find a teleporter which will take you to the base. Dead Zpikes’s YouTube Video has specific instructions.

This is all we know about the Elden Ring Divine Towers. You can find more information in our guide to the best Elden Ring weapons and the best Elden Ring quests. We also have all the details you need about the best Elden Ring Talismans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What number of divine towers can you find in Elden Ring’s Elden Ring?

The six Divine Towers are located in Elden Ring. Most of them can only be accessed once the player has received the associated Great Rune. The Elden Ring’s Divine Towers are massive structures that tower over the Lands Between.

Is there a tower of divine power in Elden Ring, or is it elsewhere?

Divine Tower Of Limgrave can be found in Elden Ring. Limgrave houses the Divine Tower of Limgrave. A side route to Stormveil will lead you to a small portal in purple. You can interact with the portal to send you across Limgrave and to the Divine Tower Of Limgrave.

What do divine towers serve?

You can find the Divine Tower of Caelid where you wake Radahn’s Great Rune . It is located in Dragonbarrow, just north-east from the Deep Siofra Well. You will need to be careful when traversing the tower’s side, which is made up of roots, ladders, and ledges. The basement is also protected by a Godskin Apostle.

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