Elden Ring horse: How to get a horse and how to summon it?

Elden Ring horse Information


Elden Ring horse: The Eldenring world is huge. It’s much larger than any FromSoftware venture before. Even with all the checkpoints available.

it wouldn’t make sense to traverse this vast landmass alone. We will show you how to get your horse in Elden Ring and let you know if it can die.

One of many games that were created when their worlds expanded in the same way as other games is the solution: a mount. 

A mount, or in Elden Ring’s instance, a spectral horse – which will be your trusted companion on this long journey.

Elden Ring’s horse, Torrent, can be summoned in most of the open world. However, it cannot be summoned in Legacy Dungeons and smaller caves/tunnels. 

You will be able to travel faster and more efficiently, thanks to its unique combat and traversal abilities that you won’t be able to do if you don’t have it.

Elden Ring horse

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How can you get the horse to Elden Ring?

You must summon the Maiden Melina and talk to her for the first time to unlock the horse (Torrent). 

This occurs the third time you stop at a Site of Grace in the open world or at the third Site of Grace that you find (and stop at). It doesn’t matter where you are located, so try to get this done as soon as possible.

Melina will offer you an agreement when you first meet her. This accord allows you to gain access to any Site of Grace. You will be granted the Spetral Steed Whistle by Melina, which will allow you to summon the horse.

You can now attach the whistle to your belt, or to your pouch to make it easier to access. Because you will be using it often.

Is the horse able to die in Elden Ring?

Your health is not affected by Torrent. You can lose all your HP and it can die. The horse can’t die forever.

If Torrent is hit with too many hits or falls in combat, you can re-summon the creature after about ten seconds.

However, you will need to use one Flask for Crimson Tears HP flask to resurrect the creature. You can also rest at any Site of Grace to bring it home.

How can you heal the Elden Ring horse?

You’ll be glad to know that Torrent can be stopped from getting any worse. These are healing items that can be used to restore the horse’s health when needed, without the need to re-summon it.

One such item is the Rowa Raisin, which can be fed back to Torrent to replenish its HP. However, Rowa Raisins must be crafted. To craft this basic version, you will only need Rowa Fruit. Elden Ring is full of Rowa Fruit. Additional ingredients will be required for higher quality versions.

Is it possible to customize/upgrade horses in Elden Ring?

You get the Torrent in Elden Ring. It can’t be upgraded in stats or changed its name. You also cannot adorn it by new armour and cosmetics. 

This is somewhat unfortunate considering how similar it is to open-world games Ghost of Tsushima and The Witcher 3 – but it’s what it is.

Is it possible for horses to sustain fall injuries in Elden Ring?

Although technically, your character and Torrent both take fall damage, Elden Ring is quite forgiving. You and your horse are likely to die if you try to fall very deep.

Torrent has a double-jump that you can use before you touch the ground to soften your landing. Although this is not always an option, it’s something you should keep in mind for when you do need it.

What does Elden Ring’s horseback combat look like?

Torrent opens up new game possibilities in Elden Ring. Some bosses will expect you to fight them on horseback. Don’t be afraid to summon it to help you do battle with them. 

It’s possible that your dodges are not enough to avoid boss attacks. This is a sign you should be mounting Torrent to fight them.

It’s a smart idea to attack a group of enemies on horseback, even if you are not fighting field bosses. 

You can even avoid the fight by just keeping going through the horses until you reach your destination.

Your sword can be thrown on either side of your horse using R1/RB to attack the right-side and L1/LB for attacking the left-side. 

You can hold the heavy attack button and drag your sword along the ground. This is a great way to get into a fight.

Torrent can also make extreme jumps with Spirit Springs. These magic elevators allow you to reach very high places. Our Elden Ring Guide has more information about The Lands Between.

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Elden Ring horse FAQ

How can you get horse Elden Ring off your horse?

The easiest way to do this is to hit the L3 key, aka press your left stick on your controller. Your spectral steed Torrent will disappear instantly. You can even launch yourself off if you do this in a gallop.

How do you get a horse for your farm?

The best way to buy a horse is to purchase one. Horses can be purchased from dealers and private owners. Horses can be purchased at a variety of prices. The horses are generally more expensive the better they are trained.

What happens if a horse dies in Elden Ring?

Mounted combat is a crucial part of Elden Ring. But, be careful not that Torrent takes too much damage. Your horse could die , leaving you on your feet. It is possible to bring your horse back to life by spending a Health Flask or resting at a Site of Grace. However, these are expensive in the Elden Ring.


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