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The ideal Genshin Impact Ayato design takes into account the Yashiro Commission’s unique mix with Hydro Normal and Hydro.

Ayato is primarily focussed on the increase in damages that his Elemental Skill grants, but it’s not a good thing. When paired using the appropriate weapon, and artifacts He can do an incredible amount of damage.

What time is the Ayato banner going to appear in Genshin Impact?

Ayato’s first banner debuted on March 29th with his 2.6 upgrade and will continue for three weeks, ending April 19. 

The group includes Xiangling, Sucrose, and Yun Jin, and Venti’s first Rerunis being held in conjunction with it in a second Double Wish event. 

Ayaka his sister will be having her first rerun on April 19, but there’s no confirmation yet the other contestants who will be in the running alongside her.

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Is Ayato a DPS character?

Yes, absolutely. Ayato is not a support character at all, and his primary objective is to deal Hydro damages quickly. Ayato’s Skill makes a water illusion similar to Mona’s.

provides him with an attack buff dependent on his HP. In this stage, Ayato can only use normal attacks, which cause hydro damage, but his attack speed is higher.

His Burst is a huge space where Hydro swords fall down. The characters that are in this zone such as Ayato will have their normal attacks increased while the field is in use.

What is the top Ayato build?

The most effective Ayato build is one that maximizes either his damage from the elemental or normal damage or both, based on the weapons you’ve got.

The most effective Ayato weapon is the Primordial Jade Cutter

Haran is the latest sword that is featured alongside Ayato within his advertising materials, however Haran’s Primordial Jade Cutter is a bit better over it. 

Its critical rate increase that its secondary stat provides is more and the passive skill provides an additional 20 percent HP boost and enhances attack depending on the player’s maximum HP.

If you don’t and would like to use Haran Geppaku Futsu instead, you’ll be able to get 12 percent damage from Elemental bonus instead, and the distinctive Wavespike gameplay. The player gets one wavespike whenever other members of the party make use of the Elemental Skill. 

If the user has an Elemental Skill that consumes all Wavespike stacks and increases normal damage by 20 percent for 8 seconds. This is a huge increase, but it’s also a requirement for careful timing and coordination with the fellow party members’ skills.

The most valuable Ayato artifacts Reminders from an Offering

The brand new Echoes of an Offering set is essentially designed for Ayato. Its two-piece effect increases the attack 18%, and is pretty typical. 

The four-piece effect is more exciting. When normal attacks strike the target, they have an opportunity of 36 percent of being triggered by Valley Rite.

which increases the normal attack’s chance of happening by 70 percent up until the normal attack is connected and then resets the status. 

If your attack does not cause Valley Rite the first time you hit, the probability of it happening the following strike increases 20.

The goal of Ayato’s Skill is to unleash an explosion of normal attacks in the maximum number you can during its duration. 

This set with its lightning-fast effect times practically guarantee that at least a portion of these hits are likely to be enhanced through Valley Rite.

What is the most effective Ayato F2P build?

Ayato’s F2P model makes some tweaks to the paid formula but it still centers around his ability and damage to normal attacks.

The most effective weapon Ayato has to offer is Iron Sting

The forgeable Iron Sting is a solid alternative to Ayato but it requires a slight change in the way you construct your team. 

Iron Sting’s secondary ability increases the player’s Elemental Mastery as well as the passive skill.

that you can use to the max because it’s an forgeable weapon – boosts the damage of all weapons by 6-12 percent when the user uses an Elemental skill. 

If you’d like to get the most benefit from the Elemental Mastery increase, be sure you team Ayato with characters that have longevity Elemental attacks, like Diona, Xiangling, and Raiden Shogun.

Ayato’s sword that is a sacrificial Sword could be considered a useful alternative, and one that you stand an opportunity to get via Wishes without having to spend money. 

The Sacrificial Sword increases the energy recharge which is a beneficial option for Ayato as well as a possibility to reset the player’s Elemental Skill cooldown timer, which is even more beneficial for Ayato.

The top Ayato F2P artifacts The best Ayato F2P Artifacts Echo of an Offering

It’s still the best alternative for Ayato’s Artifacts however, if you are using Heart of Depth, it’s an acceptable alternative. The effect of two pieces increases Hydro Damage by 15 percent.

while the bonus four-piece buffs charges and normal damage in a 30 percent increment for fifteen seconds following the user makes use of an Elemental skill.

What is the top Ayato party-related comp?

Ayato’s abilities enable him to be flexible when is about his teammates. You can, for instance choose to have an Elemental party with characters like Fischl, Diona.

Zhongli which trigger Elemental Reactions to Ayato’s skill. You can also choose the option of a support party. 

Yun Jin’s passive ability enhances the normal attack of the party depending on the amount of elements it contains as well as shenhe’s Elemental Skill can raise either physical or elemental damage over the duration of.

If you’re not a fan of Ayato’s chances, you may be wise to keep your Primogems to be used in Genshin Impact’s next banners. 

Yelan is the recently announced Hydro character will be introduced sometime in the future following the 2.6 update and Sumeru is scheduled to launch Dendro at some point in the summer.

In the meantime, if you’re just beginning your journey to the Chasm area, read the steps you can get access to Lost Valley and where you can find all of the Lumenspar.

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genshin Impact Ayato FAQ

Can Ayato become playable Genshin Impact?

Ayato’s release date is in Genshin Impact
Kamisato Ayato will be released as part of Genshin’s Version 2.6 update that will go live on March 30th 2022. His banner will appear during the first quarter of the update along with an re-run of Venti So be sure to make your Primogems and Wishes for the moment the patch has finished.

Who is Ayato proficient with?

Ayato is a fantastic option to add Morgana team of Genshin Impact. The Elemental Burst is very similar to Ganyu’s, which makes their Hydro/Cryo rain spout perform with an amazing synergy. Additionally, Venti provides many necessary components to the team’s lineup.

Is Ayato a good weapon?

Ayato’s primary source of damage comes from the strong attacks when he is using the Elemental Skill, which makes this weapon the perfect weapon for his. The weapon also provides plenty of additional Crit Rate, which makes building Ayato considerably more simple.

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