Elden Ring Rykard, God-Devouring Serpent tips and strategy

Elden Ring Rykard Introduction

A single among Elden Ring Rykard most intriguing locations is the home of one family who did not adhere to the ruling faith of Eritrea.

Deep into Mt. Gelmir is the Volcano Manor, and it is an optional location with its tale and an original boss battle.

To help you fight, we’ve got an entire Elden Ring Volcano Manor quest walkthrough page. If you’ve reached the fight with Rykard, it’s impossible to go back.

Mt. Gelmir and, by extension, Volcano Manor are designed to be visited near the final stage in the course of the play. If you can see the quest concluding or choose not to bother,

it is possible to visit the manor to come confronted with Rykard the, the Lord of Blasphemy, and its god-devouring serpent form before that.

The boss battle doesn’t necessarily impact the Elden Ring end you’ll get. However, the quest could have prevented you from some of them because it’s an assassination chain targeted at essential NPCs.

But since you’re able to bypass all of that and go straight to Rykard’s Legacy Dungeon that houses Rykard, we’re not going to discuss the details here.

Elden Ring Rykard God-Devouring Serpent

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What is the best time to fight Rykard, the God of Blasphemy and God-Devouring Serpent Elden Ring?

Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy, is located in the middle of Volcano Manor, which is located near Lyndell, The Royal Capital. You must visit it after you’ve completed the Lyndell business.

This includes beating Godfrey, The First Elden Lord (Golden Shade) and removing Morgott as who is the Omen King, and opening the entrance for The Forbidden Lands.

The Lord of Blasphemy, Rykard is a god-like Shardbearer the Great Rune comes with a handy feature for aggressive players, should you decide to use it.

However, Rykard – and his God-Devouring Serpent appearance could be an alternative boss, and you are welcome to return later if you find the place too tricky when you first arrive.

The best time to tackle the boss fight is about 100-110 levels of your character. However, as we’ll explain, it’s unnecessary to do so, and the upgrade level of your weapon does not count towards this particular fight.

How can you help make the Rykard the Lord of Blasphemy and God-Devouring Serpent’s fight simpler in Elden Ring?

We will continue to be on the team and summon to summon your Spirit Ashes for every boss fight in the Elden Ring. Why is that? This is a benefit it gives you, and, as you’ve probably observed by now, boss battles are usually centered on summoning.

In this particular instance, a ranged summon is an excellent choice in the face of Rykard. A regular summons isn’t needed in this case; given what’s going on in the battle, it’s never hurt to keep Rykard’s eyes turned away from you.

If, however, you’ve got it during your travels in Nokron or which is the Eternal City, the Mimic Tear summon is the best choice. We’ll talk about it in the next section. It will double the rewards your character will receive when fighting and make it much more manageable.

How do you beat Rykard the Lord of Blasphemy and God-Devouring Serpent Elden Ring?

It’s also called an impromptu fight because there’s only one way to take down the boss (both kinds) the creator FromSoftware wanted to create.

If you’re already a Soulsborne veteran, This fight is likely to be reminiscent of a fight with the Yhorm the Giant boss fight in Dark Souls 3.

You’ll be given a weapon specifically designed to take on this monster in both instances.

When you step into the arena, you’ll notice an unidentified corpse to your left, holding a weapon. You should immediately take and install an item called the Serpent-Hunter’s Great Spear.

It doesn’t require specific skills; however, it may make your overall equipment load “heavy,” depending on the armor or other weapons you’re carrying.

We suggest eliminating that shield and instead 2-hand the Serpent-Hunter Great Spear. The weapon is unique in its ability that requires an amount of FP juice.

you should know you should think about altering your Flask distribution before the fight to add the additional Cerulean Flasks into it. You’ll need them.

Rykard boss fights Phase One (God-Devouring Serpent)

The initial phase of this fight is the most straightforward. However, both phases are alike because the boss will not quit his lava pool, and it is difficult to get close enough and deal consistent damage.

This is the reason you bought the Serpent-Hunter Great Spear. It’s not just a solid reach to let you attack your opponent from an uninvolved distance.

it also has the Ash of War skill that creates the appearance of a light blade that can increase the damage and reach even further.

The God-Following Serpent boss won’t be active immediately after you arrive on the battleground. Therefore.

you’re welcome to take some time familiarizing yourself with the move the Serpent Hunter made in a safe environment before approaching him.

The weapon’s power takes a couple of seconds to charge fully and can be struck during the battle if you’re not anticipating the attack.

Don’t fall for the temptation to get into the magma pool and move closer to intensify the battle. Keep a safe distance and use the reach of the Serpent Hunter in your favor.

There are only three things the God-Devouring Serpent performs in this stage that are easy to spot and beware of in most cases.

The serpent is likely to attack you and bite you. The wind-up to both moves is sufficient to detect them and then slide into them to take advantage of your moment of invincibility and avoid them.

Be careful not to begin your weapon’s ability while the boss executes the multi-hit combinations. You can still fight it in a standard way using the Serpent-Hunter without the FPS skill.

Given the size of the serpent, it is ideal to keep away from it to maintain it within the frame and to anticipate attacks.

It will become more complicated when the battles get more intense because the neck is likely to start shifting in a wildly erratic manner. However, it’s doable.

The boss can occasionally release poison and toxins, a threat that is easily avoided by sliding backward out of the puddle.

