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The most effective Genshin impact Thoma design transforms Narukami Island’s fixer into an impressive defense.

He’s versatile and can fit into virtually any team composition. Don’t expect excessive DPS potential from his abilities However, with these build options, you don’t really need it.

Genshin Impact Thoma build guide Do you think Thoma is a DPS?

Thoma is a support DPS character who focuses more on defense rather than attack and he is in a small niche compared with other players. 

The attack rate is not great even by standards of four stars, and Xiangling is superior to Thoma as a DPS character. 

Thoma’s strongest point is his shielding ability and Xinyan’s offensive shield makes him an ideal choice for a variety of reasons.

The reason he is useful is in the way the shield functions. Thoma’s scales depend on his HP, and his HP is low however, the shield’s absorption increases each time Thoma utilizes his skill.

His Burst causes an effect that creates shields whenever the character in active use triggers a Fiery Collapse which can happen every minute once Thoma triggers the ability.

Genshin Impact Thoma

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Genshin The Impact Thoma Build instructions The most effective Thoma build

It is possible to build Thoma to provide DPS however, we’d only recommend it if are using the ability to engulf Lightning. Xiangling is available for free, therefore.

you should concentrate on her if you require only a Pyro player focused on DPS in your team, especially if you weren’t able to obtain Baal’s spear.

Thoma’s more flexible body maximizes his potential for support by increasing the strength of his HP as well as Recharge.

Thoma construction guide. most effective Thoma weapon to provide DPS support

The engulfing of Lightning boosts the player’s attack and energy recharge which is perfect in Thoma (if there’s no reason to be playing the ability for the Baal). 

It’s not just that he’s able to use his bursts more often, but he’s also in a position to take on enemies while on the field. 

Utilizing a burst can boost the amount of recharge and, consequently, it can attack for a brief while.

You’ll require an additional DPS character to deal with more challenging foes but it’s a great option for supporting and creating Reactions.

If you don’t have the ability to use the engulfing Lightning, Skyward Spine is an effective secondary option that increases Energy Recharge to a slightly smaller degree but improves the damage of normal attacks and speed.

Thoma Build Guide – Thoma’s most effective Thoma artifacts to provide DPS support

The two-piece effects for Exile and Scholar increase the recharge rate by 20%. They are the perfect option in this particular build. 

The Gladiator’s Finale 2-piece effect increases the attack up by 17% or, if you’re counting on Thoma’s Skill 2 pieces of the Crimson Witch set increase Pyro damage by 15 percent. Both are solid choices.

Genshin Impact Thoma build guide The most efficient Thoma F2P build

Thoma’s F2P build is also his most reliable option for support. The primary goal of this build is to increase shield strength but it’s also flexible and has the Recharge focus as well.

Thoma’s build guides – the most effective Thoma F2P weapon

It is recommended to use the Catch or Prototype Starglitter to be perfect in this particular build. Both come with the same attack stat as well as an Energy Recharge bonus. 

The Catch boosts damage to the burst and critical speed, so it’s an ideal match to The Recharge Artifact build.

Star glitter increases the attacks that are charged and normal when used in conjunction with an Elemental skill.

It’s the Catch is the best choice if you select The Recharge Artifact design, as it enhances the burst power.

No matter what you decide, both are available without having to spend Primogems. The Catch simply requires ample fishing and you could make Prototype Starglitter if you have the right materials.

Thoma’s building guide. most comprehensive Thoma F2P artifacts

In this build, we’re making use of the Adventurer set and the Retracing Bolide.

Adventurer’s 2-piece effect increases the maximum HP by 1,000. Retracing Bolide’s 2-piece effect to increase the strength of your shield by 35 percent

This build makes the most out of Thoma’s shield however, you could change one of them to Scholar or Exile if require help with his burst more frequently.

Genshin Influence Thoma Build guide. The top Thoma party comp

Thoma’s role as a supporting character makes him a good fit with almost any other combination. His shield offers DPS protection for powerful healers.

protects attackers while they help restore the party so the primary issue to be considered is the reactions he could trigger by using his burst.

We suggest including the Electro-character, like Sara or Fischl for Overload, and a Hydro character to Vaporize. 

Kokomi, Barbara, or Childe are excellent alternatives for either as they all provide the ability to constantly cause Wet to enemies, with relatively short cooldown times.

The fourth slot is where another Pyro character could be able to activate Fervent Flames and boost the attack by 25 percent. The effect won’t be enough to help to propel Thoma into the full DPS role and every bit of it will help.

The next Genshin Impact update introduces a new island, However, if you’re exploring the remaining areas of Inazuma We’ve got guidelines for certain of the more challenging puzzles like Amakumo Peak, and Reminiscence of Seirei, and the Suigetsu Pool Puzzle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective tool for Thoma?

Genshin Impact: The Best Weapons for Thoma

  1. 1. The Staff Of Homa: Five-star.
  2. 2. The Engulfing Lightning 5-star. 
  3. 3. The Skyward Spine: Five-star. 
  4. 4. The Dragon’s Blessing Four-star. 
  5. 5 . The Kitain Cross Spear: Four-star. 
  6. Six The Favonius Lance: Four-star. 
  7. 7 ‘The Catch’: Four-star. 
  8. 8. The White Tassel: Three-star. 

Is Thoma good Genshin Impact?

Thoma is a DPS character that focuses more on defense over the attack and is in a small niche compared to other characters. His attack statistics are not that great even by the standards of four stars but Xiangling is superior to his stats as a DPS character.

Which Spear is best for Thoma?

It is the Black Tassle is the most effective weapon to Thoma’s support builds since it’s the only weapon in the game that offers HP advantages. Since Thoma’s shield strength increases according to his HP level, this Black Tassle will increase Thoma’s health stats by 46.9 percent.

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