Genshin Impact Lunar Realm and how to get special fish

Genshin Impact Lunar Realm Introduction


Genshin Impact Lunar Realm, a new event, is the first set to appear after miHoYo introduced the new fishing system in Genshin’s update 2.1.

Although it’s quite simple, the real rewards don’t come just for completing the quests. Lunar Realm is a great way to accumulate scaly wealth.

How to start Lunar Realm?

If you have downloaded Genshin 2.1 and completed the Ritou Escape Plan Archon quest you will find Lunar Realm in the events menu. Talk to Kujirai Momiji at the Inazuma Fishing Association to begin the “To Thee My Tender Grief Confide” quest.

This will take you to the Fishing Associations in the other regions. You can unlock the first fishing quest halfway through the quest. However, you might as well complete the entire quest and get some Primogems.

Each day, a new fishing mission is unlocked at the server reset time. These missions require you to catch a particular number or type of fish.

Each challenge location is marked on the map with a fishpin. These are quite easy to complete, as the time limits are not too strict.

Keep on fishing and you can catch more fish to trade at Fishing Associations for new rods and The Catch Polearm. You can catch up 50 fish at these challenge spots.

Genshin Impact Lunar Realm

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Genshin Impact Lunar Realm | Lunar Realm special fish

You are not yet able to catch “five special fish” in a new Battle Pass challenge. Kujirai later in the event gives you a new bait called Glowgrass Bait.

This is only for the Lunar Leviathan (the “Mysterious Ornamental Fish” that counts towards the Battle Pass’ special fish.

Genshin Impact Lunar Realm | Lunar Realm rewards

The rewards you receive will vary depending on your performance in each quest. However, the rewards for all three tiers are the same.

Completing the absolute Minimum earns you the first-tier’s rewards. These are:

  • 30,000 Mora
  • 60 Primogems
  • 3 Hero’s Wit

The second-tier’s rewards include:

30,000 Mora4 Sanctifying Undction (grants 2,500 Artifact Experience each)

The final tier only gives you 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores

You also get a new fishing rod when you reach the end of the event, the Moonstringer.

Inazuma’s World Quests are Genshin Influen.

If you want to keep busy until your next fishing challenge is unlocked, there are plenty of other activities.

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Genshin Impact Lunar Realm FAQ

How can you play Lunar Realm in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Lunar Realm’s release date is September 1, and will continue until update 2.1. To participate in this event, must have access to the Liyue Region. You can activate them before the event begins so that you can play immediately.

What are the Lunar Realm’s Primogems?

420 Primogems will be available to players for the event. Each day, players can earn 60 Primogems. The Lunar Realm page will allow players to claim their rewards manually.

What is the Lunar Realm special fish?

The Lunar Leviathan
This quest will lead to the discovery of the “Lunar Leviathan”, also known as Moonfin, the fish being pointed out by the hunter.

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