Elden Ring mausoleum guide: How to stop mausoleums and duplicate Remembrances?

Elden Ring mausoleum Information


Elden Ring Mausoleums form a crucial system that could allow you to earn two Remembrance rewards, however the game will not provide any explanation of how it works or even how it works.

It is still necessary to plan meticulously, even if you’ve discovered each wandering Mausoleum. Like the restrictions on the number of times you can revisit There are only so many mausoleums that wander around within The Lands Between.

you only have the chance to visit each one only one time. There are greater Remembrances than Mausoleums and deciding on the right one is more important when you’re using non-demigodious Remembrances. 

Elden Ring has only the handful of mausoleums that can be used with these other Remembrances that means at the most, you’ll only be able to duplicate one or two of them.

If the rewards of a particular Remembrance aren’t appealing to you it’s possible to make use of them as consumables and earn a few thousand Runes instead.

Elden Ring mausoleum

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What do the Elden Ring mausoleums?

There are Wandering Mausoleums in Elden Ring permit duplicate Remembrances as well as the drop items that are shardbearer bosses such as Astel or Rykard This allows you to receive each of the Remembrance items. 

The problem is that there are more Remembrances than mausoleums. Some mausoleums are only compatible with specific Remembrances. 

Consider which will benefit your construction most before you make a choice, because you will only receive one Remembrance duplicate per mausoleum.

Elden Ring mausoleum locations

There are eight mausoleums that wander (that we’ve discovered at least) and, despite the name, they do not stray from their familiar areas of residence. 

The two mausoleums in the Mausoleum Compound are only able to work with Remembrances from non-demigods like Lichdragon and the Fire Giant. Fire Giant or Lichdragon.

  • Limgrave is located in the open plain that lies near Marika’s Fourth Church of Marika
  • Liurnia south of the lake, in the Mausoleum Compound northwestern from Liurnia: Northwestern of the Minor Erdtree in eastern Liurnia
  • Liurnia north of the lake within the Mausoleum Compound northwestern from Liurnia: North of the Minor Erdtree in eastern Liurnia
  • Liurnia Liurnia Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, east of Tetsu’s Rise.
  • Deeproot Depths Northeast of where you will fight the Crucible Knight
  • Mountaintop of the Giants: Near Castle Sol
  • Consecrated Snowfield: Northwest of Ordina and the Death-Rite Bird

What are the best ways to use the mausoleums of Elden Ring?

You can purchase a note with a vague reference to “cleaning up” around the mausoleums. The note is instructing you to cut off the buildup of skulls on its leg until your mausoleum settles down. 

The majority of mausoleums don’t have any aggressive behavior and won’t try to chase you around, for instance however they could harm you.

The majority of them will occasionally leap into the air before falling. If you notice it stop the legs of its feet or taking a less step than normal, it’s your signal to get out of the way. 

The mausoleum can be able to fold the legs inwards and “sit,” as it was, once you’ve cleaned the skulls of any debris and then it will be fatally wounded if you do not move.

The Consecreated Snowfield mausoleum is different. It constantly releases a flood of magical beams that can reach some distance. 

They’re not as powerful than the ones that swat your path to Caria Manor However they should be able to avoid the beams and get to the mausoleum.

What are the Elden Ring Remembrance rewards?

These are the Remembrances we’ve found to date and the value you get from these.

Remembrance of the Grafted ( Godrick the Grafted)

  • Axe of Godrick and Grafted Dragon

Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen ( Rennala) Rennala’s Full Moon (spell) and Carian Regal Scepter

Remembrance of the Blood Lord ( Mohg)

  • Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear and Bloodboon Incantation

Remembrance of the Blasphemous ( Rykard)

  • Blasphemous Blade and Rykard’s Rancor

Remembrance of the Starscourge ( Radahn)

  • Lion Greatbow and Starscourage Greatsword

The Remembrance of Regal Ancestor (Deer boss in Nokron, Eternal City)

  • Winged Greathorn and Ancestor’s Spirit Horn

Remembrance of the Black Blade ( Maliketh)

  • Maliketh’s Black Blade and Black Blade Incantation

Remembrance of the Fire Giant (the Fire Giant) Burn, O Flame Incantation and Fire Giant’s Braid

Remembrance of the Naturalborn ( Astel)

  • Bastard’s Stars and the Waves of Darkness Ash of War

Remembrance of Horah Loux

  • Axe of Godfrey and Horah Loux’s Earthshaker Ash of War

Remembrance of the Lichdragon (Fortissax)

  • Fortissax Lightning Spear and Death Lightning Incantation

Remembrance of the Dragonlord (Placidusax)

  • Dragon King’s Cragblade and Placidusax’s Ruin

Remembrance of the Rot Goddess ( Malenia)

  • Hand of Malenia and Scarlet Aeonia

Elden Remembrance (Elden Beast)

  • Marika’s Hammer and Sacred Relic Sword

If you’re in need of additional assistance with The Lands Between, check out our complete Elden Ring guides collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do mausoleums do Elden Ring?

Its Wandering Mausoleums in Elden Ring permit you to duplicate Remembrances that are drops that are shardbearer bosses’ drops including Astel and Rykard so you’ll be able to obtain each of the Remembrance items.

How do you find to get the Elden Ring in mausoleum?

To enter and stop at for a quick exit into Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring You must strike the grey material that has grown on their bodies. The material is all around them, whether on their feet or within their numerous bodies.

Why can’t I use mausoleums? Elden Ring?

Visit a different mausoleum
If you’re unable to duplicate Remembrances this means that the mausoleum isn’t compatible with the kind of Remembrance you’re trying duplicate. There are two types of mausoleums found in The Lands Between.

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