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As is a tradition in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne titles, several Elden Ring endings depend on the path you take through the game.

Each leaves the world, and your protagonist, in quite a different state, though the requirements to unlock these endings are as vague as you’d expect in a FromSoft game.

Several months out from release, we’re confident that we’ve found all the endings in Elden Ring and have listed them below.

Naturally, this page contains Elden Ring’s story ending spoilers because we will talk about how you get each ending.

We recommend that you don’t read this page until you’ve achieved at least one conclusion – because otherwise, you’ll spoil your ‘natural’ ending for yourself, whichever that may be.

Once you’ve finished Elden Ring, you can boot into Journey 2, aka New Game Plus, to see another.

While you can go into an end-game save file and complete side quests, including those that lead to different endings, you cannot move to get another stop on the same ‘journey’.

the pathway to the final boss is forever blocked once you’ve seen your first ending. You have to play the game again to aim for a different conclusion.

Elden Ring Endings

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Elden Ring Endings guide: All endings explained

You can see the many “core” possible endings Elden Ring has based on the game’s successes. Thereare three different endings for Elden Ring – though it’s a bit more complex than the other two.

In addition to these three primary endings, three variations can be found in three different versions of the Elden Lord ending depending on the side quests you’ve completed.

the way you decide to go to repair your Elden Ring itself. There are three primary endings, each with achievements and three variations to make an overall total of six stops.

Elden Lord endings

In all the Elden Lord endings, the Tarnished is transformed into an Elden Lord and ushers in an era of new beginnings to The Lands Between. However, the exact nature of this age may differ based on your actions.

To get to this point, all you need to do is adhere to the primary storyline that the game follows and follow Melina’s instructions and commands throughout the game. You’ll eventually become Elden Lord after beating Elden Beast and fixing the Ring.

Based on who you’ve assisted in the course of your game, you could be able to choose how to fix Elden Ring. Elden Ring.

  • The Age of Fracture ending can be achieved by deciding to mend the Elden Ring, which you can do automatically by following the crucial route.
  • The Age of Duskborn ending can be achieved using the Mending Rune of Death-Prince. This is gained by following quest lines related to Fia, The Deathbed Companion and D, Hunter of the Dead.
  • The Age of Order ending can be reached through the Mending Rune of Perfect Order. You can get it through your quest of Goldmask and Brother Cohen.
  • A Blessing of Despair ending can be unlocked using The Mending Rune for the Fell Curse, which is gained by following the Loathsome Dung Eater’s quest and offering him Seedbed Curses on the bodies of dead people all over the world.

Lord of the Frenzy Flame

The Lord of Frenzied Flare ending has a Dark Souls feel to it. It also lets you take on your Three Fingers, so chaos consumes the world—the second ending, with more intricate steps.

Mainly, you must go into the sewers that lie beneath Lyndell. This city is the capital of Lyndell, and continue going downwards until you get to Leyndell’s Subterranean Shunning Grounds area.

There’s a boss here that you must kill, then take on the altar inside the room where the boss is to find an unmarked entrance. Continue to go downwards, down to the bottom.

In the end, there is an entrance to the Site of Grace and an unsettling door made from what appears to be melting rock. It is also impossible to make use of weapons in this area.

To move forward, you have to unlock the door; however, doing this is a point where there’s no return, and there’s nothing you can do about it when you’ve done it.

You’re likely locked into this conclusion until you’ve completed the entire of Millicent’s quest to get Miquella’s Needle, which requires a visit through the Haligtree and successfully beating Melania.

To unlock these doors, take off all your clothing and stand in front of the gate in complete nakedness. You will receive the power of the Frenzied Flare with the help of the Three Fingers; at present, it is just a sign that your persona will become permanently scarred and have glowing eyes.

You can proceed with the remainder of the game—Head towards The Forge of Giants. Melina will walk away in rage and never come back to assist you.it’s good because it means she will not die. You can decide to ‘Listen to the fire’s sounds to continue this next journey.

From here, you can follow the linear route to the end. When you are done with the game, instead of turning into Elden Lord.you can use the Frenzied Flame’s power to allow chaos to rule the entire world. Melina appears with both eyes open and can bring Destined Death to you.

Age of the Stars

The last conclusion, Age of the Stars, will see you reject either of these paths by eschewing the fingers and opting for an alternative strategy.

To unlock this final option To unlock this ending, you must finish Ranni The Witch’s quest. Ranni is the one that appears before you and then gives you the summoning Spirit Bell.

In general terms, We know about the way toward an Age of Stars ending:

  • The Rogier’s Quest can be completed for more information regarding Ranni, but it’s not necessary. If you finish his quest first, he will fall asleep. However, when you speak to Ranni in the shadow of Caria Manor first, he dies.
  • If you encounter Blaidd, the wolf-man, ensure that you complete all of his dialogue. It’s more for lore and not a requirement since you can finish the quest in any way.
  • Go to Ranni’s Rise, one of the three towers accessible via Caria Manor in north-western Liurnia. There’s Ranni there, and you can be a part of her service if you keep claiming you’d like to become her vassal.
  • If you’ve completed the Radahn Festival within Redmane Castle at any point or attained Altus Plateau without first visiting Ranni’s Rise, Ranni will disappear until you’ve defeated Radahn. There’s a little story but no equipment or items essential to the quest in this manner.
  • Confirm that you will join Ranni’s services as a covenant and finish the side-quests.
  • If you acquire a cute but creepy doll-like Ranni, you’ll be able to talk to it at a couple of Sites of Grace, both within her tower and those in the Siofra Well and Lake of Rot regions. This is crucial to continue your quest even after she vanishes.

Complete Ranni’s quest fully, and once you’ve defeated the final boss of the Elden Ring, you’ll now have access to a distinctive blue summoning sign.

Instead of touching the object that will lead you to Elden Lord’s ending, use this symbol to summon Ranni and give an Age of the Stars ending.

In this final chapter, Ranni ushers in an age of new beginnings, ruled by moonlight which is bringing out The Golden Order and its rule over The Lands Between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 7th end to the Elden Ring?

Since the game’s launch in the middle of the month of February, 2022 players have discovered that there six possible endings to the game. Each of these endings has various consequences for our protagonist, and conclude the game in a distinct way. The Age of Elden of Absolute is the most rumored seventh game’s ending.

Are there more than six ends in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has a total of six different endings to provide. A majority of these endings are able to be obtained by making use of Mending Runes that can be obtained through various quests.

Which one of the endings can be found within Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s Canon Ending Is Probably Its the Default Ending
There is only one option offered to all players at this point regardless of progression in side quests or other quests. It is the option to fix the original Elden Ring without making any modifications which is basically returning to the original world order prior to the shattering.

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