How to beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in Elden Ring

 Rennala in Elden Ring Introduction


There is a Rennala boss-fight in Elden Ring is the second Shardbearer battle to put on your to-do list following the defeat of Godrick The Grafted. 

Rennala is the leader of the Raya Lucaria Academy of Sorcery. You will be facing her after spending time exploring the academy.

overcoming minor challenges and defeating another boss that is known as that of the Red Wolf from Radagon.

If you don’t have it be sure to get your Glintstone Key required for entering the academy and then engaging with Rennala. 

She’s among the most intriguing bosses in the Elden Ring as each two phases is quite unique in its mechanicsas well as in the abilities it demands from you.

Rennala Full Moon in Elden Ring

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What is the best time to take on Rennala King of the Full Moon in the Elden Ring?

Beyond your individual skills combating Elden Ring bosses mainly takes into consideration your level of upgrade for your weapon. The level of your character’s overall performance is crucial however it’s not an important factor.

To fight for the Rennala battle, we suggest the upgrade of your weapon’s power level to +7 or +8 as well as advancing the character’s level up to the 40 to 45 range. But, weapon power isn’t going to have an enormous impact in this particular battle which we’ll describe.

How can you help make Rennala King of the Full Moon boss fights less difficult in Elden Ring?

Rennala can be described as a mage so avoid creating a magical weapon that has a particular status effect as she’ll be invulnerable to it. 

However, just like Godrick Rennala can take bleeding harm however it’s not the sole aspect.

Being a mage it means that she has Poise and super armor are quite low, due to the armor she wears. A solid physical attack is the winner in this instance. 

In terms of your personal armor make sure you wear something that has magical resistance however, keep in mind that the overall strength and physical defense will be reduced.

For the next phase of the battle it is recommended to bring into the Spirit Summon. It’s true that anything can work in this case, as long as they are able to last sufficient time.

maintain the opponent interested in order to cause damaging damage. But, a summon with many smaller units is more effective due to what is involved in the battle.

How do you beat Rennala queen of the Full Moon in the Elden Ring?

Rennala could be what imagine as an enigma boss battle. The aim in the beginning at the very minimum it is to work out the trick and then execute it enough times to get to the next phase, which is actually the real fight.

In this way, the initial phase is easy enough to cause you to lose your vigilance and then be overwhelmed by the second phase. Do not do that, and concentrate on using as little healing time as you can in this stage in preparation for the following one.

Rennala boss fight Phase One

The first stage of the Rennala fight is simple. Your goal is to remove her barrier of protection that sends her falling, allowing you to inflict with a significant amount of injury.

Depending on the strength of the weapon you are using, it could have to repeat this several times. 

Rennala remains on the ground for a few minutes after each crack, however, she then levitates and forms an entirely new barrier.

To break through her wall To break her barrier, you must destroy the kids who are trying to maintain it. The arena is filled with her children, however the majority of them are fakes. 

The kids you’re seeking are those who have an aura of gold around them like the color of Rennala’s barrier. As you approach you will see them be able to throw book at you with good tracking. 

Golden aura children will not always be in sight therefore you’ll need to look around the arena for them. The sound they make will get louder the closer you are and could be a helpful method of finding them even if you’re not in an eye line.

Rennala’s Great Rune

Even though she’s Shardbearer, the Great Rune does not function like the one you got through winning Godrick which means that you can’t equip it and gain an extra boost. 

the Great Rune of the Unborn can instead be utilized as a way to restore your character stats back to zero and allows you to move them around in any way you want.

The option to re-spec is available after you’ve completed both stages of the fight. Rennala is transformed into an NPC after that moment, and you’ll be able to revisit if you wish for a re-spec throughout the duration in the gameplay.

You’re still able to utilize her Remembrance to gain additional Runes or gift this an Enia on Roundtable Hold to obtain either Rennala’s full moon magic or an exclusive staff. If you’re looking for both, you’ll need to duplicate it in any of the wandering Mausoleums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you obtain to the Full Moon in Rennala?

To acquire the Rennala’s full Moon Sorcery visit the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia (you’ll require an Academy Glintstone Key to break through the security seal). After completing the vast dark dungeon, you’ll find the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria with an elevator.

How do you achieve Elden Ring Rennala, Queen Of the Full Moon?

There is Rennala queen of the Full Moon in the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes. When you arrive at the gate into the Raya Lucaria Academy, you will see that the gate has been sealed. The only way to escape the gate’s seal is by recovering your Academy Glintstone Key.

What is the best level to combat Rennala?

In this particular Rennala combat, we suggest upgrading your weapon’s power to +7/+8 and then advancing the character’s level up to forty-five. However, the power of your weapon does not have any major impact in this particular battle which we’ll clarify.

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