Elden Ring Malenia, Blade of Miquella tips and strategy

About the Elden Ring Melania 


Elden Ring Malenia boss fight Elden Ring Melania boss challenge is among Elden Ring’s most difficult optional battles.

Blade of Miquela Blade of Miquela has few flaws and has few opportunities for you to take advantage of. Her lair is the Haligtree is one of the game’s final available areas. 

It’s not accessible until the very close of your adventure when you’ll have gotten yourself up to speed and your weapon quite an amount.

If you choose to battle Melania does not affect which of Elden Ring’s numerous outcomes you’ll get However, you’ll be rewarded with more than one million Runes and some incredibly new toys to help you out.

When is the right time to take on Melania, Blade of Miquella in the Elden Ring?

Melania can be a boss that you choose to, however, you will only be able to access Melania after opening access to the Forbidden Lands as well as using the Grand Lift of Rold to access the Consecrated Snowfields as late as the game, that is to say. 

Melania is guarded in Elphael, the Brace in the Haligtree one of the oldest remaining dungeons of the Elden Ring.

At a minimum, you must be 120 levels or more before taking on Melania. You can grind in the dungeon, even if you’re not at the heights of Melania yet. 

Make sure you’re carrying the best weapon for combat, and at a minimum, nothing less than 22. The actual weapon is not as important as blood loss is a great option.

Elden Ring Malenia

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How can you improve the Melania fight less difficult?

It is also recommended to have a powerful Spirit summon, but you’ve got a few options. Mimic Tear remains a very favorite even after the nerf.

This is because it can distract Melania and provides an opportunity to strike. Laurel is another option however, it’s only suitable in melee-based classes. 

The tendency of Lhutel to teleport is a good way to draw their attention of Melania while making spells. That is contrary to the point of summoning Lhutel initially.

Black Knife The – one of the legendary Spirit Ashes – is the ideal choice for those who wish to have your summons taken on your behalf. 

In addition to dealing huge damage, her speed confuses Melania as well, making it hard for her boss to take an attack.

Whichever you choose, we recommend saving your summons for the second half of the battle unless you’re experiencing any difficulties during the beginning. 

The presence of a tank or distraction during the second phase will make it easier to manage.

Classes that focus on magic have a better time due to the greater variety of spells available. Stars of Ruin is an excellent option. 

The ability to homify as well as the sheer number of projectiles that it launches means you’ll get at least a handful of hits.

even the case that Melania avoids. Comet Azur or Ranni’s Dark Moon can be useful during the second phase in which Melania tends to stay still longer after her attacks.

Faith-based builds should be based on lightning Incantations like Lightning Strike or the Gransax Bolt’s Ancient Lightning Spear. 

They deal a lot of damage, and, unlike many Incantations, impact a larger region, which makes them an excellent counter to Melania’s dodge. 

If you’ve picked up three rings of light from Elphael this is also an excellent option due to the vast space it covers.

Melee classes are more flexible in their weaponry and abilities. Any skill that can deliver multiple hits, like Blood Tax and Waterfowl Dance is a great choice. 

It is recommended to use an item with a long reach so that you don’t need to climb up to Melania which is why you should consider dropping the hatchets and fists in this particular fight. 

Shields are essentially useless unless you’ve got a remarkably powerful endurance, and you might want to double use or carry your weapon with one hand to take on more damage.

How do you defeat Melania Blade of Miquela?

The initial phase of Melania’s journey is centered around fighting back against her sword attacks. 

Melania’s sword is longer than the majority and has a reach that is similar to that of the Nox Swordstress or Nox Priest. 

She employs a standard sword slash that consists consisting of two strikes as well as one overhead. 

An overhead strike can leave her in danger for a short period of time, so rush in and hit a strike or two. 

In some cases, Melania ends the combo with a horizontal slash after the second which means you are able to rush into the attack and strike before avoiding it again.

As with most boss fights in Elden Ring, It’s best to be safe and only hit Melania twice or maybe three times at the most. 

Otherwise, you’re susceptible to Melania’s next attack. One method that can ensure you hit one time during the process is to avoid her slashes.

Then, after she’s done using an attack that jumps. Melania is able to stagger for a second and gives you plenty of time to escape.

