Far Cry Six Seeds of Love – All Lorenzo’s children locations

About The Far Cry Six Seeds of Love


Far Cry Six Seeds of Love is another Yaran Story set in El Este, one with huge XP rewards and the chance to win a brand new charm. to be won.

It’s also a lengthy hunt that takes you to almost every part of the province in search of the lost descendants of Lorenzo. We’re glad to have done the legwork for you already. Find the children of Lorenzo on Seeds of Love.

Far Cry Six Seeds of Love

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Far Cry Six Seeds of Love – Locations of Lorenzo’s children

The majority of children in Lorenzo’s family are located in the central farmland area in the vicinity of Sierra Perdida, so you may want to begin there. There will be a unique challenge for each child.

Seeds of Love Barrida child

The one in the extreme north is secured by two soldiers, however, they’re easy to defeat.

Seeds of Love North Savannah Fields child

The son of Lorenzo is locked up in a home, however the key is located on an outside table.

Seeds of Love South Savannah Fields child

This one is a bit different. You’ll have to take a sniff of the flower in the goal zone so that Dani begins to experience hallucinations. Lorenzo’s daughter is seen and you’ll need to follow her until you catch up with her.

Seeds of Love Santo Domingo child

Make sure you have a rifle that has an excellent scope for this. The room where he’s located is locked and you’re only able to unlock it by shooting the lock from the other roof.

Seeds of Love Todos Santos Cemetery child

This is the westernmost child. Listen for the sound of an unmarked hut within the cemetery, where you’ll see one of Lorenzo’s sons dressed as zombies.

Seeds of Love Flores Farm child

Pet the dog to let it guide you to another one of Lorenzo’s children who has disappeared south off the Conuco marker

Seeds of love Concepcion child

The last one is spraypainting walls in Corazon Alley. After that, you’ll get the new weapon charm, as well as some XP, which isn’t one of the most rewarding rewards. 

Although it may not seem as much, it’s a huge step towards getting better guns and weapons from Juan Cortez and his employees. 

The better weapons will make traveling through dangerous regions and collecting rare materials more efficient, and you’ll require every assistance you will receive when you are ready to enter Esperanza.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you plant the seeds of Love in Far Cry 6

You can follow the graffiti around the town until you find the source of your photo. Lorenzo’s Xiomara graffitiing is in the north-west. You can see her from the rooftops spraying graffiti with a blue heart on a wall. This concludes The Seeds of Love Yaran Story at Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 has romance?

Far Cry 6 does not offer romance options. No matter what gender you choose to be Dani, romantic relationships are not possible with any character. All relationships that you create in the game are only possible when there is trust among comrades from an unstable country.

How can you locate Lorenzo’s children Far Cry 6?

Go towards the Todos Santos Cemetery near Alfaro Farm. Look for a hut where you can find Lorenzo’s son who is trying to haunt Dani. Local hunting is possible for those who have unlocked the correct camp upgrades.

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