Halo Infinite Skull Places to Find: How can you locate Skulls? What cheats can they unlock?

Skulls from Halo Infinite


Here’s where you can find every single one of the Skulls from Halo Infinite, as and the steps you must follow to find them.

Skulls from Halo Infinite are deviously hidden in cranial collectibles, which allow you to unlock cheats and mods for your adventures.

It’s a challenge to track them for however, once you’ve found enough places, they provide an entirely new way to explore Zeta Halo. Zeta Halo world.

The number of Halo Infinite Skulls in total Seven are discovered in the open five inside missions, but be ready to search.

Every Skull unlocks a new modifier, which is a type of cheat, which alters the gameplay experience of Halo Infinite. They include:

  • Boom – Doubles explosion radius
  • Cowbell increases physics acceleration caused by explosions
  • IWHBYD – Makes rare enemy dialogue more common
  • Fog – Turn off the motion tracker’s mini-map
  • Blind – Eliminates HUD elements
  • Famine – Weapon pickups coming from enemies are the capacity of half ammo
  • Black Eye – Your shield only recharges when you smash an object by melee
  • Thunderstorm upgrades the rank of enemies
  • Catch – Enemies toss more grenades
  • Myth: Increases health of enemies
  • Grunt Birthday Party – Grunt headshots can be enjoyable
  • Ammo Bandana Unlimited as well as Grenades

While it’s very likely to discover the entire collection before you complete the game first time around, many of the Skulls are easier to find using a flight vehicle. 

So, you’ll either need to get the Banshee to get one from Banished when they show up following “The Sequence” mission, or wait until you receive your own Wasp after the game’s end.

Skulls from Halo Infinite

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How do I switch off Skulls inside Halo Infinite?

Because of Halo Infinite’s design it isn’t possible to enable Skulls whenever you want it.

Then, go back to your game’s main menu Then, select “Load Game” instead of “Continue”. 

This will allow you to turn on Skulls instead of just throwing the player straight into your final saved game.

Halo Infinite Skull locations

Locating Skulls to find Skulls in Halo Infinite is very difficult and will require more than curiosity but also mastery of your grappleshot , and frequently flying vehicles.

The most straightforward flying vehicle to command is one called a Banshee that can be used by Banished after the story’s mission “The Sequence”. If you see one, grab the vehicle to steal it then fly it to the place you’re supposed to go.

First Skull site Warship Gbraakon

The beginning mission within Halo Infinite, continue through the ship until the goal shifts to finding the bridge.

In the end, you’ll reach an area with two floors and red-lit crushers advancing across the wall to the right.

The first step is to clear all enemies so that you don’t have distracting distractions. Then, make use of your grappleshot to climb over any crusher as it rises up.

Then, you can move to the right side to get and hide the Skull. Make sure you don’t fall over or be tossed from the level by the platform that is moving.

Foundation Skull location

To take to claim the Skull within the 2nd story mission Foundation continue to play until you get to the room with blue lights on picture above.

Turn to the left, and then immediately turn your attention to the right. This is where the Skull is hidden within the roof beams in this chamber.

It’s necessary make use of your Grapplehook climb up It’s much simpler to use the larger columns to access on the left.

The Tower IWHBYD Skull Location

The Skull can be accessed in the open world and also during the main mission referred to as “The Tower”.

On top of the title Tower On top of the Tower, you’ll find on top of the Tower is Skull for IWHBYD which causes NPCs to talk about themselves with a lot of cooky speech. 

Imagine something like “Wild Wasteland” in Fallout New Vegas. You’ll need to be imaginative in your Grappleshot to get there and then wait till you are able to take the Banshee later.

Fog Skull Location

The Fog Skull is found in the middle of the map, to from the West (left-hand side) close to the marker on the map for Foundation Mission. Foundation Mission.

It’s much easier to obtain by flying with a Banshee however, it’s very easy to access without.

Take a walk towards the cliff, that the marker is located on the screen above. turn around to the left part of the cliff and turn left. You will see an Easter egg with a teddy.

Begin to grapple across another gap and then take a look at the hexagonal pillars that have dirt. Make sure you’re straight.

the force of your grip should allow you fly to the highest point after a couple of attempts. Increase the timer of your grapple if you’re having difficulty.

On the top, you can double back onto yourself and go back to the place where you found the teddy. Also, the skull is on the altar.

Blind Skull Location

Begin to walk towards the end of the ravine and descend down onto the ledge below, close to the outcrop of rock that connects the two sides of the gap.

In a crevice that lies on the underside of the bridge, you’ll discover The Blind Skull.

Famine Skull Location

If you’ve just snatched the Banshee in the course in “The Sequence”, the closest Skull can be described as Famine.

On the opposite end of the island you’ll find on the other side of the island, you will find Skull in the dead, cold hands from an Elite.

Black Eye Skull Location

Next Skull to be picked up by the Banshee will be Black Eye, which is located just southwest of Riven Gate, which is located in the southwest corner of the map. 

Go to the west of towards the Famine Skull and the Riven Gate is among the strongholds marked with purple that you encounter.

You will find a waterfall towards the southwest of westernmost Riven Gate. About half-way up, you will find the cave. Inside is the Blacke Eye Skull!

Thunderstorm Skull Location

Another Skull which is best taken by the help of a Banshee, Thunderstorm, is located at the bottom of the cliffs on mid-air adjacent to the northernmost Beacon during the adventure “The Sequence”.

See the high hexagonal tower that lies in the middle of the abyss and you’ll find one more high than the other. If you can find a few dead grunts near the bottom of the tower, you’re in the perfect spot.

Catch Skull Location

This Skull is located all the way back north of the FOB you first took, but it’s extremely difficult to get to without a flight vehicle.

Within the tiny island, isolated to the map’s northern side there’s a small clump of trees, guarded by two very robust Hunters.

If you enjoy hitting your head against an unfinished brick wall, you can defeat the hunter. Otherwise, get in and grab and pull the Skull from behind and get away at the speed you can.

Silent Auditorium Skull Location

The last Skull is an amusing one because it requires moving through various areas, without taking down all enemies.

Then, you must play the game until you get to the big chamber, where two Sentinels which are the flying beam-based enemies – appear out in front of you.

Don’t take any chances with anyone else, and continue to traverse this room as well as the rooms that follow it. It’s fairly simple to do if you simply run and slack toward the goal marker.

In the end, after a few tales of adventure, you’ll find yourself in a cave with two light brigdes close to one another. 

Make sure to get over the gaps and proceed through one of the doors on the opposite side. The final Skull is in there!

For more information on the collectibles found in Halo Infinite, here’s the best place to look for Spartan Cores and what upgrades are the most effective!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get skulls after beating Halo Infinite?

Hunting for skulls can be more difficult when playing Halo Infinite. The majority of skulls are hidden away in the vast open-world in the game, so you’ll need to search the entire map using your scanner. The majority of skulls can’t be found until the end of the game, but is still accessible after you’ve finished this story.

Which skulls can’t be played in Halo Infinite?

The last Missable Skull that you can find in Halo Infinite is the Bandana Skull, and is located in the Silent Auditorium. It is required to finish your Silent Auditorium mission without killing any Sentinels.

What is Cowbell skull do to Halo Infinite?

The Cowbell Skull is a missable skull which actually boosts the acceleration created from explosives during Halo Infinite’s Campaign.

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