The less common type of attack is an attack that is an upward thrust. Melania’s hands gleam for a few seconds.

then she raises her sword before jumping and bringing her sword back down with a strike. The girl is still and vulnerable for a short time before launching the attack, then following. 

It is best to strike immediately after your move has ended as it’s very easy to get caught when you attack prior.

Her most deadly move is Waterfowl Dance, one that could be familiar to those who faced the invading Millicent from Aeonia Swamp. 

Melania is seen jumping and hanging on the top of her head for a short time before collapsing and unleashing a whirlwind full of sword attacks. 

Melania then jumps up and unleashes the same whirlwind in the second instance, before standing still and creating two more swirls. Don’t try to take on a foe during this move. Focus on running and avoiding.

In the final phase, you should know that Melania is prone to Frostbite as well as Hemorrhage however we would recommend the latter as Frostbite causes minimal damage. 

Blood loss takes a substantial portion of Melania’s HP which makes it a great addition to the normal attacks.

How to defeat Melania the Goddess of Rot Melania’s second phase

When you exhaust Melania’s HP, a cutscene begins in which she transforms into Melania, the Goddess of Rot A stronger more agile form that has an entirely different set of attacks. 

This type of Melania is based, as you can see, on attacks that cover a wide zone of effect that can inflict the victim through Scarlet Rot. 

This is the perfect moment to make use of the Spirit Ashes if you haven’t yet. Most likely the most dangerous threat is Melania’s scarlet blossom. 

The bloom will rise in the air, then fall into a massive explosion of rot producing a huge flower of rot that inflicts harm and spreads Scarlet Rot in a broad region. 

There’s an additional second to a second or so before the flower is released to avoid the bloom, but the best option is to run away as you watch Melania begin to rise and shine.

If you’ve got an impressive HP and can take the harm, it’s worth hurrying into the bloom once it begins to open to attack Melania and other creatures.

since She’s still in motion and the bloom is still out in the fields. There is a chance that you’ll be struck by Scarlet Rot.

so make sure you’re able to get the damage before heading to the clinic and Make use of conserving Boluses to eliminate the effects.

Melania retains her traditional sword combos, however with some extra facets, like some aerial moves. There’s also a lesser-known move in which Melania begins her sequence by flying high and forward, followed by the sword, which is like the Crucible Knight (but quicker). 

The most difficult part of the combo is learning your timing for dodges, as there’s a little longer time between her attacks. At times, Melania will stomp her foot and release a puff of rot too.

Melania has fewer openings in this phase and typically stays at a sufficient distance to attack only when she uses a rotation move. When you’re playing a summoned tank, however, you’ll have enough chance to strike while she’s not.

Victory grants you a Remembrance of the Rot Goddess that you can bring to India in the Roundtable Hold in order to buy one of the Hands of Melania swords or the Scarlet Aeonia Incantations. 

If you own an unopened wandering Mausoleum it is possible to make a duplicate of the Remembrance and gain Melania’s second power. 

Be aware that these wandering Mausoleums are not a one-and-done deal as there are far more Remembrances than mausoleums.

To enable Melania’s Great Rune you’ll need to connect to Melania’s Great Rune, you must reach the Isolated Tower via a teleportal located in Lyndell.

If you require more assistance with The Lands Between, check out our extensive selection of Elden Ring guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Melania in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Malenia, Blade of Miquella Location
Malenia is located in the base of Elphael. Brace in Elphael, Brace of Haligtree. Her arena is located directly across the steps to Haligtree Roots. Haligtree Roots site of grace

Did Melania come into the world with Scarlet Rot?

However, as Radagon along with Marika were actually the identical people, Malenia and Miquella were born cursed. Malenia was suffering from The Scarlet Rot, which caused her to be a victim of internal destruction and eventually result in her losing several limbs and Miquella was cursed by the relics of childhood and was unable to reach adulthood.

Is Melania an option Elden Ring?

In the meantime it’s probably better to stay clear of using the Blade of Miquella until FromSoftware resolves the problem. Melania can be a boss that is optional and defeating her isn’t required for progressing through the game, however beating her is a powerful flexibility.

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