Lost Ark Tier List – Best Class for PvE and PvP

Lost Ark Tier List


Are you only looking to play the top? You’ll need to look through the Lost Ark tier list for the launch. If there’s one concern that comes to everyone’s mind.

when the launch of a new MMORPG and its “What is the most effective class?” It’s a question that is frequently asked however the answer isn’t always as straightforward.

Although it’s not quite there for us, and any major launch-related commotion will result in a hotfix fix for any launch-related issues that are ambitious, however.

this Lost Ark tier list below is designed to evaluate each of the available 15 classes according to their function and ease of use, damage output, as well as their aptitude for PVE and PVP combat.

Are you looking for more information on Lost Ark? If you’re looking to get early access (or just a few bonus features) We’ve rated every one of the Lost Ark Founder’s Packs. 

that are available to purchase. While it’s downloading, take a look at this Lost Ark class list for a quick overview of the pros and cons of each.

Lost Ark Tier List

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Lost Ark classes tier list

Best PvP classes

  • S Tier: Bard, Deadeye, Deathblade, Gunslinger, Paladin
  • A Tier: Berserker, Glaivier, Gunlancer, Shadowhunter, Sorceress
  • B Tier Artillerist or Striker Sharpshooter, Wardancer
  • C Tier: Scrapper, Soulfist

The best classes for PvE

  • S Tier: Bard, Berserker, Gunlancer, Gunslinger, Paladin
  • A Tier: Artillerist, Deathblade, Glaivier, Sorceress, Striker
  • B Tier: Scrapper, Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Soulfist
  • C Tier: Deadeye, Wardancer

There are 16 subclasses within Lost Ark and seven choices for male characters, and nine for female characters. No matter which base class you select to play you’ll go through a brief training session, where you’ll be required to select a subclass of the character to focus on. 

There are two exceptions (the female martial Artist or female Gunner only have one subclass each — you’ll have three or two options to choose what your character’s specialization is according to their gender and their class.

In this article, we’ll go over each class, starting with our top picks from the S Tier and working ours to the bottom of the list. Be aware that even though every class and subclass is gender-locked, you are able to nevertheless customize the names and appearances of each character.

Therefore, even though the classes are referred to by “he” as well as “she” however, there is no obligation to choose an exclusive design that isn’t tied to the options for gender and armor in the event you select the class.

Lost Ark – Best PVE metaclasses

While it’s important to note that every class in Lost Ark can be used even with extremely challenging content There are some classes that stand out from the others. The classes that are upper echelon include:

Bard: This is due in large part, to the amazing support capabilities offered to Bard players, such as their ability to turn tables for buffs and heals this class is always sought-after in groups.

regardless of difficulty level. If you’re comfortable with playing the supporting role in fights instead of dealing the most damage this is a good choice.

Berserker: A fantastic DPS type for those who want to play close and get things messed up The Berserker class is easy to master.

difficult to master choice for players who don’t like the tanky or support aspects that come with the Bard and Gunlancer. 

If you’re not looking to invest too much effort in choosing your Lost Ark class, choose this class and you’ll be fine for the entire game.

Gunlancer: If the Bard is your preferred support class, it’s the gun lance who’s the tank on the high of the hill. 

With a large amount of health as well as DPS abilities that permit you to stop enemies instantly and instantly, the Gunlancer is the perfect choice when you’re looking to hold an edge for your team.

Lost Ark – Best PVP metaclasses

Moving away from dungeons and raids PVP is entirely another aspect of Lost Ark that requires just as much commitment and expertise to succeed. 

For those who want to succeed in a competitive setting, we’ve listed 3 of the best PVP classes that you can pick from. They’re not listed in any specific order:

Bard The Bard is back! again the Bard is just at the top of the list. The reason it is exactly the same reason as PVE Bard’s excellent use in the form of buffs and heals makes it an indispensable part of all PVP compositions. They are, of course, ideal for team-based game modes that assist DPS players If that is your preferred choice of combat the Bard is a great choice.

Deathblade Deathblade: An excellent choice for PVP The Deathblade is an incredibly formidable adversary to face due to the massive quantity of movement and damage output available in their arsenal. If you’re into running fast and cutting your way through an opponent’s life bar and slicing through their life bar, then the Deathblade is an excellent option.

Deadeye: A class with a range that specializes in the close and medium distance The Deadeye is excellent in keeping melee combatants close away from you as you take them apart. In addition, with the dependable crowd control that the Deadeye is equipped with and the incredible blast DPS potential as well, and the Deadeye is a formidable opponent in any PVP scenario.

What Are This Month’s Ark Pass Rewards?

It’s dependent on what you’re looking for from your game. The most basic of materials – weapons chests for instance aren’t going to provide you with anything you cannot get elsewhere, but there’s always the chance that you’ll find something that will give you a better gear score. 

If you’re interested in aesthetics and accessories, the Super Premium pass could be appealing, but $50 isn’t an insignificant amount of money to buy some unique costumes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gunlancer the most powerful Class of the Lost Ark?

Are you looking for the most powerful Gunlancer design to play Lost Ark? Another top tier build, Gunlancer is one of the classes that can be cleared the fastest within Lost Ark. It is a powerful class with massive AoE damage and powerful team buffs and the most effective defense that you can find, gunslingers can find their place in every team.

Striker is a good choice is he good in Lost Ark?

Subclass in Lost Ark: Striker Subclass within Lost Ark
The subclass known as the striker is well-known due to its impressive aerial combats and combos. These are among the most fast subclasses of Lost Ark. They don’t have specific weapons.

Does Lost Ark pay to win?

This game does not pay-to-win… the game requires an absurd amount of money to play General Discussion Lost Ark Forums.

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