Fortnite signal jammers – All signal jammer locations and how to destroy them

Fortnite signal jammers Introduction


Chapter 3’s new quest is to destroy Fortnite signal jammers. It’s easy on the surface but you will need to be fast.

Other than other players trying to accomplish the same goal, you will be racing against the wind to finish your task. It’s well worth it. You’ll get a sweet reward for destroying the jammers.

Fortnite Signal Jammers Locations – Where can I find the launchpad?

The three signal jammers can be found on one small island in the northeastern region of the map. It is located near the Daily Bugle but far enough away to be able to drop by and get help from the jammers before it becomes too dangerous.

However, you will need to move quickly. This area is subject to severe storms quickly. If you don’t have an airbus to drop you off, there will be a lot of ground covered and swimming to do.

It is small so it shouldn’t take too long to find and deal with signal jammers. It is worth noting that I encountered an issue where the jammers failed to spawn the first time. You will find them in the next match.

Fortnite signal jammers

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How to disable signal jammers in Fortnite?

Jammers look like small satellites. It’s not worth wasting ammunition or alerting others to your location. Grab your harvesting tool and smash the jammers until they fall apart. You’ll be able to complete the quest and get a substantial 25,000 XP.

It’s quite a lot and you will need it if your goal is to get the Spider-Man outfit in Fortnite’s new Battle Pass. You can also visit nearby buildings if you have time before the storm hits. One of the seven Devices will be found in another Fortnite challenge.

There are also plenty of equipment, ammo, and useful consumables. Epic may have new collaborations planned for the remainder of the season. However, you can start the season off right with the new Naruto Skin.

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Fortnite signal jammers FAQ

Is there a third signal jammer for Fortnite?

Chapter 3: Finding Signal Jammers In Fortnite
Fans can finally find the third and last Signal Jammer at the top of the mountain south of Command Cavern. This is the only island in Fortnite that can be seen from this location.

How do I get rid of all three signal jammers?

Fortnite signal jammer locations
You only need to eliminate three of the five signal jammers in order to complete the quest. However, it must be done in the same match. You can find the signal jammers at the edge of the island. To destroy them, you can use your harvesting device.

How can you get rid of Fortnite’s jammers?

It is very easy to destroy an IO Build Jammer. Get close to it and hit it. You can either shoot or ax it to destroy it. You will be rewarded with 40,000 XP points for destroying an enemy.

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