Best Lost Ark Berserker Build: PvP and PvE

About the Lost Ark Berserker Build


Lost  Ark Berserker Build is among the most sought-after DPS types within Lost Ark because it is. They can slash at a plethora of enemies quickly due to their massive sword Berserkers are deadly in melee.

unlike any different class of the game. How do you make the most from your Berserker? This Lost Ark Berserker Build Guide will walk you through the skills, stats, tripods and engravings you’ll need in PvE and PvP.

Lost Ark Berserker Build: Engravings

When choosing between the class-specific engravings for the Berserker, We decided on the Berserker’s Technique to guide the development of this model.

This lets the class deliver devastating critical hit damage when in Berserker Mode without worrying about the exhaustion buff that stops you from building the back Berserk quickly.

This is perfect for players who want to increase their ability to quickly, sweet bursts of damage while also offering a clear and concise target for players to strive towards in battles.

Additional engravings that can be utilized with Berserker Berserker are the following (all with effects of level three):

  • Grudge Adds 20 per cent to Boss and above monsters. Incoming damage +20%. (Do not apply unless at minimum level 2)
  • Awakening: Awakening Skill Cooldown -50%. Maximum use of 3.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon:+50% Critical Damage. However, your attacks can cause damage of 20 per cent.

Lost Ark Berserker build

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Lost Ark Berserker build Priority stats.

A Berserker’s Technique Engraving changes your usual status priority of the Berserker. It’s due to the significant boost in the critical chance it gives, providing the possibility of gaining other essential stats. 

The specification is the top priority as it will increase the speed of gaining the berserk meter – which allows you to go into a crazed state which is crucial to this type of build.

Then, Swiftness is an all-rounder that is a great stat, and it improves your speed of movement and attack speed and the time between cooldowns on your skills.

Best Lost Ark Berserker PVE build

Skills and Tripods

With the build PvE, we’ve laid out the essential skills you must utilize at level ten, and less critical skills that don’t need to be too invested in them are categorized as at level 4. (so you’ll still be able to reach the crucial first triport).

SkillPointsTripods 1Tripods 2Tripods 3

Finish Strike 10 Tenacity Weak Point Detection Kill Confirm

Shoulder Charge 4 Excellent Mobility

Tempest Slash 4 Focus

Hell Blade 10 Training Results Melt Earth Flip

Diving Slash 4 Excellent Mobility

Wind Blade 10 Quick Prep Focus Windswift

Strike Wave 10 Wave Limit Break Earth Flip

Red Dust 10 Quick Prep Vital Point Hit Red Wave

If you’re not yet maxed out on points for skill, Prioritize the following abilities:

  • Finish Strike
  • Hell Blade
  • Wind Blade
  • Strike Wave
  • Red Dust

Best Lost Ark Berserker PVP build

If you’ve allocated a specific amount of skill points for PvP, your skill point allotment is precise regardless of how you play the game.

SkillPointsTripods 1Tripods 2Tripods 3

Finish Strike 10 Tenacity Finishing Blow Kill Confirm

Shoulder Charge 7 Excellent Mobility Chain Charge

Tempest Slash 7 Nimble Movement Enhanced Strike

Hell Blade 10 Training Results Melt Earth Flip

Maelstrom 10 Nimble Movement Tenacity Flame Spin

Wind Blade 10 Quick Prep Enhanced Strike Windswift

Strike Wave 10 Wave Limit Break Earth Flip

Red Dust 10 Quick Prep Blood Splash Red Wave

Best Berserker Awakening Skill

We selected Berserk Fury as the most effective Awakening ability because of the massive quantity of damage it can cause. Utilizing it at any time will ensure that you are in danger regardless of what you’re dealing with.

Lost Ark Berserker Build: Card Deck

The most effective deck of cards suitable for Berserkers can be found in The Cherish Your Books 4-piece set and the Romanticist 2 piece bonus. The effects of these cards are as follows:

  • Enjoy Your Books 4-piece: All elements of damage reduction – 10 per cent, Crit damage +2 per cent (+7 per cent if you’ve got the bonus of awakening for twenty pieces).
  • Two-piece Romanticist: Movement Skill cooldown reduces to -10 per cent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Berserker good Lost Ark?

It is said that the Berserker The Berserker is among the most simple characters to understand to master in Lost Ark. It’s part of the Warrior Class; all the Berserker characters are equipped with the Greatsword. This weapon lets them do a hefty number of damages to the foes in an AOE. This is a class for beginners since all the spells used in the class are simple to master.

What are the top statistics to use for Berserker The Lost Ark?

Best Berserker PvE Engravings and Stat Priority

  • Mayhem is the top priority for stats: Crit and Swiftness, with 60/40 split.
  • Berserker’s Technique is the top stat priority Crit and Spec with a 70/30 split.
  • Best Mayhem Engravings:
  • Best Berserker’s Technique Engravings:
  • Berserker Dungeon & Cube Build.
  • Lategame Dungeon & Cube Build.

Is Berserker simple to play? Lost Ark?

It’s not difficult to become a good bard. You can do it with your ability to spam in cooldowns, and simply be in the right position. As I mentioned, there’s more to it is if you’re trying to make the most out of your class. It can be quite a difficult class to be successful at the top of the line.

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