Elden Ring players mimic tears over the big Mimic Tear summon nerf

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Elden Ring players mimic users woke up to a shocking surprise this morning. FromSoftware has released a new major patch for the game, its largest since launch.

It includes a number of buffs and nerfs. Some of the most beloved items were nullified, as is often the case in balance updates.

Patch 1.03 was released earlier today on all platforms. It introduces a variety of new features, expands the quests of NPCs and fixes several bugs.

especially those that cause performance issues while exploring the open world. All players are happy that the map now lists discovered Merchants and NPCs.

However, some players lament a few of their favorite skills and summons being affected by the nerfs. This is especially true for the Mimic Tear.

The Mimic Tear, a rare Spirit Ash summon that can be found in one Elden Ring’s secret areas ( Eternal Ciy de Nokron ). 

Its purpose is very simple and dangerous. The tear summons the player and mimics their movements, weapon loadout, armour, combat tendencies, and movement.

It’s almost like having two players on the field. This often led to dealing twice the damage to bosses. 

Quickly, players realized that you could also modify your loadout before summoning the Mimic Tear. This allows you to have two play styles for fighting the boss. 

It was not uncommon to equip an extremely powerful weapon before summoning. After summoning, you can switch back to your normal loadout.

The memes started on Elden Ring’s subreddit. As more people wake up to the news, they post their reactions in this thread.

which has become one of the most popular on the subreddit.“I’m glad that I played the entire game before the nerf.” wrote Ajperry1995.

Elden Ring players mimic

Also more post here:

JackBoxcarBear lamented, “Welp. Rest in piece, goopman.” Shieldboys, put your lids on and get those pots ready. You’re working overtime, ya’ll.”

Unfortunately, GhostSlayer781 may have felt that spending Runes and Gloveworts on the Mimic Tear upgrade was a waste. They wrote, “I just legit got that man up to 10+”

Reddit user Eurehetemec tested the Mimic Tear summon and found that it will still deal some damage, but not as many hits as before. 

Eurehetemec believes that the summon might be more aggressive depending on the situation.

The versatility of the Mimic Tear meant that even if it didn’t have the devastating potential, it was easy to summon. 

We recommend that you summon a Spirit Ash in your boss tactics for Morgott Rykard Maliketh, Rykard and other bosses. The Mimic Tear was too good to miss.

Better catch up on the rest of our recommendations in our popular Elden Ring guide before they nerf the rest of those tactics/summons/spells/weapons. 

We are glad that the Noble Sorcerer was left alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Elden Rings that have imitations?

The mimic tear is a Spirit Ash summon you can find in Elden Ring. If you don’t have it yet, you may want to prioritise it. The Mimic Tear, unlike most summons in the game is as customizable as your character.

How can I mimic summon Elden Ring?

How to get the Mimic Tear Ashes in Elden Ring. Radahn is the obstacle that will prevent you from getting to Nokron. The Mimic Tear ashes can be obtained in Elden Ring by going to Nokron Eternal City and looking for the Night’s Sacred Ground…

Is it possible to upgrade the Elden Ring to a replica?

Ghost Glovewort is required to upgrade the Mimic Tear Ashes of Elden Ring. Ghost Glovewort has ten levels. These can be used to increase your Mimic Tear summon or other Ashes to +10. All you have to do is take the material to Roderika.

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