Elden Ring Sellen quest: Sellia Hideaway, Witchbane Ruins, and choosing Sellen or Jerren

About the Elden Ring Sellen quest


It’s the Elden Ring Sellen quest takes you through many powerful spell of sorcery and entrusts you with making a tough decision at the end. 

The story of Elden Ring is more Sellen that the out-of-the-blue teacher that you meet in Waypoint ruin, but like many missions with Elden Ring, you won’t be able to finish her story immediately.

It is a significant part of the game, and even one of the demigod fights will take you to the regions surrounding Volcano Manor and places your fate as a sorcerer to your own hands.

Elden Ring Sellen quest

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What is the best way to begin Sellen’s journey in Elden Ring?

Sellen’s quest is technically started the moment you first meet Sellen. The quest begins when you first speak to. 

Go towards your Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave located just east of Agheel Lake, and along the edge with the forests. 

Avoid the flower-themed enemies and then climb the steps. Then you’ll meet your Mad Pumpkin Head boss.

that’s a simple battle that you should be able to win with a weapon that has a +2 rating or greater. 

Find openings at the conclusion of Pumpkin Head’s attack sequences, and attack with its head.

Sellen is in the back of the door that is at the other side of the room. In the meantime, talk to Sellen and complete all dialogue possibilities. 

You are able to return at any time by using a scroll of sorcery and present it Sellen. Sellen to unlock other spells available for sale. 

At present, they’re all the basic spells. They may not be the most powerful among the top spells but they’re worthwhile to have.

It is the next stage Mt. Gelmir located northwest of the Altus Plateau. It will take quite a while, although you could skip any of the Grand Dectus Lift.

as well as an Academy of Raya Lucaria to be there sooner if you’d like. Be aware that Plateau enemies are more difficult, and it’s better to wait.

Once you’re on Mt. Gelmir go to the Hermit’s shack, located to the to the southwest to the southwest of Volcano Manor. 

There is an item called the Comet Azur spell inside with Sorcerer Azur. Return this to Sellen and talk to her until no dialogue options pop up.

Where is Sellia Hideaway in Elden Ring?

Sellen will ask you to locate Master Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway following, and then provides you with the key to open the secret hole. This hidden place is located situated in Caelid close to the church that is the site of Plague. 

To the north from the Church, beyond the octopus swamp an unmarked graveyard that has a huge tombstone guarded by an imposing sorcerer. The cliff in front of it is an illusionary wall, so hit the wall with your weapon before putting your put your head in.

Follow the cave route until you get to a huge blue crystals. Make use of them to fall to continue. There will be an enormous crystal that has a snail on the surface. Go down to find the door to a magical world. 

Lusat is in the background and will give to you your Stars of Ruin spell. Contact Sellen to complete this part in the game.

How can you advance Sellen’s quest through Witchbane Ruins?

The next step in Sellen’s quest requires stopping for a while and work on Ranni’s mission first. It is necessary to beat Radahn within the Caelid’s Redmane Castle, and the moment you meet with Sellen again.

she will ask you to locate her dead body within the Witchbane Ruins. These ruins are located on the Weeping Peninsula, which is south to the Fourth Church of Marika, close to the merchant’s camp.

Engage and interact with Sellen until there’s no more dialog, and you’ll be given Sellen’s Primal Glintstone.

Where is the body of Sellen in Elden Ring?

Journey through Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia, located behind Caria Manor. Begin the quest when you’re here, in case you’ve not already done so and also Seluvis the mission while you’re there. 

There’s a broken path lined with arches that runs between Renna’s Rise and Ranni’s Rise. Take Ranni’s Rise out, turn left a bit, and then go ahead. 

The ruins are close to the area where Adula the dragon has been rummaging all over. Take on the floor to reveal a pathway, then descend and then insert the Glintstone into Sellen’s new body.

Go back in time to Redmane Castle and speak with Jerren the witch hunter. After that, head back to Witchbane Ruins to talk with Sellen You’ll meet Jerren there too. 

Head through the Grand Library at the Academy of Raya Lucaria and go out of the room and then turn around. Then you’ll have a choice to make.

Do you prefer Sellen or Jerren in the Elden Ring?

You can pick the gold summon sign in order to help Sellen in the fight against Jerren or pick the red one to battle against Sellen. Here’s what you will get for each.

Help Sellen

  • Eccentric Armor
  • Glintstone Kris Dagger
  • Glintstone Crown

Help Jerren

  • Glintstone Crown
  • Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
  • Sellen’s Bell Bearing

If you’re in need of additional assistance with The Lands Between, check out our complete Elden Ring guide collection that includes the most effective abilities as well as tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Sellen Elden Ring, after the completing the quest?

After the fight, Sellen is sitting in front of the Library in the same place that Rennala typically is. Talk to her, and she’ll inform you that the Academy will be there for you as you ascend to the position of Elden Lord. After having a rest at the Site of Grace, Rennala returns to the middle of the room. Sellen will be moved toward the sides.

How can I access an answer to Sellen quest?

After you have defeated that Pumpkin head boss, it’s time to be able to unlock access to the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace. Go through the entrance and meet Sorceress Sellen. She admits that she’s an outcast, but she’s an outcast witch is eager to instruct you in sorcery. If you accept her offer, you’ll be her pupil.

Where can I locate Sellen?

Find Sellen at the Witchbane Ruins
It’s situated in the western part of the city that is directly to the south to it, directly south of the Fourth Church of Marika. If you can spot the Walking Mausoleum it is near. Go to the basement to discover Sellen chained, and speak to her in order to get her “Sellen’s Primal Glintstone” item.

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