How to beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring without losing your mind

The Godskin Duo in Elden Ring


The Godskin Duo Elden Ring will make your life miserable until the end. You will be tested on your patience, combat skills, and ability to deal with difficult enemies in the entire Crumbling Farum Azula area.

It’s a real nightmare and you should not expect any less from the bosses. Farum Azula’s main target is Maliketh the Black Blade. However, before you can actually get to him you will need to defeat the Godskin duo.

You may have encountered one or both of these characters depending on how many Elden Rings you’ve played to this point. Unfortunately, you will have to fight them both again.

The Godskin Duo in Elden Ring

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When is the best time to fight the Godskin Duo of Elden Ring?

The Godskin duo fight takes place in Elden Ring’s most difficult endgame areas Crumbling Farum Azula. This fight is not optional. You will need to defeat the bosses if you wish to advance the game’s story .

The Godskin Duo is a major obstacle in the path to Maliketh. You should be around character level 120-130 to attempt this fight. Your weapon should have maximum level of upgrade, or +22 for the lowest.

How to make Elden Ring boss of Godskin Duo easier to fight in Godskin Duo?

The Godskin Duo boss battle is one of the most difficult – bordering upon aggravating- fights in Elden Ring. You should definitely consider getting some help, as you will be facing two of them simultaneously with different move sets.

This boss guide recommends summoning the Spirit Ash. You might also be able summon NPCs such as Recusant Bernahl depending on how far you have traveled in your quests and where you are approaching the boss arena.

Any Spirit Ash can work, even the post nerf Mimic Tear. However, you want something that is fast and tanky or has the ability to quickly cause a status effect.

The good news is that they are not vulnerable to all forms of elemental harm. Poison and Scarlet Rot will all affect them. They are also susceptible and Sleep. 

If you play your cards well, you can give one of them the Sleep status to make it stop fighting for a time and let you concentrate on the other.

How to defeat the Godskin Duo of Elden Ring?

It is important to understand how the Godskin duo’s bosses actually work. The Godskin Noble and the Godskin Apostle each have their own health bars.

Even if they have exhausted their individual health bars , they can still be brought back to life by the collective health bar . 

It is not possible to make them both die in one hit and then deal the final blow to each of them simultaneously. Both Godskins will unfortunately come back to life, as the shared health bar remains relevant.

The fight can be very frustrating if you kill both Godskin before the other. It will help you to be more prepared for fights, even when there are surprises.

There are many tough enemies in the area around the entrance to the boss arena, so be careful if you plan to summon NPCs or human players. 

To put it another way, you will need to kill them in order to clear the area while you wait for your summons.

Godskin Duo boss resists patience strat

This fight will not bring any new attacks to the Godskin Noble (big) or the Godskin Apostle, (slim one). You should be able to anticipate their attacks if you have fought one (or both) of these fighters before.

Focusing on the Godskin Apostle (agile) will make it easier to navigate this fight. Although his attacks are quicker than the Noble’s, you will have a much easier time defeating him. 

Because the Noble is slower and more aggressive, he will be less likely to attack you if he sees you fighting with the Apostle.

Although this isn’t a foolproof strategy, it can increase your chances of success by moving the Apostle to another area and putting distance between yourself and the Noble once you see the big fella. 

After the Apostle has died, you will have a few seconds to collect yourself or score a few hits on the Noble. You’ll need to do this again as he’ll summon another Apostle shortly after. You are trying to avoid Nobles and make it all about the Apostle.

Once you have killed the Apostle enough times that the collective health bar is depleted, the Noble will disappear and the fight will end. 

If you want to concentrate on the Noble (for any reason), the same applies for the Apostle. Try to keep them both in your mind no matter what . It’s bad if one of them sneaks up upon you.

Godskin Duo boss fights Sleep strat

Sleep status is another strategy that can be used to negate the effects of Godskins and help you focus on your buddy. The Godskin Duo can take Sleep damage easily so you can quickly put one of them to bed .

This can be done with any item which inflicts sleep. You don’t need to put them both to sleep. Instead, focus on one and take the other out. Focus on the Godskin Apostle (slim one), and put the big fella to bed.

You will need to summon the Apostle every time he dies. Then, wake up the Noble and he will summon him again. Repeat the process until you have exhausted the shared health bar.

The floor is supported by a pillar

The six pillars that are scattered around the arena are your greatest ally. They can be used to cover, heal, or to give you time to improve your weaponry, etc. 

However, the pillars can be destroyed, especially when the Godskin Duo gets into their AoE attacks routines. They can be helpful in the early stages of the fight.

They can also pose a problem. Even after the bases are destroyed they will still be there and you’ll likely fall into them when you attempt to escape from attacks . This is something you need to avoid.

We have additional guides that are just as detailed for the big baddies in our Elden Ring boss guide. Our Elden Ring guide has more tricks and tips than the latest FromSoftware products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go up against to defeat Godskin pair Elden Ring?

This isn’t an option to battle even although the bosses aren’t Shardbearer gods, you’ll have to defeat them if wish to advance the story of the game. The basic idea is that you’ll need to defeat the Godskin Duo is an obstacle that will lead you to Maliketh.

What should my level be for me to be able to compete with Godskin duo?

Elden Ring Godskin Duo Recommended Level and Weaknesses
Due to the fact that you’re facing two bosses simultaneously during this battle it’s necessary to be extremely strong in order to win. The best level to go for of this boss fight is Level 90.. The most significant weakness that this Godskin Duo comprise of Slash Damage, Hemorrhage, Frostbite, Sleep, and Scarlet Rot.

Are there any calls from Godskin duo?

It’s possible to eliminate this Godskin Duo on Crumbling Farum Azula by traditional methods. You can make use of your preferred Spirit Ash to summon players or even seek the assistance of Recusant Bernahl who’s NPC summoning signal is visible outside of the boss’s room once you enter via to the Dragon Temple Transept site of grace.

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