Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool unlock – How to solve Suigetsu pool puzzle

Genshin Impact Palace Introduction


Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool This is a unique Domain on Watsumi Island. To enter it, you must first solve the Genshin Impact Suigetsu puzzle.

Although the puzzle is simple, it’s not difficult if you are able to solve it. If you don’t know where to look, there’s a second step that follows the main puzzle.

Genshin Impact Palace at a Pool – How do you complete the Suigetsu pool puzzle?

Suigetsu pool puzzle requires a collection of electro totems as well as compasses. You can summon an Electrogranum from a sakura tree and then approach a compass. The compass will point at the totem if you stand near it. 

A flash of purple light will tell you that the totem is correct. However, it’s important to keep your distance from the totem before you move on to the next one. If you are too close, the compasses will point at you and not lock you in.

For all of the other compasses, do the same to unlock the Electrototems. Switch to a character that can apply Electro quickly, such as Fischl, Sara and activate each totem. The pool’s water level will be slightly lower, but the Domain is still covered.

Genshin Impact Palace

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Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool – Suigetsu pool puzzle part 2

Swim under the stone archway and drop down into the water. It’s a long swim along the corridor. Be careful with your stamina. 

Instead of going through the next archway to your right, climb up the root to the right. This may take you a few times. If you have low stamina, hydro slimes can lurk around.

To open the gate, activate the three wall panels, then go through the gate and turn around. 

There will be a Relay Stone above your head, as well as some broken flooring. To drain the water, climb up and activate the mechanisms.

This also emptys the corridor below. If you want to find the treasure, you will need the Electro Seelie there.

This is how to unlock Palace in a Pool in Genshin Impact. We have detailed guides for how to fish, how you can get The Catch and where you can grab Amakumo Fruit.

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Genshin Impact Palace FAQ

How can you unlock the secret palace Genshin impact

To light the pillars, you will need Amber, Bennett, Diluc or Xiangling. As you can see, the pillars that you need to light are those standing in front the highest structures in the circle. Once you have activated these three, the others will glow and the floor will unlock, giving you access the Domain.

How can you unlock Palace in pool Genshin Impact?

Palace in a Pool – How to Unlock and Solve the Puzzle

  1. Place the arrow puzzle on the right side. You must have Electroganum or be electro-inflicted to move arrows. 
  2. All of the Electro Pillars can be lit up. No pattern required. 
  3. ~ 4. 
  4. Click on the 3 switches. 
  5. You can climb up by going to The Connected room. 
  6. Click on the Square Switch.

How can I access the secret palace of Guizang Genshin Impact?

It is really quite simple. You just need to activate the unbroken Pyro columns that are located in front of the surrounding stone pillars. Hit all three to activate the whole ring, the magic seal will disappear, and you will be able to drop down into the Abyssal domain.

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