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Genshin Impact Best Builds


The most effective Genshin Impact Baal build will help make an Electro Archon truly shine for any team. Baal is a formidable new addition to the Genshin roster.

She’s capable of excelling even without her brand new five-star spear. There’s also a solid F2P option, which is as good as her top paid-for build.

Genshin Impact Baal build guide – Is Baal DPS?

Baal is among the most powerful characters from Genshin Impact so far, having an attack rate comparable to Diluc’s and a defense base stat of 61. 

As a polearm-wielder Baal is well-suited for combating fast attacks and massive damages, yet her real strengths lie in her role as an electro DPS character.

There’s a catch, but. Baal’s real potential is in her Elemental Burst that relies on other members of the party using their bursts to boost up her Resolve. 

Baal won’t be the simplest character to play however, if you’ve got the right set-up it’s definitely enough to be worth it.

Genshin Impact Best Builds

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Genshin Impact Baal build guide The best Baal build

In accordance with your style of play You can Build Baal around her regular attacks or her Burst. The Burst build is based around an engulfing Lightning spear, which makes it an easier one to recommend to most players.

Build guide for Baal. The most effective Baal weapon to DPS

If you’re not concerned with Energy Recharge or Electro at any point, Skyward Spine is the most suitable option for Baal. 

It’s the strongest Polearm which increases the speed of attack and hit rate and also creates a small vortex which deals more damage.

This gives you the flexibility you need in choosing the right artifacts.

Build guide for Baal. top Baal artifacts to use to help you with DPS

If you’re looking to get the most damage from Baal’s potential Bloodstained Chivalry is your most effective option for artifacts.

  • 2-piece effect: boosts the physical damage of all kinds by 25 percent
  • A 4-piece effect” boosts damage from charged attacks by 50%, and also eliminates the cost of stamina.

It’s not easy to find, however it is available, and Gladiator’s Finale is a good alternative, which focuses on improving Baal’s usual attack power. 

It’s the Berserker Set is an excellent option to add to your collection for those who want to increase the chance of critical hits for Baal.

Build guide for Baal. The most effective Baal weapon to use for Electro DPS

Engulfing Lightning is Baal’s favorite weapon and demands that she build Baal on Energy Recharge and Electro. 

It’s the second most powerful polearm, and boosts the weapon’s power by 28 percent in terms of energy recharge. 

The use of an Elemental Burst boosts Recharge by 30 percent for 12 seconds. It also helps in engulfing Lightning’s secondary stat increases Recharge.

Guide to building Baal The most effective Baal artifacts to use for Electro DPS

The brand new Emblem of Severed Fate set from Yashiori Island’s Momji Dyed Court Domain enhances Baal’s Recharge more.

  • 2-piece effect 2 piece effect: Energy Recharge +20 percent
  • Effect of four pieces The effect is a 4-piece one. It increases the damage from Elemental Burst to 25% the Energy Recharge. Maximum of 75 percent bonus damage could be obtained through this method.

If you’re struggling to put the whole set together it’s a mix with the 2 piece effect (or the Scholar/Exile 2-piece effect) along with Thundering Fury works. The 2-piece bonus boosts electro damage by 15%..

Genshin Impact Baal build guide | The best Baal build for F2P

Baal’s F2P build combines elements from Baal’s DPS as well as Electro build, without having to buy just one Primogem.

The most effective Baal weapon for F2P.

In this case we’re going with the traditional Prototype Starglitter. Its attack power is slightly less than the Engulfing Lightning while the secondary stat boosts the Recharge. 

Starglitter’s refinement skills is much simpler to improve since it is an able-to-forge weapon enhances the damage that is charged and normal following the use of it as an Elemental Skill.

The top baal Artifacts for F2P

To increase DPS For DPS, we suggest using a combination of Thundering Fury and Bloodstained Chivalry to maximize the impact from both attacks and electro.

If you wish to make use of her burst more often you can substitute one of them to Emblem of Severed Fate.

Genshin’s Impact Baal The most effective Baal party comp

It is recommended to have at the very least one Energy battery for your team to aid each player complete their bursts, and also power up Baal. 

Kazuha as well as Diluc work great but Sucrose and Bennett also perform well. Pyro is best when you can move it around, as overloading is generally preferred to a Swirl.

A powerful Cryo character, such as Ayaka for instanceis great for tougher battles, and Superconduct is able to decrease the enemy’s defenses. 

Electro Traveler or a different Electro Character is essential because High Voltage aids in the recharge of energy.

If you’re still trying to catch up on Genshin Impact’s new Inazuma region We’ve prepared guides for all of the main quests which include Sacred Sakura Cleansing, Tatara Tales as well as Sakura Arborism.

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