This Elden Ring map is an interactive companion to your adventures in The Lands Between

Elden Ring map Introduction


Elden Ring map is the largest playable area in FromSoftware games. This vast world is so large that the developer included a map to allow players to quickly travel between them and get a better understanding of where they are in The Lands Between.

It is amazing how vast the Elden Ring world really is. This is due in part to the fact that the game only shows a small portion and you must explore more and find pieces of each region.

Did you ever wonder how a map of Elden Ring with all its zones fully unlocked looks? Map Genie has created an interactive map of Elden Ring with all its zones fully explored by the kind folks at Map Genie. 

Although the map is one of the most comprehensive we have seen, there are still a few missing elements. However, these are being constantly updated.

Before we begin, we want to warn you that this map contains important spoilers about locations, bosses and other major surprises you would like to find on your own.

Elden Ring map

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Elden Ring map locations

You can find the full Elden Ring map at this Map Genie link. It lists all major areas of the game. 

These are Limgrave and Liurnia as well as Altus Plateau and Mountaintops of the Giants.

It also contains underground areas, which can be toggled between using the panel to the left.

Elden Ring key items and NPCs, equipment, bosses and material, as well as map of Elden Ring locations

The map lists all the most popular searches, which is more impressive than the detail. It lists the locations of NPCs and where you can find key items.

You can use the left panel to locate a specific item and it will display all locations it can be found. If you need to search for something, there is a search bar.

You’ll be surprised at how many details you don’t find. It’s worth bookmarking this page so that you can return later.

We have many more useful tips and tricks in our Eldenring guide. The guide has been updated with pages about co-op multiplayer, where can find the indispensable lantern and how Margit, Fell Omen boss.

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Elden Ring map FAQ

What number of maps does Elden Ring own?

There are 20 map fragments that you can find in Elden Ring. Each unlocks a region with bosses and riches. You only need to travel to half of the locations to complete the game.

Where can you find the Elden Ring map?

You will need to go to Gatefront Ruins to find the West Limgrave Map Fragment. This is a demolished settlement at the foot a gate that is located north-west from where you started. The Map Fragment is located at the base an obelisk on the north-to-south path that runs through the area.

What size will the Elden Ring map be in total? reports that Elden Ring’s map covers 79 km. This means that Elden Ring’s map is larger than Grand Theft Auto V.

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