All Gang Hideout Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Gang Hideout Locations


Red Dead Redemption 2 is about outlaw gang Hideout Locations and their lives. This guide will help you find out where and how to eliminate every club’s outpost.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is more than a great-scale Western story. It features meticulous period detail, a complex game-play system.

a complex role-playing system requiring the player to play the 20th century excellently. The game is also a Wild-West gang simulator.

Arthur Morgan spends as much time robbing with his friends as he chills out with them, playing cards or talking late into the night.

However, he is not the only gang in town—many other gangs in the area (who are all shadier than the Van der Linde Gang).

Arthur will encounter many of these gangs and have the opportunity to eliminate their outposts during the main story.

However, some are more difficult to find. The player must destroy all six gang outposts to complete the game.

Unless Rockstar has more, they can also be excellent sources of supplies. This guide will help you find the six required outposts and provide some tips on how to win the gang.

Gang Hideout Locations

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All Six Gang Outposts In Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur is able to survive most gunfights provided he has enough ammunition, some healing items and ducks undercover. 

Although these are the most basic strategies, they will allow the player to get through most of the gang outposts without difficulty.

However, some players have more tricks. You can complete each outpost by eliminating all gang members. 

Although enemies may re-spawn at times in an outpost, they can all be eliminated once and progress can be tracked under Missions And Events.

O’Driscolls At Six Point Cabin

This outpost will be found in Chapter 2 of your main story. The O’Driscolls can be wiped out here. There are only a few gang members that remain in the cabin.

It is good to take out some of the enemies before the actual shooting begins. Once the gunfight starts, you can cover and continue shooting.

Lemoyne Raiders at Shady Belle

This Chapter 3 chapter will see Arthur have to get rid of the racists at their outpost. It’s pretty simple. Loop around the plantation house while taking cover and eliminating the Raiders.

Murfree Brood at Beaver Hollow

The outpost can be completed within Chapter 5. However, if the player wishes to continue the adventure earlier, they can head to Annesburg to find the Brood in their cavern.

It is essential to be in a good spot at the cave mouth so that enemies can’t come running up to you. The Brood love their machetes and will not let anyone get too close to them.

The player will eventually climb into the cave to finish the yokels and be prepared to bring a shotgun to get the job done.

O’Driscolls At Hanging Dog Ranch

The player will discover this outpost during Chapter 6. This outpost has one thing you should remember. A large Maxim Gun in the barn’s loft offers a great view of the rest.

Hanging Dog Ranch can easily be cleared if the player can quickly get to the barn and take control over the Maxim Gun.

Del Lobos at Thieves’ Landing

The epilogue of the main story will only allow access to this outpost. It can be dangerous if the player is not prepared.

The area is large and can be overwhelming for the player. It’s best to slow down and make it to the docks as quickly as possible so that the player doesn’t have to worry about other players.

Del Lobos At Fort Mercer

The epilogue does not contain the farthest outpost that the player can clear, and it is an excellent throwback to Red Dead Redemption.

The fort is well-defended, as one would expect. The main gate has some cover areas, but the player should first go to those areas. Once you have taken care of any Del Lobos from the outside fort, it is time to go inside.

The Gattling gun is located in the middle of Fort Mercer. It will quickly make the player’s life easy, so be careful not to get caught. If possible, go up to Fort Mercer’s walls and grab any remaining gang members.

Twin Rocks Bonus Gang Outpost

The Ultimate or Special Editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 will allow the player to locate one more outpost. This is unnecessary for 100% of the game.

However, it is possible to find the outpost west of Twin Rocks, then north of Armadillo. You can now set off to take care of these gangs because the country isn’t massive enough for more than one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you redo gang hideouts?

All gang hideouts respawn. It usually takes one week. If you leave one alive, run off until the red blip disappears. Then, come back in a few moments and they will all be back.

Is there a gang hideout in rdr2 or elsewhere?

There are two Del Lobo gang hideouts you can clear in Austin. The first is , just south of Blackwater. It’s located at Thieves landing on the Lower Montana River. Fans of the Red Dead Redemption will recognize the second at Fort Mercer, southeast of Tumbleweed and southwest of Armadillo.

Is there a place where all six gang members can hide?

All Six Gang Outposts of Red Dead Redemption 2

  • O’Driscolls at Six Point Cabin. This outpost will be found in Chapter 2 of your main story. 
  • Lemoyne Raiders in Shady Belle. 
  • Murfree Brood at Beaver Hollow 
  • O’Driscolls at Hanging Dog Ranch. 
  • Del Lobos at Thieves’ Landing. 
  • Del Lobos at Fort Mercer.

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