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Genshin Impact murals Introduction


The Genshin Impact murals Another Side of Isle and Sea is a quest for the world that you can complete once you’ve reached the second part of Genshin Impact’s Midsummer Island Adventure.

To complete the quest to be completed, players have to locate and examine five murals that are scattered throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago. If you spot the murals they are like cave paintings snap a picture and add the image into your quest journal.

The quest will start the first time you take a picture of an image of one of them therefore you might encounter it while completing other quests. Check out the following article for every mural location, all of which is a good choice to start the quest.

The murals that surround Twinning Isle

The three murals can be seen at Twinning Isle — but there’s a small niggle. Twinning Isle is actually the common name for an island chain in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

you’ll have to visit the exact location to view every one of the three paintings. Learn more about how to get there and what you need to do when you arrive.

Genshin Impact murals

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Where can you locate where to find Twinning Isle mural?

The mural named in honor of Twinning Isle itself can be located on the southern of the two main islands of the chain. This is the biggest, circular island located in the South of the chain that is home to a Twinning Isle waypoint.

Where can you locate Nameless Island’s mural? Nameless Island mural

If you’re not sure the location of Nameless Island is — or even if you thought it was located on a different area of the map (near Starfall Valley, there’s one that’s called the same thing in that area too) not fret. 

We didn’t until we learned the name (or its absence) in this painting. We’d previously called this the island west of Twinning Isle.

It appears that Twinning Isle probably just refers to the two largest islands that make up this chain… thus it’s the title, I think. 

The third biggest island further toward the west can be described as Nameless Island. There is no waypoint on the island, so just glide across it and then head toward the mountain to the north. 

If you are standing on the beach there is an abstracted mural that has, upon closer inspection appear to be human-like figures trying to get away from the waves.

Where can I find the nameless Islet mural?

It turns out, that Nameless Islet is the northernmost island on the island chain known together as Twinning Isle — and it is also the northernmost tip of the Golden Apple Archipelago. 

It is accessible by traveling north from north of the main islands. There’s no waypoint, which means you’ll have to glide or use the Waverider.

It is the most remote mural you reach because of the numerous circumstances that could hinder your efforts to get there. 

The most troubling thing is that Nameless Islet is covered in mists, making it impossible to access for the majority of the time. The mist will only clear from 10 am to 2 pm when you play and that’s the time you’ll need to head there.

This islet is tiny and in addition to the mural that shows a variety of human figures boarding the water — it also has an echoing Conch and a few chests to search for. It is recommended to take an excellent look before leaving.

The search for The Broken Isle mural

Broken Isle is a mural that’s Broken Isle mural is a bit hidden, but it’s not difficult to locate when you are aware of where to search.

There may be minor foes to take on the area, but there’ll also be an art installation. This abstract painting could be a clue to finishing this Mural Lake puzzle, which is the central mystery of Broken Isle.

Locating Minacious Isle, the Minacious Isle mural

Happily, it’s accessible. Follow the route to the point of entry and proceed eastward towards the mountain.

On the mountain’s western slope you’ll notice a rocky cliff overhang. The mural is partially shaded from it, yet is easily visible when you move closer.

What do you do after taking photos of the murals?

After you’ve taken the five images, go to Mondstadt. At the Knights of Favonius library, you can talk to a research assistant called Sayid and he’ll be eager to help you unravel the story told in the paintings.

This will complete the quest This completes the quest Other Side of Isle and Sea. You’ll receive a substantial bonus of 350x adventure EXP 30000x Mora 40x Primogem 3x Hero’s Wife along with 6x Mystic Enhancement Ore to reward your commitment to exploring.

If you’re yet to start Your Midsummer Island Adventure in Genshin Impact read our guides to starting.

For more information on the various quests that can be found on Twinning Isle, see our guide on how to complete The People who Hear The Sea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of the most recent mural? Genshin has impacted?

To see the last artwork, go through the entrance to the main room, which is the entrance towards Chirai Shrine. The mural is right by the entrance on the wall. Once you have this picture go back to Roald to begin the quest to learn more about the story of Tsurumi islands the ancestors of Tsurumi Islands.

Is the 6th painting Genshin?

Ruin Mural 6 is located in an area close to the Chirai Shrine’s entrance to the ruin. It’s located on the wall of a circular entrance and doesn’t require any kind of puzzle-solving. Simply step over the glowing marker and snap a photo using your game camera.

What are the ruin murals?

Genshin Impact Ruin Murals from The Saga of Mr. Forgetful are six murals you need to take pictures of to complete this quest. It is only possible to get this quest after the third day in real life in visiting Tsurumi Island. It’s good to know that they’re close enough that you don’t have to be exploring Tsurumi Island in its entirety.

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