Genshin Impact Kokomi build and best Kokomi weapons and artifacts to use

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The best Genshin Impact Kokomi makes the leader in the Sangonomiya Resistance into a strong and flexible asset that will keep your party alive even in difficult situations.

Although she’s a support healer with greater DPS potential than Barbara it often depends on the circumstances more than with sub-DPS healers like Bennett. She’s still a powerful addition to any team that has a F2P option that brings out her best.

Genshin Impact Kokomi Build Guide – Is Kokomi DP?

Kokomi is an assistant character, but she can also fill a sub-DPS position. Don’t expect to see fireworks. 

The pre-release talent information turned out to be true, and Kokomi’s passive talent drops her critical hit rate 100%.

Kokomi’s base attack is 18 by five-star standards. This puts her on the same level with Sara and Aloy. The Sangonimiya general, however, is actually a better Barbara. 

Her Skill applies wet, heals HP, damages enemies, and her Burst increases attack and damage power based on Kokomi’s HP. This is not a character you would build to deal heavy damage.

Genshin Impact Kokomi

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Genshin Impact Kokomi Build Guide – The best Kokomi builds

Kokomi can be built as a healer, or as a combination of Hydro sub-DPS and healer. Both builds have some overlap, but her skills make the difference. The weapon and artifact set makes a big difference.

Kokomi build guide: The best Kokomi weapon to support DPS

Fumetsu Gekka, Kokomi’s signature weapon and signature weapon, compliments both sides. Its secondary stat increases HP and Skyward Atlas is stronger than it. Fumetsu Gekka has the most fascinating feature: her refinement skill.

It boosts healing effectiveness by 10% and increases normal attack by 1% of the character’s max HP. Normal attacks are restored 0.6 Energy every 0.01 seconds after the wielder has used their Elemental Burst.

Although the benefits of Kokomi’s attack with this weapon are minimal, it is enough to help her deal most threats and act as a almost perpetual healer for the party.

Kokomi build guide: The best Kokomi Artifacts to support DPS

The build can be modified with Artifacts. However, our top recommendation is to combine Maiden Beloved with the Adventurer’s Set to maximize the benefits of Skill and Burst.

  • Maiden Beloved 2-piece Effect: Increases healing efficacy by 15%
  • Adventurer 2-piece effect: Increases maximum HP by 1000

If you are unable to heal any more, swap the Maiden Beloved Artifacts with either Martial Artists or Heart of Depth.

  • Martial Artist 2-piece Effect: Increases normal attack damage and charges by 15%
  • Heart of Depth 2-piece Effect: Increases damage up to 15%

Kokomi build guide: The best Kokomi weapon to sub-DPS

Skyward Atlas is the best choice for those who prefer to attack more than heal. This is the strongest catalyst and has a secondary stat which increases the user’s attack. The refinement skill also increases the Elemental damage by up 24%.

Kokomi build guide: The best Kokomi Artifacts to sub-DPS

Heart of Depth is an excellent complement to Skyward Atlas.

  • 2-piece effect: Hydro damage is increased by 15%
  • 4-piece effect: For 15 seconds, after using an Elemental Skill you will receive normal attack and charged damage of 30%.

Genshin Impact Kokomi build Guide – The best Kokomi F2P Build

Even if you have used all of your Priogems to get Kokomi, there is still a strong option available that will not cost you extra. Kokomi’s F2P builds balance her healing and attack potential.

The best Kokomi weapon to F2P

It is more difficult to decide on the weapon than other F2P builds because of the limited number of catalysts that you can forge. 

The Hakushinring is a solid choice as a sub-DPS Kokomi. The Energy recharge of the Hakushin Ring is increased by the use of the Hakushin Ring. 

The Electro reaction is when the wielder activates the Hakushin Ring. This gives the extra Element a 10%-20% damage increase for six seconds. 

The bonus Hakushin Ring, even without it, is slightly less powerful than five star catalysts. This makes it an excellent all-rounder for Kokomi’s roles.

Best Kokomi Artifacts For F2P

Kokomi’s F2P design allows for flexibility when using Artifacts. The 2-piece Instructor’s or Wanderer’s Troupe effect increases Elemental Mastery to 80. This is a good match with the Hakushin Ring’s Reaction-based bonus.

The 2-piece Boon to Hydro Damage from Heart of Deep works equally well. You could also mix it with Martial Artist to increase Kokomi’s sub-DPS capabilities. If you need more healing, swap in Maiden Beloved for the support build.

The best Kokomi party comp

Kokomi’s sub-DPS or support role means that she is well-suited for most party comps. If you use our F2P build, having an Electro character such as Sara or Baal is a given. 

Cryo can trigger the Frozen reaction. Cryo is inflicted by Ayaka just by sprinting. This makes her a great choice. However, PlayStation users should not ignore Aloy.

A good Energy battery is essential as Kokomi’s Burst, which is one of her most valuable features. Kazuha is a good choice for this because he deals heavy damage, triggers Swirl, and generates Energy. Sara can also play this role well.

You don’t have to spend Artifact slots on Maiden Beloved. Add another Hydro character to your party like Xingqiu. The Elemental resonance effect increases healing effects by 30%

This concludes our Genshin Impact Komi build guide. We have detailed guides for Baal and Sara as well as how to obtain the new Ascension materials Sango Pearl or Spectral Husk.

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Genshin Impact Kokomi FAQ

Is it possible to still obtain Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Kokomi can be played as a Genshin Impact character already, but it has been confirmed that she will get a banner rerun in phase two of Genshin Impact 2.5. Along with a Raiden Shogun banner.

Genshin, is Kokomi a good character?

Is Kokomi a good character on Genshin Impact? Kokomi can be described as a “slightly interesting” character. She is capable of playing many roles, including healer and sub-DPS. Kokomi is a great choice if you don’t have Jean, QiQi or a fully-fledged Barbara as a five-star healer.

Is Kokomi good when paired with ganyu?

Xingqiu’s playstyles are very different, but Kokomi and Kokomi have the same role in a Ganyu group. Both are skilled in applying Hydro and enabling Freeze reactions. They also play a healing role. Kokomi, which is more suited to Healing, is a great support option.

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