How do you two hand weapons in Elden Ring?

hand weapons Elden Ring


hand weapons Elden Ring combat might appear slow at times, but it’s also deliberate and slow at times however, there are many layers of nuance to the way you can use two Handguns in order to gain access to a new arsenal of attack options.

The method of using two-hand weaponry inside the Elden Ring isn’t exactly intuitive in case you don’t have the combination of buttons or keys We’ve provided the commands for consoles as well as PC in the following.

How do you pair handguns in the Elden Ring?

To two hand weapons within the Elden Ring, hold the “Event Action button and hit attack.

  • When using your PC you hold two hands by holding the ‘E’ and left-clicking your mouse
  • For PlayStation it is possible to can play with two hands by pressing the ‘Triangle’ and pressing “R1”
  • In Xbox the player can and your hands by pressing the ‘Y’ and pressing the button ‘RB’

If you’ve got your weapon mounted on the left side of your hand, use Block rather (L1/LB) whilst holding the Event Action.

hand weapons in Elden Ring

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Why would you want two handguns within the Elden Ring?

Two-handed weapons in Elden Ring is an exchange of defensive power to increase offensive strength. If you hold the weapon with two hands you are able to enter what’s known as the power stance.

You can do more damage using two-handed attacks, which makes it a great method for destroying smaller mobs that you’ve defeated 100 times. You already know their tactics and don’t have to defend.

Two-handed play is an excellent strategy to take on massive enemies and bosses as well. You will typically be avoiding or getting away from their attacks in the end and you may prefer to get the chance to boost your damage rather than having a useless item on your back.

Furthermore, a majority of the defensive items that were introduced early that are included in Elden Ring don’t actually block all damage coming in and you can decide to go with a riskier strategy until you’re better prepared. 

However, you can still deflect some damage by pressing the block button while two-handing.

This all does not negate the aesthetics of two hands. If you’re the only warrior making it through the tribulations and trials in the Elden Ring.

is there anything more exciting than going into battle wearing a huge Katana that is held in two hands?

For more details on the strategies and things, you can do to stay healthy, check out our complete Elden Ring Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have the ability to two-hand weapons inside the Elden Ring?

For Elden Ring, you’ll need to push an additional button while pressing the triangle button – the R1 or L1 (LB and RB respectively for Xbox gamers) shoulder buttons, to control the right or left weapon with your hands in both hands.

How do you identify the hands of Elden Ring?

A Fingercreeper is one form of Wildlife Creature in Elden Ring. Fingercreepers are gross creatures composed of huge disembodied hands which have been grafted together and given the appearance of. Their manner of movement and movement are remarkably similar to spiders.

What is the most effective one-handed weapon from Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: The Best One-Handed Swords The Elden Ring, The Most Ranked

  1. 1 River Of Blood Is Deceptively Lethal.
  2. 2 Moonveil is the Most Popular for INT Builds. 
  3. 3 Hands of Malenia is a shrewdly good. 
  4. The 4 sword of Night and Flame is the PVE King. 
  5. 5 Antspur Rapier, a Greater Defensive Rot. 
  6. 6, Eclipse Shotel Is The Harvester Of Death. 
  7. 7 . Sword from St. …

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