Elden Ring map has the best order of exploring The Lands Between

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The vastness of Elden Ring could be overwhelming for players who are new and experienced alike. 

The game is designed to steer you towards the direction you should be taking However, not everyone is going to notice these hints, which are admittedly subtle.

The most frequently asked queries since Elden Ring’s release were how to navigate the vast map, what to do after you’ve gotten there and what you should do after defeating this boss. 

It’s not a surprise that even though the game might not provide the information above, every area is assigned an internal suggested range.

which makes some areas accessible at the beginning, while others are completely off-limits until the end of the game.

Some have actually used this data to go to higher-level locations early, and then farm Runes to overcome their characters to take the normal route. 

If you’re seeking to use this data to provide a kind of direction on which areas to visit – the areas are numbered that you need to visit in order to try them, this map will help you.

Elden Ring

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The Reddit user HexTheHardcoreCasual made an outline of the entire globe in the order that you’ll need to tackle each zone. 

The rank is determined by your skill level and the rewards you could get from each. There are 35 areas that cover everything from the most important areas above ground.

to underground zones, and those hidden areas that you get access to late in your game or additional areas you might not be required to visit.

Although the map has the slightest hint of spoilers, however, some might consider the fact, that the entire regions are clearly visible from the beginning (something that you typically need to do) to be an additional spoiler. 

If you’re not bothered by this, this map provides an excellent guideline for navigating across the globe. At a minimum bookmark it to be able to refer back to it in the event you get lost or in a state of confusion.

You can view it above in full resolution. If you’re interested in their motives behind that particular position, HexTheHardcoreCasual goes into some details about the procedure on Reddit.

Additional helpful tips such as these are available inside the Elden Ring guide that we are continuing to update by adding pages about the main dungeons in the game and similar. 

For more tailored pages, like one that provides a walkthrough of all the required bosses visits the link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elden Ring free to play?

A single Elden Ring player creates an image of what the game might look like in the event that FromSoftware made it a free-to-play game. Elden Ring is a full-price title that doesn’t include microtransactions or loot boxes.

What is the story of Elden Ring?

What’s the background of the Elden Ring? The basic tenets to The Elden Ring story are that the Lands Between were blessed by the greater Will (a kind of god that is not known who was obsessed by Order over Chaos) The Greater Will brought down Elden Ring. Elden Ring – a magical object that altered The Lands Between according to its preferences.

Is Elden Ring an additional Souls game?

It’s not true, Elden Ring isn’t an expansion, sequel or series spin-off, nor is it an expansion of the Dark Souls franchise, even though there are clear similarities between the two games.

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