Should there is a chance that you do suffer a blow, be sure to keep an assortment of neutralizing bolts or anti-poison Incantations at hand.

It is also essential to look for a spin that is a multi-hit swipe, and it is straightforward to avoid being patient or moving through every swipe.

The most hazardous move to make in this stage is an attack on the jaw that creates lava spouts wherever it falls and allows the boss to extend the range of fire damage.

If you remain pinned to the head of the beast, the attacks will more easily be able to stagger, which allows you to hit the damage without interruption. This happens naturally when you fight, as long as you can continue the fight to exhaust the super armor.

In the end, the serpent can use the ability to grab you and will move its jaw towards the victim to catch them. This isn’t very harmful if you are taken down, but you may walk away in the final second when you notice the head retract to begin the grab movement.

Rykard boss fight, phase 2 (Lord of Blasphemy)

Phase 2 commences when you’ve exhausted the entire snake’s bar of health. Then, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, will reveal his true nature. All attacks in phase one remain; with an ax, Rykard will pull out with the addition of an ax.

The sword is a variety of large swipes and swings that are all slightly delayed to this stage. Before you’re stuck, make sure to dodge the attack’s direction. The timing is difficult to determine, but be careful not to fall out.

The main threat in this stage lies in the game itself since falling debris and rocks are common and create mini-pools of lava that will make your screen extremely active.

Rykard can also perform the jump attack, which can send lava toward you upon landing. Keep your distance and poke him with your moves.

A steady flow of damage, particularly to the head, can cause him to lose his super armor, which gives you more time to take on any damage.

his head will fall into the magma pool surrounding him in the event of a collision, so be careful not to approach him.

Rykard has another stage in his current form that begins after depleting 50 percent of his energy. This is the most complex and frustrating phase of the battle. In this fight, Rykard will create flaming skulls that can track you and then explode…

It is best to make a plan to trigger the explosion and then quickly escape since you’ll be unable to beat them. In the meantime, Rykard will continue his regular attacks.

so be sure to pay attention to the position of his sword so that you don’t fall the victim as you try to avoid the burning skulls. Do not go back into combat until all skulls are removed from the table.

It is possible to tank a few of them that explode nearby; however, a massive group will kill you in one explosion, no matter how much HP you’ve got.

That’s where the summoning of the Mimic Tear is most effective, as it continues to bombard you with powerful attacks, even when you’re focused on saving your skin.

If you’re lucky, you’ll win in no time.

How do we bring back that power Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy’s great Rune in the Elden Ring?

With Rykard’s Rune at your disposal, It is time to turn it on to equip it. Rykard’s Rune is only powered up from the Divine Tower of West Altus, located in the southwest corner of Lyndell, which is the Royal Capital.

Based on the way you delved into Lyndell before defeating Rykard, You may or may not have landed at the Divine Tower on your own.

This Divine Tower of West Altus is hidden behind several illusionary walls, and it is only accessible when you defeat the Onyx Lord boss, who protects the tower’s entrance.

To access this zone, you need first to find this area. It is located in Sealed Tunnel, which sits to the west of the Lyndell wall, to the southern part of the lake, which is bordered by the wall on one side.

From starting at Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, Head straight to the east until reaching an incline. Then, jump the gap and keep going down until you reach the pond,

home to Land Squirts and turtles. Continue to follow the pond south until you’ll be able to see the Sealed Tunnel entrance. Sealed Tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, you’ll find four walls that you be required to cross to dig more deeply into the underground. The first imaginary wall is located behind the chest in the initial part of the tunnel.

Use the elevator to descend and then continue straight ahead until it stops, revealing another wall. Continue to follow the wall until you spot the corpse that has the item on it. The wall to the left can be seen as the 3rd.

Take the branch to the east, and then follow the branch on your left. Continue to the entry point to the east wall. A few vertical tree stumps restrict the path you are on.

Drop below and look for explosive traps. The final illusionary wall is hidden behind the pile of boxes on the southern wall (but beware of one last trap).

Go to the bottom, and you’ll be able to find the main arena. Take on The Onyx Lord and be able to access The Divine Tower of West Altus.

We’ve got a wealth of other boss battle tips, such as this one from our vast Elden Ring guide. If you’ve reached this point in this game,

why don’t you look into how you could quickly defeat Starscourge Radahn? If you’re seeking an improvement in your levels, These are the top Rune farming spots within Elden Ring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop God who is devouring the serpent?

The Best Tips for God-Devouring Serpent:

  1. Utilize the Serpent Hunter Great Spear that is found in the opening of the boss’s chamber. 
  2. Utilize your Mimic tear spirit summon when equipped with the Serpent Hunter to drastically make the boss less difficult.

What is the best level I can be at to take on God in the battle against serpents?

The best time to tackle the boss battle about character stage 100-110 However, as we’re about to show the level of your weapon’s upgrade isn’t a factor in this particular fight.

What’s the simplest way to beat Rykard?

How do you beat Rykard Lord of Blasphemy The best tips to ensure success

  1. Utilize the Serpent-Hunter Great Spear as well as its Great-Serpent-Hunter Hunt skill.
  2. Beware of the poisonous God-Devouring Serpent.
  3. Utilize a strategy to prevent injury from the Serpent’s shockwave.
  4. Make use of the Mimic Tear to have an easier battle against Rykard.

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