Stardew Valley Ginger Island | How to get to Ginger Island in the 1.5 update?

Access the Stardew Valley Ginger Island


Stardew Val 1.5 updates add a lot of new features. But Ginger Island is the most exciting. Ginger Island, a new area in the Fern Islands archipelago is a significant addition to Stardew Valley’s global map.

This major update has been made available on the console. It was previously available for PC players from late December.

You’ll need to first do some things before you can get to the new location. This includes volcano and pirate-themed areas.

How to get to Ginger Island, Stardew Valley?

Willy’s boat is the only way to reach Ginger Island. Unfortunately, Willy’s boat needs some repairs.

Willy is the resident fisherman in Pelican Town. You should receive a note asking for your assistance after installing the update. 

If this does not happen, you must have completed either the Community Center restore or the Joja Mart developer quests.

You’ll find a back door that was never there before when you go to Willy’s home on the pier. It will open once you have completed the above quests, and Willy has given you a note.

The inside is an old, worn-out boat. Willy says that he needs your help in fixing it. He doesn’t have all the materials. You are the one who will take this boat to Ginger Island.

Stardew Valley Ginger Island

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How to fix Willy’s yacht?

Willy’s boat needs three repairs. Each one will require its own resources.

  • Repair the boat with 200 pieces
  • Repair the Anchor: 5 Iridium Bars
  • Fix the ticket machine with 5 batteries

The amount of time you have been playing Stardew valley will affect how quickly you can gather these resources. 

For example, long-term players will have plenty of hardwood; however, newer players or those who are just starting the game will need to get the materials.

Ginger Island is an add-on to Stardew Valley’s later game. If you are still very early in your savings, it will be difficult to get there any time soon.

Hardwood can be obtained by cutting down mahogany trees, stumps, or logs. Although the 200-part requirement may seem daunting.

it is actually the most commonly collected component. Once you have it, you don’t need anything to do to it.

Batteries can be generated by lightning rods (during thunderstorms) or solar cells (after seven days in the sun). They can also be purchased from the Travelling Cart.

Combining five pieces of iridium ore with one piece of coal will produce an iridium bar. Once you have collected all the materials, go back to Willy’s house and make repairs.

How to sail to Ginger Island with a repaired boat?

You wouldn’t believe Willy charges you 1000 gold each Ginger Island trip, despite all that you’ve done for him.

The man has a business to run. But those materials had some resale potential, not to mention the time spent on this project. 

You would think that he would at least offer you tickets to the show or a discount. This is great news, despite Willy’s skinflint-like tendencies. 

You can charter the boat to Ginger Island as many times as you like, provided you wait one day in-game for repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point of Ginger Island Stardew Val?

You can grow any crops or trees on the island at any hour of the year. Some players choose to concentrate on Stardew Valley Ginger Island’s farm instead of their Pelican Town farms to maximize profits. The only problem is that there are fewer tiles to be cultivated than in any other town farm layouts.

How can you get to Ginger Island Stardew?

First, help Willy, the Fisherman to repair his boat. When Willy sends you an email asking you to visit his back room at the fishing shop on the south end of Pelican Town, this quest unlocks.

What should I do on Ginger Island first?

You can sprinklers on it, but you must clear the island of any logs, weeds and other debris before you arrive. Ginger Island is not suitable for spawning crows, so scarecrows may not be necessary. You cannot choose which type of farm you want on the island, unlike the Stardew Valley farm.

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