How to beat the Elden Ring Morgott the Omen King boss fight?

The Elden Ring Morgott


You’re probably already in the bad news if you have made it this far into Elden Ring Morgott. You are about to face the same fight that you were stuck on at the beginning of the game, but this time it will be harder.

This is the truth. Margit, Fell Omen, everyone’s favorite boss, is back again. However, he’s now revealing his true identity. He is Morgott the Omen King, and he’s the main fight of The Royal Capital of Lyndell.

The Omen King’s boss battle against Morgott is a crucial moment in Elden Ring’s history. After defeating him you will be given a huge narrative reveal and access to the final areas of the map in preparation for one of many Elden Ring endings.

Elden Ring Morgott

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When is the best time to fight Morgott, an Omen King in Elden Ring?

Given how late in the game is the Morgott fight, you’ll need to attempt it once you’ve defeated Godfrey First Elden Lord. 

Morgott, who plays a central role in Elden Ring’s story, is an enemy you should not ignore.

Morgott is a Shardbearer demigod. You will receive his Great Rune after defeating him.

This boss fight can be attempted at character level 85 with weapon upgrade Level +17/+18.

How to make Morgott the Omen King boss easier to fight in Elden Ring?

Morgott’s boss fight, like many others in the game is, greatly benefits from summoning Spirit Ashes. This can either distract him or create opportunities for you or increase your damage potential.

Morgott is still sensitive to poison damage. The Spirit Jellyfish will work well here, especially if you have been upgrading it. It will likely stay around until the end if summoned near the beginning of the fight.

This fight is a part of Elden Ring’s legend. You can summon Melina to your aid. She’s quite capable of dealing damage and taking Morgott away from you. Melina will be waiting at the mist door to your right.

She is very squishy so if she gets trapped, it’s almost impossible to get her out. Morgott will be able to alternate between you if you summon her.

How to defeat Morgott, The Omen King in Elden Ring?

You shouldn’t be surprised to find Morgott bringing back the majority of his attacks from the first fight. He also has to incorporate a few new moves into his routines, so they are now more compact.

The hammer smash from phase two return, as well as all his phase 1 swipes and dagger throws. Morgott’s speed is noticeable in this form.

He won’t delay attack animations nearly as often as in the fight . It’s not a good idea to rely on instinct in Elden Ring. Wait for the animation.

It’s good to know that the arena is larger this year, so you don’t have to worry about falling or rolling off. This doesn’t mean that there’s no cover .

Morgott’s super armor can be broken but it will take longer than the first fight to reach the big boom. It doesn’t hurt to poke Morgott from a distance with darts and arrows when you can.

Phase one of the Morgott boss fight

You’ll already be familiar with many of the attacks used in this phase. This phase is much easier to understand. The dagger throws can be combined into curved sword swipes. 

is a new long Holy spear that Morgott will use to fight. It can be used as both a longsword for swipes and as a traditional spear to poke.

To create distance, he will jump high in the air with his spear and sword and then land with the spear and sword thrusting down. 

Sometimes he will delay one of the moves, which can make this move more difficult as you have to be careful for two overhead slams.

His on-ground attacks have less delays but much longer chains. Keep rolling until you are certain that he has done it before you attack him. 

Morgott may occasionally pull in the hammer to both swipe low and pound the ground. The spear throw is the most difficult move of this phase.

Startup animations are extremely slow. roll the spear once it is out of his hand and not before. It will take some practice to master this trick, as animation can be deceiving.

The spear push is just as difficult to dodge and hard-hitting. Morgott will speed up his spear towards your face. 

must be alert for Morgott’s hitbox, and time your dodge so he doesn’t launch a thrust attack. You can roll only when he is about to thrust. If he does not want to push, you can just back off.

Morgott’s form is more agile and he will switch between fast dodges and long combos to get in front of you. 

Do not overcommit to rolling, as you might be caught out of stamina and cause some wide swipes to catch up to you. If you support him, be ready to dodge the tail swipe.

The boss then uses another area-clearing technique. He calls for a torrent of Holy swords. This animation is well-telegraphed so you will know exactly where they land.

which makes it easier to avoid. The attack will end after the swords have fallen for a while in the exact same pattern.

It is important to keep an eye out for them and the boss. Morgott will then resume his normal attacks. 

It can be difficult to track him due to all the shining lights and the hit to your framerate during the barrage. You’ll almost certainly roll into falling swords if you get too close.

Morgott boss fight phase two

Morgott begins phase two by kneeling and sending off an enormous energy blast. Don’t let him get away with it. You’ll be more likely to get hit.

The blast does damage and knocks you back. It also spawns lava pools that can quickly deplete your health, if you are in them (or knocked into). You should wait for him to end this attack before you can resume fighting.

Now is a good time for you to summon your Spirit Ash summon if you have saved it. You will have enough time to ring the bell with his phase two-starting procedure.

It is also worth watching out for the lava bursts throughout the phase. They can be difficult to spot due to their colour in contrast to the arena floor’s water.

This phase is the return of all phase one attacks, but Morgott now has two affinities for his longsword: bleed and fire. Although the latter is more consistent, he will sometimes imbue his longsword in blood.

There are two key moves to be aware of when this happens. The grab attack will put you on the sword, inflicting massive damage and even killing you. You can simply sprint away from him if you see the wind up.

This is where he spins in front of each. To avoid both, you can dodge them twice as long as you wait for to stop and not spam dodge twice. Both attacks create a short trail of fire in midair that follows the arcs of the swing. You will be hurt if you dodge too many swipes.

How to restore power of Morgott the Omen King’s Great Rune within Elden Ring?

You should know by now that Morgott’s Great Rune does not suffice to allow you to use its power. You must first restore it. This can only be done in a Divine Tower.

In Margott’s case, The Divine Tower of East Altus will do the job. This tower can be found behind the huge door east Lyndell. It is the same door that allows you to access The Forbidden Countries.

You can refer to the screenshot below for the route. You will be able to enter a new area by following this route. Be prepared for a hard fight. Two bosses (Fell Twins), will be fighting you at the tower. Be prepared.

Beginning at the Avenue Balcony Site for Grace, go left on the stairs and then turn left again to continue along the street until you reach the giant door. After you have entered the ash-covered area take the stairs ahead until the giant doorway is to your left. 

To use the elevator, you will need to operate the mechanism. This will take your to the Capital Outskirts bridge. Continue to the right and cross another bridge. Here is where the boss fight begins.

After you are done, you can rest at the Gate of Grace and then take the elevator up to the top of Divine Tower of East Altus. There you can also power your Great Rune.

Are you looking for assistance with boss fights from the past? We have just added pages for Godfrey and Rennala. You can find even more tips, including 14 hidden mechanics, in our mega Elden Ring guide.

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Elden Ring Morgott FAQ

Are Margitt, Morgott actually the same person?

Morgott, the Omen King, is a Boss within Elden Ring. Morgott, The Omen King, is Margit’s true identity and self-proclaimed “Last of All Kings”. He can be found in Leyndell (Royal Capital).

Who was Morgott Elden Ring and why?

Morgott, was the son of First Elden Lord Godfrey and Queen Marika, and twin brother to Mohg, Lord Of Blood. Mohg and Morgott were both born as Omen with vestigial tails and horns. This was considered a blessing in the days of Primordial Crucible, but it was cursed during Queen Marika’s reign.

What time should I fight Morgott Elden Ring

It is recommended that at minimum level 75 be reached before you challenge Morgott. However, it’s worth speccing if your build feels weak. Take a look at the best Elden Ring builds for powerful playstyles.

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