How to get the Diallos quest completed and where Elden Ring Lanya is located

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The Dallas quest within Elden Ring Lanya is one of the most difficult NPC questlines. Thanks to the 1.03 update it finally has an ending.

You’ll be taken to dangerous places, and you’ll need to join Volcano Manor in order to push Diallos ahead. Although it might sound unpleasant, you will get rare weapons. 

Volcano Manor also houses some of Elden Ring’s secret lore. Later, you’ll have some time with the Liurnia good jar folk.

Where is Lanya located in Elden Ring?

Diallo, one of the Tarnished of Roundtable Hold mentions that he is looking for Lanya, his servant. He doesn’t know where she may be but asks for your help. 

He disappears from the Hold, possibly after you reach Liurnia the Lakes. However, it appears that you can still complete this quest even though you haven’t spoken to him.

Lanya is either in Liurnia or her body. Her corpse will be found north and slightly west of the Academy Gate Town Site Of Grace. 

Diallos’ wailings reach your ears before you see the scene. If you begin to hear them onscreen, you will know that you are on the right track.

Although he mentions a house full of detestable friends, there isn’t much else to do. The house is Volcano House at Mt. Gelmir. Before you can reach Mt. Gelmir is a slow process.

Elden Ring Lanya

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Is there a Dectus Medallion Half in Elden Ring?

The locations of medallions have been described in more detail. Here’s a quick summary.

The first half of the route is located in Fort Haight, Limgrave (southeast of the well that leads to the Siofria River). Fort Faroth, in Caelid, is the second.

It’s in a more dangerous area. This is located south of the Bestial Sanctum. It’s near the giant dragon, which grants you 70,000 Runes if defeated. 

It’s full of bats, harpies, and other murderous creatures that can instantly grab your head and kill it. Avoid engaging them in combat.

Instead, run through the room and locate the ladder at the opposite end. You’ll find it by climbing up the ladder.

You will be taken to Altus Plateau by the Lift. Volcano Manor can be found to the west through Seethwater (go north of Wyndham Ruins), and beyond Demihuman Queen Maggie and Comet Azur. 

There are a number of quests you can complete once you get there. To complete the Lanya quest, you must visit the manor to access the Drawing Room. Diallos decides to fight for the Manor after changing his mind.

You can take Old Knight Istvan’s letter from the Drawing Room and challenge him to a duel. You will be awarded the Scarlet Armor Set and the Magma Shot Sorcery if you defeat him. You will be required to take down another Tarnished.

Diallo then begins to question your loyalty. After you have completed the Volcano Manor quest or defeated Rykard’s quest, Diallo will leave. His quest is interconnected with Jar Bairn’s quest.

You can find more Elden Ring assistance in our extensive guide collection. This includes how to unlock each end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find Lanya alive Elden Ring?

Where can you find Lanya in Elden Ring? To find Lanya, players must travel to Liurnia to find the Giant Lake. They will find the Academy Gate Town Site Of Grace.

Where did Diallo’s Elden Ring go?

After speaking with Diallos at Roundtable Hold, you will find him to North and slightly West from the Academy Gate Town Site for Grace in Northern Liurnia [Map Link] perched atop sunken roofing. Diallos can be seen standing west of the grace at the northern edge the town ruins.

How can you get revenge on Lanya Elden Ring?

The Tarnished will hear Diallos speak when they arrive at the town. They will find Lanya, who is lying on the ground with the nobleman grieving over her, and they will follow him. He will then interact with them and swear revenge on the person who did this to Lanya. This will open up the next phase in the questline.

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