Elden Ring Irina quest and how to deliver the Castle Morne letter

Elden Ring Irina quest Information


The Elden Ring Irina quest is a short one. However, once you’ve delivered her letter, you’ll be on the verge of another adventure one that will take you to the depths of the ground and leads to an alternative end.

After heading to Liurnia to confront her father of her, you’ll end up in the presence of a second Finger Maiden, and eventually, you’ll be a part of three fingers of Frenzied Flame. Be aware of spoilers that will be revealed for how some NPC plots play out.

Elden Ring Irina quest

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Castle Morne Letter – How to begin Irina’s quest Elden Ring?

Irina is seated by the road to the north of the Bridge that connects the Bridge of Sacrifice site of Grace. This is the person you meet the first time you travel across The Weeping Peninsula. 

Talk to her and then agree to deliver the note to Edgar at Castle Morne. Based on the current state of your loadout and level you might want to do this in the future. 

Castle Morne’s enemies have a cinch time taking down defences and even more so when they attack you (which often happens).

When you’ve left the lift at the castle and walk into the pile of burning rubble and eliminate the dogs that are dying while you travel. 

If you don’t take on the Misbegotten or one of the “menials” Irina speaks of at an open bonfire, the dogs will not look at your presence. 

Move to the other edge of the space and stay clear of The Mad Pumpkin Head and then turn left, and then climb the ladder.

A pair of flying Misbegotten and an unmoving one block your way. If you’ve got archery or ranged spells you can use them to take down these flying Misbegotten. 

If not, make sure you are close enough and employ an attack of jumping to stop them.

Then, at the opposite end of the path, take a left to leap down the scaffolding. It is possible to take on the hordes of soldiers fighting and Misbegotten or simply run through them. 

In either case, you’ll turn left towards the bottom of the ramparts, walk up the stairs and be able to see Edgar lying down further up.

Contact Edgar two times to obtain the option of handing over the letter to him. He will not let you go until you have defeated Leonine, the boss of Castle Morne.

Castle Morne boss, Leonine. Once you’ve defeated Leonine return to Irina. The woman was murdered and Edgar vows to take revenge. Irina’s quest is over However, you’ll be able to continue Edgar’s quest later.

How do I locate Irina’s father in Elden Ring?

Go to your destination, the Revenger’s Shack in the west of Liguria in Liguria, where you’ll meet Edgar the Revenger who is a hostile NPC. 

Beat him down to get the halberd, as well as the Shabir Grape. Donate the grape to Hyetta close to Irith’s Church of Irith to start her quest.

It’s a long one that will tie in with your choices if you choose to follow the game’s Chaos route. Hyatt takes over Melina to become your Lady.

Usually, you’re left maiden less If you come across Hyetta and the Three Fingers and don’t help Hyetta even though it’s not clear that the completion of Hyetta’s quest will make much difference other than giving you additional lore.

Hyett wanders about Liurnia and asks every time:

  1. Church of Irith – Shabiri Grape
  2. Purified Ruins – Shabiri Grape
  3. Gate Town Bridge – Shabiri Grape
  4. Bellum Church Fingerprint Grape (enemy drop in the vicinity of The Church of Inhibition)

She will be next seen in Lyndell close to her Frenzied flames. If you agree that you are able to accept the Three Fingers’ flame, Melina quits her position, and Hyetta assumes the role of your guide.

If you require more assistance for The Lands Between, check out our extensive Elden Ring guide that includes the best class for beginners along with how to revise in case you didn’t succeed the first time around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete your Elden Ring in Irina quest?

To begin the questline of Irina in Elden Ring, you need to return to the main road following the lighting of at the Site of Grace. You’ll find an attractive blonde woman sitting on a rock near an electric light. This is Irina She’ll explain how she got out of Castle Morne because of a revolt. She’ll also talk about how she’s gone blind.

Are you able to help save Irina from Elden Ring?

However you alter the order in which you go through in the guide to quests above, there is no way to save Irina other than entirely avoiding her quest and not taking down her. Leonine Misbegotten. Fortunately, her place in the grand scheme of things is minor and her death rather insignificant.

Where did Irina go Elden Ring?

Irina is an NPC in Elden Ring. Irina is blind and with a ribbon covering her eyes, as well as her dress is that is stained by blood. She is located in the vicinity of at the Bridge of Sacrifice, on the Weeping Peninsula Side.

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